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Beverly DeCer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
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                           Welome to Fluoride Free America!

As a mother, nurse, and concerned citizen, I began working in Philadelphia to end fluoridation. As co-founder of Fluoride Free Philadelphia, it occured to me that the fluoride movement is mainly local...where it should be. That is where real change can take place, but it also must happen at the state level where fluoridation is mandated by the state.  We can be stronger together, but how do local efforts get support?  Fluoridation activists should not need to reinvent their approach every time a community wants to prevent or end water fluoridation.

More time could be saved and progress made with more resources to help initiatives, if there were a national support system. And, what could be better than Fluoride Free America to fill that niche? Therefore, Fluoride Free Americal is organizing to help local and state efforts in ending fluoridation. It's time to liberate our water from fluoride!


Most people who are reading this know the basic facts about fluoride, but if this is your first time...just briefly these are the key points:

  • Fluoride is a poison, not a nutrient. It sits between the well known poisons, lead and arsenic, in terms of its toxicity. You would not voluntarily drink either of these no matter how dilute, but we are drinking dilute fluoride. The kind most often used in municipal water is a hazardous industrial waste too dangerous to release to the air or dump in landfills, lakes, or rivers. It is so corrosive it burns through glass and concrete - And it erodes municiple water pipes drawing lead into the water! Finally, because it comes from smokestack filters, it is contaminated with high levels of arsenic and other toxins. 
  • Statistics from the World Health Organization show that fluoridated countries have no better dental health than non-fluoridated countries, in fact they have more dental fluorosis, a clear sign of poisoning.  When the CDC claims that it is one of the "10 best public health successes" they are blatantly wrong. There has been a steady improvement over the years in ALL industrialzed countries, including those that have never fluoridated their water or used fluoride salt.
  • Studies PROVE that fluoride causes many serious diseases: cancer, thyroid issues, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sarcoidosis, sudden infant death syndrome, lowered IQ, neurologic degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth and skeletal fluorosis and more.
  • Fluoride has never been approved by the FDA as a drug meant to improve dental health.  Fluoride supplements are NOT approved by the FDA.  The double blind, clinical studies have never been done to show benefit or safety! Cities and water systems are adding a "drug" to the water, mass medicating a population without informed consent or the prescription or monitoring of a qualified physician. No medication is dispensed in this manner because it is reckless and unethical.
  • Finally, adding fluoride to the water is a violation of human rights and our ability to choose how we care for ourselves, our children, our pets, our familes. We have a right to clean, safe drinking water and to avoid poisoning ourselves!

For more detailed information, videos, documents, history regarding fluoridation please visit the great organization, Fluoride Action Network at their website:

                                            www. fluoridealert.org


Fluoride Free America will focus on strategically organizing local groups to get the truth out about fluoridation. The goal is to put an end to people saying, "fluoride, isn't that good for my teeth?" And effectively end water fluoridation across the nation!

Please come together with a giant push and end fluoridation once and for ALL! We do not have friends in high places or big money, but we have the TRUTH!


Together we can end fluoridation in America!


Fluoride Free America plans to grow and develop into an organization which will:

  • Build a directory of all local organizations
  • Research and develop the possibility of class action lawsuits, liability issues, and possible collective actions
  • Help local efforts through counseling, materials, strategizing, expense money, networking
  • Network with organiztions who support ending fluoridation, and build a coalition on a national level
  • Develop business sponsors


Contributions will:

  • Contirbutions will help build a national website

  • Contributions will pay for staff, expenses, printing, communication, everything that helps keep the lights on!

  • Contributions will help start and support local organizations

We are also looking for dedicated individuals who will give a bit of time to do what needs to be done.  Bring your talents and passion for water liberty to Fluroide Free America by emailing info@fluoridefreeamerica.org



Your support at this moment is an investment in the continuing fight to end fluoridation.  We salute ALL of the efforts which have gone before us!  The people who have lost careers standing up against fluoridation!  People who have spent thousands of dollars of their own money to express their opposition to this absurd, outdated practice. You have been courageous, strong and passionate! Fluoride Free America honors your commitment, and our team makes the committment for "water liberty" once and for all.

                                Fluoride Free America!



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