Flake & Flames - Kustom Kulture Documentary

Feature length documentary film about the astonishing Kustom Kulture movement around the globe. By Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau and Jesper Bram.


We are now running our second and final funding campaign to complete post production on the film. Lots of cool stuff is going on. Please head on over to Flake & Flames Final Funding and check it out.

We made it!!!!!

The funding campaign is now over. Our goal was to raise 18.000$, in the end we raising 21.204$. We are so happy and proud that so many people around the world have shown us their support, and we can not thank you enough.

We are already in the midst of planning the next filming and look very much forward to be back on the road.

In the following days we will contact all of you who have supported to get your t-shirt sizes and any other details needed to fullfil the perk you have claimed.

Again thank you very much. You rule. We are looking forward to showing you a kick ass movie.

About - Flake & Flames - The Kustom Kulture Adventure.

Flakes & Flames is a feature length documentary film about the astonishing Kustom Kulture movement around the globe. By Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau and Jesper Bram.

We are spending a year traveling U.S. and Europe in search of the coolest Kustom Kulture people and events on the planet. Picking the brains of living legends, up and coming artists and builders within the culture.

We seek out some of the hottest Kustom Kulture spots and get some of the worlds best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters and pin-up models to share their tricks and experience.

The Goal.

It is our goal to create a film that kick ass, looks great and is full of great insights wether you never heard of Kustom Kulture before or have lived it all your life. If you are new to Kustom Kulture we will show you what fantastic creativity and passion that exists behind terms like; Low Brow Art, Hot Rod building, Custom, Pinstriping etc. If you are familiar with Kustom Kulture already, we want you to watch and learn from the masters and have a rare look into the private workshops of some Kustom Kulture legends of our time.

What we have done so far?

We have been in California filming awesome material with some of the greatest Kustom Kulture artists and fabricators. Including; The Pizz, Von Franco, Frank Kozik, Dirty Donny, Bob Spina, Rob Kruze, Coop, Cole Foster, Kutty Noteboom, Dan Collins, Doug Dorr, Arie Van Schyndel. The video you see above is a small taste of what we got in the box from that.

What is next?

The next step to complete the film, is seeking out the European artists and fabricators. Although Kustom Kulture originated in U.S. the film would be incomplete without some of the amazing talent Europe has to offer. Like; Pekka Wizzz from Finland, Blaster from Italy, Maze from Germany, Empire 32 from France, Von Sven from Sweden, and many more.

What do I fund?

Traveling is by far the biggest post on our budget. The people we seek out don't exactly live door to door. We funded the filming in California with our own savings. The money we raise here will be used to fund filming some of the very best European artists and builders. It will cover plane tickets, lodging, car rental, boat fares, gas, and our most necessary living expenses when we are on the road. The plan is to finish filming during the remaining half of 2011, and then start on post production. We aim to release the film early 2012.

This is the over all budget we are working with:

Fundraising budget


The Perks

Here's some of the perks you can get your hands on if you support the making of Flake & Flames.

The DVD packaging has yet to be announced. But you can take a look at the acknowledgement page where your name and link will be shown. The page is updated frequently as we go along. http://www.flakeandflames.com/acknowledgements/

This is the official Flake & Flames Support Sticker exclusively available to those who support this funding campaign with 10$ or more.

Flake & Flames Support Sticker

Also check out the awesome Flake & Flames t-shirt designed by Dirty Donny. That will be yours if you claim the Appreciation Package or above.

Note that you don't even have to worry about sizes etc. we will contact you when the campaign is over to get your desired size and fit. Both men and woman t-shirts and tops is available.

If you are in to collecting limited edition memorabilia then you will like the FAN PACKAGE where you on top of the DVD, Sticker and Dirty Donny tee, get to choose a photo from Flake & Flames that will be printed in the finest quality and signed for you by Dirk and Jesper. The actual photo choices will be published after we finish filming. We will pick the very best and make sure there is plenty of different choices.
Then of course there is the most astonishing perk ever seen on IndieGoGo. THE BIG GAME HUNTER.

Team on This Campaign:

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    Jesper Bram

    Co-Director and Producer

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    Dirk Behlau

    Co-Director and Director of Photography