Follow The Money - A Documentary about How The Gaming Industry Makes Money

An Internet Documentary series from the creators of the critically-acclaimed gaming series SHIFT on GameTrailers.com


A Little Perspective:

When I think of gaming, hardware rarely crosses my mind. I remember college computer labs and heated Rise of The Triad skirmishes, or watching a friend meticulously animate Ryu's fireball on note pads, before dedicating his life to cartooning. Lifelong bonds began over NeoGeo rivalries, and capturing the diversity of those stories, people, and themes, is what my documentaries strive to get right.

SHIFT. on GameTrailers.com, is an on-going mini-documentary series about the community and culture of videogames.  While the series has been incredibly well-received, it's pretty expensive for me to make.

In the gaming industry, numbers and advertising revenue is king, and the upcoming stories that I want to tell are simply too niche for sites that survive on chasing the broadest audience possible.

That's why my next project, FOLLOW THE MONEY, goes it alone. It has neither a home, nor a brand identity(yet), because it's being entirely funded by you, the community.


FOLLOW THE MONEY is going to break down exactly how the industry is monetized.

Follow the Money Resource Chart


  • Where were we ten years ago, and how did games make money then?

  • How much do games cost, and how did we get to this age of AAA games anyway?

  • What goes into the marketing of game, and why is that so important?

  • Why is the freemium model so popular, and what does the future of digital rights management mean to you?  

Everything, from the costs of animating a single character, to why your favorite gaming websites are struggling to survive; The actual business of video gaming is going to be fully explored so that we'll be able to make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Is this the digital future that we want?  

“We don't know, what we don't know”, and helping to fund FOLLOW THE MONEY is a huge step towards a perspective that hasn't been offered in an entertaining way.  YET.

We're going to talk to analysts, publishers, PR agencies, game websites, journalists, indie devs, AAA devs, artists, and retailers to fully explore where your dollar goes, and why.

It's a story that no single gaming website has the time to tell, when trying to meet the demands and numbers of daily news consumption.  

Crowdsourcing gives independant filmmakers like me the chance to change EVERYTHING.  I’m not the only one making these stories. Now, YOU are.


My team is experienced, lean, and incredibly efficient, so any contributions you make will be amazing.  We want FOLLOW THE MONEY to be both comprehensive and gorgeous to look at.  To that end, we’re going to need the essentials for equipment, post production, and clearances.  Here’s a breakdown chart of where your money is going:


The perks are kind of awesome.

The digital downloads are very cool, but I’m most proud of our super high tiers where you’re actually a part of the show.  ANY contribution helps, but I’m really trying to break down the wall between the filmmaker and the viewer.  Every perk tier gets you ‘into’ the show!

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