Fontaine Playing Cards

Fontaine Playing Cards - the simple, minimalistic, long anticipated deck designed by Zach Mueller.

Fontaine Playing Cards - finally available, with your help.

On October 10th I posted a Youtube video for a card magic effect of mine titled Marbles - in this video I used a deck of cards that had not been seen before. Simple, minimalistic, and streamlined. The deck did not have a title, nor did anyone know where it had come from, or who made it. This is where the intrigue began.

My name is Zach Mueller - I am a young old magician and sleight of hand nerd from Los Angeles, and this was simply a back design that I put together one night in photoshop - I used two letter 'F's in the same font as my first card magic release, 'Fontaine'. I wanted the design to resemble Wynn Casino Playing Cards and Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards, with a hint of Fontaine for fun.

I had a prototype deck made, used it in a video, and the intrigue ensued. I kept posting videos, using these cards, but offering no information about them. I didn't want people to lose the mystery that surrounded this deck.

Hundreds of comments, tweets, facebook messages asking, "Where did you get the that deck??". These commenters saw that the font on the cards was the same as in my effect 'Fontaine', and they named it themselves. The Fontaine Deck.

Two months ago I decided that if all these people wanted the deck, they would never stop asking. It was time to take this from a fun prototype deck I had made for my own enjoyment, to a real, full fledged product that people could actually own for themselves.

In those two months, the Fontaines now have a custom ace of spades, jokers, ad card, seal, and even a custom box with a utility device for magicians built into the design. I've pimped out the prototype you see in the trailer above as much as I can - I'm only one step away from making this deck of cards a reality. I need your help to do that.

The Deck Itself

The Fontaines started with just a back design. Now, every deck will come with the following:

  • The Stock & Finish - printed on classic bicycle stock with linen finish, perfect for cardists and magicians alike.

  • The Ace of Spaces - simple, streamlined and elegant. Featuring the fontaine box logo running through the center of the Spade.

  • The Jokers - also sporting the box logo with the fontaine F for pips.

  • The Ad card - fontaine box logo in the center, text which reads 1 of 2500 and first edition.

  • The Blank Facer - a card for magicians, to use in various effects including an upcoming Wire release.

  • The Seal -  not shown in the trailer or product shots, but the vector art of the seal can be found in the gallery.

  • The Box - with a utility device for magicians built into the design. My friend Michael Stern and I developed a concept called the Vintage holdout 4 years ago that is a slight alteration you make to a card box that opens the doors to TONS of amazing tricks - the downside is only works with these Vintage Series bicycle decks. Until now. I built the same method right into the box design.

The Goal

Starting today - right now - you can purchase the Fontaine deck. Only 2500 Red Fontaine decks will be made - ever. This is your chance to get your hands one a deck, a pair, a brick, an uncut sheet and many more unique perks all listed to the right.

We need to reach our goal of $10,000 to make these decks a reality. This a fixed funding campaign, meaning if you purchase any of our perks and we don't reach our goal of $10,000 within 30 days - you will get your money back.

The Pricing

Every perk on the campaign includes free shipping within the USA, so if that $12 price tag on one deck scares you, realize that it's going to cost me anywhere from $3-5 to ship that one deck in an envelope to your doorstep. And also the price of the envelope. So that's included if you live in the USA. 

If you're thinking $12 bucks even with shipping is still a lot, I agree. The more decks you buy, the cheaper the price, so get your costco mentality and buy in bulk. Or don't. It's really up to you.

International Shipping 

IMPORTANT: If you live outside the USA you MUST add $8.00 at checkout, or I won't be able to ship out your decks. I know, international shipping sucks. Sorry guys.


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