Flauntin - get discount when promoting your favorite stores!

Our goal is to vitalize small, local and independent shops around the world!
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Word of mouth taken into the 21st century - flaunt your purchases in your favorite shops and earn a 10% discount!

Small local shops and boutiques provide something completely unique and extremely important to their surroundings. Just imagine your hometown or any other city without any shops - it would be horrible! 

The Danish language contains a word that perhaps no other language has - the word ‘hygge’. In English, it would mean something that is nice, has a warm atmosphere, is enjoyable, fun, cosy and relaxed. We want to make sure that small local shops can survive and that the cities around the world will keep the ‘hygge’ atmosphere. That is why we made flauntin.

The app is working, but so far we only have shops in Copenhagen!

What is flauntin?

Flauntin started as a project at the Technical University of Denmark and was in the beginning only a student project. It quickly changed to something more: It became a mission! 

The more research we did and learned about how shops are closing all around the world the more we wanted to change the situation and make sure that our favourite shops will survive in the future!

That is why we decided to create the service that we call flauntin. The idea behind flauntin is simple: You as a customer use the app to promote (flaunt) your purchases on your social network. This will give the shop exposure in relevant social circles (your friends) through a trusted channel (you). In return for this favour, you get a 10% discount on the product(s).

This way of promoting the shops will have a profoundly positive impact on the shops' online reach and we know that a lot of them can benefit immensely from our service. In collaboration with the extremely talented team of app developers from Rassvet, we have spent the last 6 months developing, testing and iterating the app.  We now have a functioning version that we are very proud of. We are currently using the app for doing a real world test with 32 shops in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The front sticker in the beautiful shop Adélie.

Some functions in the app

Create flaunt  

Create the flaunt that you post on your Facebook page. The flaunt consists of a picture of the product you wish to purchase and a small comment written by you. This needs to be verified by the sales assistant before you get your 10% discount.

Locate shop

You can use the map to locate shops near you and you will in the future be able to browse different cities for great locations to shop.

Request shops

If one of your favourite shops don’t know about us yet or we don’t know about them, then help us get in touch with them by using the request function.

The future

The future is limitless and we have a lot of ideas, wishes and dreams. We want to continue developing the flauntin application with a camera rich on functionality and we want to increase the possibilities for the shops and keep giving them new ways to promote themselves.

We really believe that both shops and shoppers can benefit greatly from flauntin and it is our mission to grow beyond Denmark and into new countries and cities. All the help we get from you will go to expansion and marketing and the more we get the more we can do. Even a small amount of money can help us to get in contact with shops in other cities and countries.

Our Story

January 2012

The first team was created when we started the spring course on Innovation and Product Development. We started researching, brainstorming and initial ideation and suddenly we stumbled upon the thought of using our social networks to promote the shops you love and get a discount. The idea of flauntin came to life!

I am doing our first public presentation at a start up event in Copenhagen

June 2012

We finished the Innovation and Product Development course by handing in a business plan and doing a pitch in front of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, mentors and more. Our supervisors at the time, associate professor, Thomas J. Howard, and Ph.d. researcher, Jakob Andersen, joined the team shortly afterwards.

The team as it is today. I'm in the middle :)

Fall of 2012

We started to develop the concept, involving both users and shops, doing surveys, more research, filing a patent and more.

February 2013

The company was founded and not long after this we began our partnership with Rassvet (the app geniuses).

June 2013

The first prototype was ready after many iterations, discussions and workshops. Finally we had something functional to show to the shops!

July 2013

During the summer we approached the first shops and got the first test shops onboard. Before we knew, 30 shops were signed up and ready for the launch!

August 2013

We launched the test period on August 1st and shortly afterwards we began to see the first flaunts. Also we focused on marketing. Fashion bloggers and magazines started talking about us.

September 2013

I, Christian, decided to go full time and we reached 500 downloads in the beginning of September only in Copenhagen. The activity was (and is!) increasing on a weekly basis. Things seemed to work well with more than 9 referrals per flaunt on Facebook(!).

Sandra, the intern, and I at the office in Copenhagen!

We are releasing flauntin as an Indiegogo project because we want to reach the whole world and give all shops and shoppers the benefits that flauntin provides. However, we can’t do it completely by ourselves. If you want to assist us you can do it two different ways.

  • You can donate what ever you think is a reasonable amount, every cent pledged is greatly appreciated and we will be forever thankful!
  • You can give us an indication of where you would like us to expand to this can be done through the request shop function in the app or on our website -www.flauntin.com/shops

Risks and challenges

We have done our best to address every critical question in the Flauntin concept. As mentioned, we are currently in sandbox mode in Copenhagen. Here, we will be able to tweak the concept and ensure that the shops and users (flaunters) are both satisfied.

To work, the platform needs to grow virally. This is already happening - shops and users are signing on without us having to approach them. This is great, but we need to reach a larger mass for these mechanisms to work fully. To reach this level, we need more tweaking and marketing.

I, Christian visit all the current shops regularly to get feedback and to share experiences on what works and what does not. We see this dialogue as crucial at this stage, as our current shops will show us the way into other markets.

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