Floda 31 Friggebodar

Sustainable Mini House

Our Story
Floda31 is a laboratory for innovation and creativity. We provide an environment that fosters new connections, networks and cross disciplinary encounters. We are established in the last remaining wilderness of Europe, on the site of a farm in northern Sweden surrounded by incredible views of ancient spruce forests, just south of the arctic circle.

We believe that sustainability should be tackled by collaboration between disciplines. Floda31 will be a location for specialists from various professions to meet, collaborate and create solutions: Lots of space, ancient forest all around, a workshop full of tools, a network of creative thinkers and doers and plenty of time to play.

We run curated residencies; a curator will set a brief and invite individuals from a mix of disciplines to respond to this and aim for an outcome. Other residencies run throughout the year with individuals setting their own agenda. Additionally we host bespoke workshops from time to time.

We need your help with our 'Friggebodar' curated residency (see below). 

The Impact
With all our projects, we will provide open source documentation about the process the methods used and their impact on the environment. The results will be published on Floda31.com, downloadable for all. We promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and aim for progress by doing. To establish this we host workshops at Floda31 with inspiring individuals from various backgrounds. 

What We Need & What You Get
The project we need your help with, is the 'Friggebodar' project: A Friggebod is a small dwelling with a footprint of 15sqm or less. In Sweden you can build these without planning permission. Johan Berglund (42architects.com), our curator, has gathered a team of alumni from The Bartlett School of Architecture, Forestry specialists and Interaction designers to build two completely sustainable off-grid Friggebodar.

The design process is nearly complete (see progress here: floda31by8.wordpress.com/) and now we need your help to build these mini-houses. Your investment will help us develop and test new sustainable building and design techniques which we will share with the world via our website. All our learnings, successes and failures will be published in order to help all you other budding designers, architects, builders and DIYers with some useful advise. You also give young architects a chance to create a real physical building, and you will be part of something truly unique.

We are asking for $20.000. Not a small amount, we know. This is half the total needed, we are financing the rest. But think about it, $20.000 for a completely sustainable off-grid mini-house that can function at a climate ranging from +30C to -30C. We will give away the building plans and learned outcomes to anyone who needs it. So your money goes towards travel and food for the team members, materials (wood, energy production, water collection) and tools. The materials will be locally sourced of course, and team members will travel by train. Here are some pictures of some of the perks.

Bird box

And the other perks: http://floda31.com/2011/06/1591/

Other Ways You Can Help
Well you can help by spreading the word, or coming for a visit. If you are an artist needing so space to create, or if you are a professional something? Actually, you can be professional-ish and we can help you become more, by joining in one of our workshops. Either way, thanks for reading and please get in-touch if you need to escape and create. Thanks again.

Team on This Campaign: