FLASH follows a young girl with a vivid imagination, whose sense of reality is constantly blurred with her vast inner world.
Marina Benitez Lazzarotto
Vancouver, British Columbia
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FLASH is the debut film of independent production company 'INDIEN SUMMER', which is a boutique low budget production company that aims to create projects from the heart and keep the creative control in the hands of those who create the films. 

This film was written by Marina Benitez Lazzarotto and comes from her desire to expand as and artist and create more personal work. It's also a reaction to the dying film industry in BC. With so many artists and professionals losing jobs Marina felt it important to make her contribution to the plight to save BC film.  

FLASH is also a love story to Vancouver. Marina herself was inspired by her late night bikes rides. The City of Glass has a specific look at night; neon reflections on the glass buildings, Science world and BC place look like landed UFO's at night. All of this is quietly reflected and glistening off the water that lines our city. It's a picture one can't help but want to share.   

The story takes place over one night. It follows a young girl with a vivid imagination, whose sense of reality is constantly blurred with her vast inner world. One night on her usual bike ride home from work she happens upon a trio of vandals. Once again her sense of curiosity and imagination collide which thrusts her into a magical journey of self realization.  

Your contribution, no matter what the size, will help us bring FLASH to fruition.  You will be making a contribution to the BC film industry. That means helping to employ so many trained and talented professionals that need this help. FLASH is a labour of love too. It's a personal story that marks the beginning of an independent production company's journey towards making stories from the heart.  

We're trying to raise 10,000 dollars. This number blew our minds too but the reality of it is, if you want to tell your story the way it should be told you need high production value. Production value means money. This means we need a great professional crew that, frankly, deserve to be paid.  

Thankfully, we have a crew of talented people to work with and they're all working at a fraction of the cost that they usually do.  

Some other things that cost $$$:

Visual effects:

One very important scene takes place inside the protagonists mind and in a totally different world that we need to create with visual effects.  For that, we need a real specialist.  But for him to do this right, it's going to take a lot of time and work.


Because a portion of this film needs to take place at night that means we will need a lot of light. These are things that need to be rented and insured.


Our goal with this film is to have it screen at a lot of festivals, which will in turn help us further our careers and make more films! 

One very important thing to keep in mind is that 0% of what we raise goes to personal use. The money you donate, does not pay our cell phone bills, contribute to rent, or buy us ramen for the month, it goes 100% towards this film!

We understand 100% that not everyone is in a position to donate, and that is fine. Spreading the word of our project is sometimes worth more than money so please, share, repost, re-tweet, or re-blog the following links and really help us out, we'd be forever grateful!


Also, check out the following links:


-Like us on FACEBOOK

-Brightside Cinema official website


Lastly, if you're not in a position to be donating money, you can still make a huge contribution by sharing our campaign.  The more people that see our campaign the better our chance of reaching our goals!  



Rory W Tucker (Co-Director):

Rory earned his BFA in motion picture production arts from Capilano University Film Center.  He has directed a number of independent narrative shorts and corporate/commercial video productions with GO2 Productions.  Together, with Marina,  they have collaborated on several shorts, and have built a strong creative relationship.   Rory believes that being open and organic through the creative process is an important part of the collaborative effort of filmmaking.  Creating stories that are set and made in Rory's home town of Vancouver is something that he feels passionately about and wishes to continue.  Rory is currently on location shooting a factual series titled Worst Places In Canada.  


Marina Benitez Lazzarotto (Writer, Actor, Co-Director):

A classically trained actress and budding writer, Marina has only ever wanted to act.  She has training in Vancouver and also at the prestigious Jacques Lecoq Theatre school in Paris.  Last year she received glowing reviews as Puck in Beachhouse Theatres production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  You may have also seen her on Fringe, Untold stories of the ER, in numerous short films, and most recently starring in HOMESICK which screened at the 2013 Cannes Court Metrage at Cannes Festival.  


Cody Bown (Producer):  

FLASH will mark the third fully produced film by Cody Bown. A director by trade, his previous film HOMESICK was selected to the 2013 Cannes Court Metrage. Cody is the head visionary behind INDIEN SUMMER and looks to produce works from dedicated filmmakers who want to put their hearts onto the screen. 


Jan Klompje (Director of Photography):

The first thing you should know about Jan is that he loves what he does. He is a classically trained DP from the younger generation. He was shown the ropes at a very young age by a legendary, old school cinematographer in South Africa, while he was still in film school. He acquired a BA Hons. degree, majoring in cinematography, and decided to expand his skills and knowledge in Vancouver. Having spent the past 5 years as a camera assistant on major motion pictures and commercials, he finally got back to what he loves - being a DP. In the last 10 years Jan has been the director of photography on just over 30 narrative projects and a large number of music videos.



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