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The World's First Social Dating Game calls you! For Facebook, iOS, Android phones & tablets. Flirt Planet is a fun Next Generation Social Game. Join Our Tribe!
Sebastian Coman
5 Team Members

Do you want social interactions to become more meaningful?  Yes?!  Then, let’s do something about it ...

Social networking environments, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, help you become more “connected” online.  But, many of these countless connections are not meaningful, right?  Flirt Planet is an innovative gaming solution to the modern day dilemma of countless online connections, but few real life bonds.  Our game genuinely helps you form fruitful bonds in the real world.


But wait, what are "H.U.G.S."?  (we'll reveal at the end...)


Do you want casual games and online dating sites to change for the better?   Yes?!  Then, read on ...

We are an independent games studio.  We are not taking money from publishers because we don’t want publishers to mess with our game.  Flirt Planet will be a lot better for players because of the crowdfunding.  In the next few months, we'll be able to release a LOT more features.  Now, we invite YOU to get involved and help us decide!

While the big games studios argue over copyrights and free-to-play, or not, we're getting things done.  We keep it simple: we will make great new and fun games that the fans want!  No publishers.  We are just an independent studio in direct contact with the fans.  That's how it should be!

Do you want to be part of the shift and revolutionize the games and online dating industries?  Yes?!  Then, Join Our Tribe!


From V

Flirt Planet is a ground-breaking new social dating video game where you can learn valuable socializing skills that will genuinely help you when it comes to interacting and dating in the real world.  It is truly a "Social Game" as opposed to a mere "Social Network Game".  It is the first game ever created with an aim to improve real world relationships.  We bridge two industries -- online dating and video games -- and provide valuable social skills for players so you can become better at forming meaningful relationships.  The Test Version of the game is live now on Facebook and will soon be available on iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets.  

Together with video game veteran Brian Colin of Game Refuge we’re developing Flirt Planet for you.  It's a game for people.  For people who want to be more social.  


Simply log on through Facebook Connect, build your very own avatar, then create and maintain relationships with other player-created Avatars and Artificial Intelligence computer-controlled characters.  These interactions can take place in multiple forms -- both via text and also through digitally animated body language.  In Flirt Planet, with your avatar, you interact with others who you find attractive, and learn how to better flirt and date within the game environment.

In addition, you can introduce compatible friends, take online crushes on virtual dates, and practice dating and flirting skills in these scenarios.  The skills you acquire in Flirt Planet serve as your foundations for building meaningful relationships in the real world.  So Flirt Planet is not only fun and engaging, it also has real value.


If Fl

We're free-to-play.  We believe trying out something new should be free.  We believe meeting new people should be free.  We believe you should be able to play a good game from start to finish for free.  And, in order to deserve your praise, we believe that it is our job to engage and surprise you with immersive game experiences staged by our premium content.  It is more difficult to be successful in a free-to-play environment than in the traditional retail one.  But, let’s be frank, free-to-play is now a necessity, especially for smartphones and tablets.  And Facebook games have always been free-to-play.  But we need to break away from the negative perception of the current monetization practices of some free-to-play games.  So, in Flirt Planet we won’t push you to "feed your chicken" late at night, nor will we force you to invite your friends in order to progress.  We strive to motivate and reward you fairly.



Flirt Planet is more than just a video game:  it is a community created for those of you who want to make a difference in the world.  In Flirt Planet, you can contribute to solving real world problems.  You can donate directly to important causes and foundations, recommend causes to other players, and publicly support those causes that are most important to you.  We will have a donations channel from you (the player) to celebrities’ foundations, via the Celebrity Charity Auction. 

We've already started developing characters to date via the Celebrity Charity Auction, such as this little fella: 



The Dev

We started developing Flirt Planet on Unity 3D in October 2011 and are now ready to unveil the game.  With our industry veteran, Brian Colin (Game Refuge Inc.), we designed and built a deeply immersive game.  Our highly talented and admirable 30-person team, based in Downers Grove, IL has developed the highly elaborate 3D environments, über cute avatars, a massive clothing and accessories store and written over 80,000 lines of dialogue. 

At TrulySocial we believe in ongoing recruitment of talented individuals. So, if through this crowdfunding campaign we spot someone who impresses us by collaborating with us in game design or development, we may consider him or her for future vacancies.

Here is a little peak into the Behind the Scenes at the Flirt Planet Development Studio:

Animation BTS



Because you -- the crowd -- have a voice, Flirt Planet will be a lot better for you -- the players.  We can start listening to you early on and involve you directly in the development of the new features we have lined up for you.  

The additional funding allows us to maintain a higher level of ongoing development in the game, than we would be able to have if we were to wait for momentum to build after release. 

It takes research and prototyping time to develop good game dynamics.  With Unity we have the right technology, our team has the right talent and most importantly, we have faith. Nonetheless, we need the big bucks to take Flirt Planet to the Next Level and self-publish. 

Here is how we have mapped out Our Journey: 


No dev

The best part of our campaign is:  we have already built a working game, so with us, you're not risking that we won't end up developing it.  Plus, we'll be able to deliver your perks soon after the campaign closes.  With us you don't have to wait a year until we've made the game!  It's live now on Facebook, so go play test it and let us know what you think!


The 2


Our dating service will offer you an amazing user experience for FREE!

The Dating Service we designed is utterly unique and highly effective, as there's real science behind the match-making.  Our Matching Sauce is a holistic approach to compatibility, so that you can choose how you want to find your matches.  We are ready to challenge the services offered by rivals Match.com, OKCupid and eHarmony.

You may use your game avatars and communicate anonymously, and only give out your direct contact details when you feel comfortable using your real identity.  You play with a screen name, and have the option of only using your avatar pic in the dating area.  You may send and receive Flirt Mail for free through SMS and email via your favorite devices, without disclosing personal contact details to your Flirt Planet connections.

Flirt Planet is well-controlled for appropriate playing and dating activities.  The game is open to players 13+.  However, 13-17 year olds may only play the "core game.”  Players 18+ may play the game and also have access to the dating service. Here, you get to communicate with one another only once consent is established between the two users, so you won't get spammed or swamped with unwanted messages.



You get a virtual character attracted to you, exchange details, take him or her on online dates, and even take it further.  You will be able to interact and practice flirting and dating within our environment, with absolutely zero pressure and zero risks.  You will have to remember birthdays, send gifts, respond to messages, deal with mood swings and the unpredictable.  There will be make ups and break ups.  We want you to be prepared for anything!

All of this content heavily relies on the creative writing skills of our scriptwriters.  We want to be able to keep coming up with fresh and amazing story lines for our "conversational engine" and add to our vast repertoire of dialogues. 



Let's be realistic, our low funding goal is only a drop in the ocean.  It costs significantly more to take Flirt Planet to the Next Level.  So, if / once we exceed our target funding goal here are the Stretch Goals we are looking to fund with your contributions.  Note that these are not mere ideas.  We've started design and even development on some of them! 


  1. Gifting among players:  share, trade and collect fun and whacky themed gifts with one another.
  2. Mobile Version:  game design tweaked for mobile phones. We need to build an App so that you can play on-the-go.  We re-design some features so that it fits on the small screen.  It will have the full dating service.
  3. The VIP Dating Club:  it will be a premium invite-only area for engaged users of the Dating Service.  Its membership fee keeps out “window shoppers”.
  4. Celebrity Charity Auction:  we will make a Social Impact.  With your help and that of celebrities we can donate to charitable causes directly and at scale.  You bid for virtual dates with celebrity characters, your bid goes to charity and you enter prize draws.
  5. More Exotic Travel Locations:  you can use the travel agent to reach far away destinations and go on exotic dates!
  6. Ultimate Cars:  the best way to get noticed!  We add ultimate cars to our standard collection with decals and bling for you to customize your own cars.  An ideal date location!
  7. Worldwide Connectivity:  a full cross-platform, all-devices, multi-national game experience with players from all over the world! You will be able to interact with many more and more diverse players and meet them in real life via the dating service.



Only your contributions amount to the rocket fuel needed to propel our spaceship high into the skies!


WIIFYWhen you join our tribe you will be collaborating with us during our last stages of design and development.  To show our immense gratitude for your contribution and get you as much involved as possible in our journey, we have these amazing perks ready for you to choose from:



a) we have a new Perk, for a $5 contribution you receive $10 worth of Flirt Gold! 

b) we don't offer the 2 Flirtanium anymore

Estimated Delivery is May 2013 for the digital perks and merchandise. The Plush Toys will take until August 2013, and the other perks fall in between.  Please remember to add $15 to your contribution for international (non-USA) shipping, where requested.  Thanks!


A quick note from our alien advisors:

It’s the thought that counts,

So think real hard about the amount.

Because there are lots of prizes:

T-shirts, posters and surprises!


Examples of our Perks

A potential Litho Poster or Wallpaper design: 



The T-shirts that will be included in the merchandise pack:


The Plush Toys will be made based on the designs of our Three Adorable Alien characters (8 inches / 20cm tall):


We'll get designing those rare and ultimate cars soon!  For now, here's some concept art of the standard cars to wet your appetite: 


Make-Over Weekend: Details

Options for the Make-Over Weekend with a Celebrity Style Consultant can include, but are not limited, to the below.  We will design a bespoke weekend especially for you!  The sessions depend on individual preferences and needs identified by the consultant:
* Flights to a major US or European city
* 2 nights accommodation
* Professional hair styling with products to take home
* Fashion advice
* Buying spree of fashion items
* Opticians, new glasses or contact lenses
* Skin care treatments with products to take home
* Gourmet dinner with tips
* Wine tasting class
* Make-up class with new products to take home
* Spa session
* Nutritionist consultation and personalized dietary plan
* Personal fitness instructor class(es) and personalized work-out plan
* Teeth whitening
* Cooking class
* Dating coach session
* Professional photo shoot (e.g. for online dating profile photos)

Consider it a first step towards a Re-Newed You! 

For contributions over $8,000 contact us: press@flirtplanet3d.com .  We're confident that we can come up with some more killer Perks for you! 



Hi there!  It’s Seb again. 

Before you decide whether this project is for you, there’s something else I wanted to mention to you:  why Flirt Planet?  How did this start?

Well, I convinced the team to make this video game with me because I fell in love with a story.  The story concerned a group of socially awkward men, many of whom had been rejected as unfit for social events.  Underdogs really.  Who, nonetheless, had turned themselves into one of the most alluring and desirable group of bachelors.  How did they do it?  What was their secret?  Well, they called it "Game".

But the idea for Flirt Planet came well before I had a good reason to make it -- before I had a story to fall in love with.  It began, really, with an innocent question:  why is it that our presence in the digital world can obstruct the creation of new relationships in the physical world, or even ruin our existing relationships?  Also, the gap between the skilled and the unskilled in social contexts was far greater than I imagined, and widening rapidly, as we started living out more and more of our lives in the online world.  Just think about the silent "hang outs" we have and how much time we spend locked into our phones while we're in fact meant to be talking with the friends in our presence.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, while Flirt Planet is a fun game it also is an attempt to reverse this unsocial trend, and help us put the human back into socializing.  You know, help us get out there and make relationships for real! 

Lets Be 

I have been passionate about designing video games since an early age.  When I recently realized the need for a social dating video game, I transformed my life-long passion into a full-time mission to help millions of people acquire social skills for free (in a virtual environment) that you may apply in your real life relationships.

So, with this, I invite you to become part of our journey and make a lasting impact!  There is a clear need for casual games to become more personal and less “formulaic”.  Similarly, there is a clear need for online dating sites to help you improve your social skills, rather than just giving you list of strangers to filter through.  Our goal is to change the landscape by being creative!

With your contributions we will introduce a good measure of creativity into casual games and online dating.  From our roots will we grow the second generation of casual games, because we are all about value for the player.  Be part of the shift!  Only action changes the world.  Take action.  It's not for me...  do it for you.  Do it for all of us!



You are our Flirt Planet Tribe and with you will we take the game to the Next Level.  So, together, let’s mark the beginning of “Next Generation Casual Games”!  Join us at the beginning of our journey!

We are all about being noisy!  Help us be even noisier!  The journey will be even more fun if your friends join alongside you, right?  So go share our campaign.  Get the word out and help us drum up support for our campaign!  Go use the “sharing tools” at the top of the page.

Many thanks for considering us!


So, what are these H.U.G.S.? 

The lucky chap got more than the HUGS he wanted!  But wait... was it really down to luck, or...?  Anyway, he's got plenty of "Happiness Units Generated and Stored" (aka H.U.G.S.) that he can send back to his home planet, and more Flirt Bucks to spend on cool earthling items! 






Q: What do the Aliens have to do with all of this?

A: Great question!  Here is the storyline:

You assume the role of one of a trio of Aliens from another world who have come to Earth to harness and harvest the most sought-after force in the universe: …the powerful, positive Energy that is generated by a Living Organism’s Volatile Emotions (aka “LOVE”).

Then, you are cast in the role of an outsider to Human culture who must learn to effectively engage, socialize, and interact with Humans in a manner that forms strong interpersonal relationships, since it is your goal to harvest as much of this valuable, positive Energy as possible.

To begin, we interactively depict your comical transformation from a “little green man” into a human male or female.  The Avatar creation process allows us to learn about your preferences in a funny, hands-on, non-threatening way, and sets up the rest of the game in a way that would let us present insights into the human condition in an entertaining manner.

Q: What platforms will Flirt Planet be on?

A: It will be on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and social networks.  Our Test Version is live now on our Facebook App.

Soon, we will be able to port Flirt Planet to tablets, on both iOS and Android. We will do that anyway once we have our polished version ready for porting. Estimate: June 2012.  For phones we'll need to develop a shrunken down version of the game and the fully functional dating service first.  We can then port that to your phones also. Our stretch goal for “Mobile Version” will cover the resources needed to do this. Estimate: June/July 2012. 

Q: Will I be able to date people on here?

A: Yes!  Once we've completed the dating service Flirt Planet will be the world's first social dating game. 

Q: What happens if you go over the funding goal?

A: That's great news, as we'll be able to start funding the "Stretch Goals"!

Q: How will sizing work for the t-shirts?

A: If your perk includes a merchandise pack then please ensure that you indicate your style (womens or mens) and your size (S/M/L/XL) in shipping information/additional info when making your contribution.

Q: What if I forgot to contribute the additional $15 for international shipping?

A: As an international funder of perks between $70 and $325 you can settle the $15 with us via paypal.  Please contact: press@flirtplanet3d.com

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  • $5USD

    1) Flirt Gold worth $10, TWICE AS MUCH THAN IF YOU BOUGHT IT IN THE GAME! (premium currency used to buy special clothes and items) + 2) Access to the private section of the Discussion Community. (Free-to-play starting balance will have no Flirt Gold. This Flirt Gold offer is exclusive to our funders.) A HUGE THANK YOU!!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $20USD

    You receive: Our immense gratitude, of course! Discount of the $25 Tier. It is identical to the $25 Tier, but $5 off!

    16 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $25USD

    You receive: Our immense gratitude, of course! + 1) Flirt Gold (premium currency used to buy special clothes and items in the game) worth $30 + 2) Access to the private section of the Discussion Community + 3) IndieGoGo Flirt Planet Funder Badge in our forums + 4) an Exclusive WALLPAPER for PC, Mac, tablet or phone. (Free-to-play starting balance will have no Flirt Gold and no Flirtanium. This higher Flirt Gold starting balance is only available our funders.)

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $70USD

    You receive: Previous Perk + the Flirt Planet Merchandise Pack, including “Funder-Only Flirt Planet T-Shirt” (limited edition, specify male/female S/M/L/XL), Flirt Planet Stickers, Fridge Magnet, Litho Poster and Pen. (Please add $15 for international shipping.) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $90USD

    You receive: Discount of the $100 Tier. This is identical to the $100 Tier but $10 off! And, of course, our immense gratitude!

    2 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $100USD

    You receive: Previous Perk + EXCLUSIVE Set of 3 Plush Toys of our ADORABLE ALIENS. We'll only make them this once - this is your only chance to get them! For you collectors, the packaging will be neat too! They just take a little longer to make, hence the August delivery on perks that include them. (Please add $15 for international shipping.) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $225USD

    You receive: Previous Perk + 85% Discount to access to the invite-only “VIP Dating Club” with 5 guest invites. This is the only time when we'll give out a discount. You save over $600 on a 1 year membership! Remember it’s 18+. (Please add $15 for international shipping.) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    0 out of 2000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $325USD

    You receive: Previous Perk + Special Thanks in our GAME CREDITS + a FREE RARE VIRTUAL CAR. 4 choices. The Rare Car is absolute bling! It will cost over $400 if you were to pay for it with premium currency. It’s an amazing deal! (Please add $15 for international shipping for the other perks that are included) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    0 out of 2000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $600USD

    You receive: Previous Perk + Invitation to the PRIVATE LAUNCH PARTY in Chicago IL (June 2013). We will have an all-out amazing party in a swanky venue! + On-site GAME DEVELOPMENT STUDIO EXPERIENCE to see the inner-workings (Chicago, IL, May/June 2013) + COLLECTORS EDITION Framed and Signed Flirt Planet Artwork. (Incl. Free international shipping on the other perks) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    3 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $3,700USD

    You receive: Previous Perk + Dating Bootcamp with THE BEST professional Dating Coaches (for guys and gals). We will offer this in major European and US cities, weekend-long, May-July 2013, the bootcamps have a value of over $3,000! (Incl. Free international shipping on the other perks) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $7,000USD

    You receive: Discount of the $8,000 Tier. It is identical to the $8,000Tier, but $1,000 off! Plus, our immense gratitude!

    1 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $8,000USD

    You receive: The Ultimate Make-Over Weekend with a professional Celebrity Stylist + All previous Perks (excl. Learn From The Pros). It's an amazing experience and transformation! Fashion advice, hair styling, skin treatments, nutritionist, fitness instructor, and many more! For full details see the campaign page. (Incl. Free international shipping on the other perks) Plus, our immense gratitude!

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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