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A Docu-Drama Film Production dedicated to curbing the spate of senseless shootings, stabbings, bullying and other forms of youth violence.
Jennifer Dawn Anderson-Bounds
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Waldron, Arkansas
United States
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Short Summary

We are an independent film company represented by Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert/Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions. We are shooting a film on bullying, senseless teen violence, and abuse to bring awareness, but also to make an edge of your seat film. The actors and kids involved are worldwide and donating themselves to this film. I also ask kids and teens who are going through this form of abuse and violence to shoot scenes as well and submit them to me and try their hands at producing and filming, that way we get involvement like Arianna Borelli from Italy and Max Restaino from the UK...many teens and individuals who wish to share their experiences through short film segments. This is groundbreaking in how we are doing this; Very emotional yet awesome in that they are learning not to listen to the bullies and that they can stand up and rise beyond their abuse and move into something better that can catapult their lives and their beliefs in themselves.This film is being produced in ways that are meant to grab people off of their seats and make sure they are awake. depicting what life should not be like and a very real message to the youth...reality to the core...emotional and shocking, hard core, and real.
I am excited to see what can be produced by each and every participant!! To me this is unbelievable and awe inspiring.
Thank you, so much.

Jennifer Anderson-Bounds
Forbidden Tear's Productions
415 Redbud Street
Waldron, AR 72958

A Docu-Drama Film by Forbidden Tear's Productions with Strong River Films: Being Represented by: Gilbert Literary Agency - Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions.


What We Need & What You Get

Below are item listings of what we need:



http://www.ebay.com/itm/ProAm-12ft-8ft-DVC250-Camera-Crane-Jib-Production-Package-Full-Kit-with-LCD-/351092892221?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51bec4623d  (Only Nine Days left on this price for this full and complete set)




http://www.ebay.com/itm/ePhoto-T69-Lighting-Green-Screen-Studio-Kit-with-Carrying-Bag-C70512A-/281352005868?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4181e2e8ec  (This sale ends in three days)

Forbidden Tear's Productions is seeking funding to help with travel for film shoots, upgraded camera equipment that will give this the real big screen appeal, better tripods, and rolling mounts, boom mics and lighting equipment. We also need a fund for paying actors for flash scenes, and equipment and props needed to shoot those scenes.  We are starting from scratch with equipment that has done well in the past, but truly will not do us as much justice for this full feature big screen appeal.  This is a dream of mine, and I want to see this happen; I am passionate about this project because its close to home; our home,  All of our homes, and too darn close for my liking! We can make this film with the equipment we have, but the upgrades would be amazing to us and give our film a better chance of catching the eyes of the film industry where competition is so great.  By donating and funding, you get to see this journey and much needed story come to life, and the chance to maybe help our victims and teens who fall prey to senseless youth violence, school bullying and shootings; maybe you can help to reach our offenders and stop that one teen before he, she, or 'they' follow through.  Maybe, it will be YOU that makes that one difference in someone's child's life, and teaches them not to listen to those who say, "Don't Ever Tell!"  You also get to be recognized in the credits as being involved, depending on your level of donations, but you could be co-producers of this film and receive all of the perks above your donated funding level as well.

The Impact

 We view our children as precious flowers that we bring into this world; we mold, shape, protect, and transform them into beautiful adults that contribute to the good of our society.  We can hope for this anyway, even amidst a seemingly cold, harsh, and cruel world at times.  Even cruel among each other; as has been said, “Children can be the cruelest to each other.”  How do we as parents prevent that cruelty among our children and between various and individual cliques or groups that each may belong to?  Is there a way to stop cruelty, senseless violence among our children, bullying, and even abuse one towards another? 

  Forbidden Tear’s Productions, along with Strong River Films here in Waldron Arkansas is attempting to do just that.  Through the current production of their film project, “Flowers in the Snow-Don’t Ever Tell,” they are hoping to dive into discovering what prompts our children to turn to senseless violence, bullying, and the acting out in behaviors that have swept our nation for far too long now.  What’s up with the bomb threats, seemingly all the rage by our kids today?  How can we get our children to turn to responsible adults and talk, to communicate what is going on in their lives, to tell someone their needs, fears, and troubles before acting out through violence? Forbidden Tear’s Productions wants to empower these young victims with knowledge that can help them break free from their abusers; and for the troubled who turn to violent behaviors to be able to stop themselves before turning to violence against others.  All Flowers in the Snow need to learn how to talk, come forward, and never be afraid to reach out for the help they need, or to bring their abusers out into the open and stand up against them thus removing their power of fear over others!  Learn to be a part of the solution and not the problem; call Forbidden Tear’s Productions if you would like to come forward and tell your story about being a victim of this senseless teen violence, bullying, and abuse.  You can be a part of this film and empower yourself at the same time; learn to no longer be afraid!  Maybe you as a parent have a voice, Is there something you would like to say to our youth about this problem or concern…Maybe you as an adult have been or even are being bullied...yes, adults can be the victims of bullying and abuse too...put your views, insights, and words into action.  Support this film endeavor for our children... for ALL of our Flowers in the Snow, and bring them into the light  preventing each and every one from becoming a victim; help to curb the spate of senseless teen violence and behaviors that can take our flowers from us forever! Donate to this film endeavor and help it get to the Big Screen!  Forbidden Tear’s Productions and Strong River Films are represented by Gilbert Literary Agency-Subsidiary of Hawkspurr Productions and are currently seeking those who wish to tell their story, and those who wish to be involved.  Call them at 479-637-0809 in Waldron Arkansas and let your voice be heard!  Stand Up and Be Counted!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools! Share this project with the world!
  • Send equipment instead of dollars!!  
  • Film BroadCasting Camera, Rolling Tripods, Boom Mics, Lighting, Mixers and Sound Equipment.
  • Send Gift Cards for gas money to shoots and locations.
  • Donate an RV or Camper trailer for housing on shoots.
  • Come and help by bringing in your own equipment and getting involved!

Forbidden Tear's Production

Strong River Films

415 Redbud Street

Waldron, AR 72958

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    You will receive an all of the above perks plus the a musical CD of each band/musician featured in our film.

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    Bronze perk

    You will be listed as a Special Contributing supporterin the ending credits and receive a signed DVD copy of the Production, plus the above perks listed.

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  • $5,000USD
    Silver Perk

    You will receive Honorable Mention as a contributing Producer in the end credits, and receive all of the above perks.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2015
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