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How to fix the economy in Greece by Bill Still.
Bill Still
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Who Am I

Hi, I’m Bill Still. My first documentary video was “The MoneyMasters” in 1996. In 2010, I produced “The Secret of Oz”. It won the Biffy Award for “Best Documentary of 2010” at the Beloit International Film Festival. We just completed “Jekyll Island”.  It was just accepted into the Orlando Film Festival in Oct.

How I Got Involved

In January, I was invited to give the keynote address at an economics conference in Greece put on by the Athens University of Economics and Business.

There I met many of the professors who support the monetary reform solution to the ongoing Greek austerity tragedy. I was also invited to visit the office of Greek radio/TV talk show host, Georgios Tragas, known as the most popular man in Greece. He asked me to return to Greece this summer and make a documentary explaining the problem to not only the people of Greece but to the relatively wealthy Greek community living outside of Greece -- around the world.

Tragas paid to have 30,000 copies of “The Secret of Oz” translated into Greek to be inserted into the February 2013 edition of his magazine, “Crash”, the largest political magazine in Greece.

The Problem in Greece

Greece is falling apart. Greek unemployment has risen to nearly 27% -- twice the average rate of the rest of the Euro Zone and nearly 4 times that of the U.S. But the suffering is even greater for the Greek youth – those aged 15-24 – where unemployment has reached a staggering 57%. 1,000 Greeks are laid off every day. It’s not going to get better. It’s only going to get worse. Why? Because debt is crushing the life out of the Greek economy. This debt will only get bigger and the GDP smaller from here on.

What Can We Accomplish

The population of Greece is about 11 million people. But the Greek expatriot community worldwide numbers another 7 million people. Greeks worldwide are more confused and divided than ever. There are now 7 political parties with members in Parliament. Four years ago, there were only five.

Greeks will be excited to get behind a simple solution that will fix the problem and make Greece a strong, sovereign, and mostly self-sufficient nation once again, but we need a simple, sensible solution that everyone can understand and get behind.

Since Greece and Cyprus are closely linked, we are going to include Cyprus in the solution section. Large depositors in Cypriot banks just took a haircut of nearly 50% of their money. In other words, their deposits were cut in half – stolen – as collateral for additional loans from the European Union. This could easily happen in Greece as well.

In May, Mr. Tragas announced on his TV show that I was coming to Greece as soon as I finished Jekyll Island. He and two others have pledged a little over half the money necessary to produce this film.

Running Out of Time

I thought I had secured the necessary additional funding on a couple of occasions. But the problem of putting together a partnership spanning 2 or 3 different nations without spending all your money on attorneys has been difficult. So I’ve decided to go to the crowd funding community to ask for your help.

The rainy season in Greece is Nov-Jan. We have to complete filming in October. We can do indoor interviews after that, but the outside standups all have to be completed in October. Then we can return to the U.S. and edit in November and get it out in December, hopefully with a strong theatrical distribution in Greece and elsewhere with large Greek populations.

The Plan

So here’s the plan. I need to go to Athens right away and spend a week with my collaborators to finish up the script and scout locations before filming starts. Then, I’ll come back to the U.S. on the 20th, mount up my equipment and be back in Athens on Oct. 1 to start shooting. It’s tight, but it’s doable. That’ll take about $12,000 in prep so this is a short-fused Indiegogo.

Then a second Indiegogo will run through August to complete the funding. Should all the funds not be raised, we will make do with what we have.

In Conclusion

The Euro experiment is broken, but the nations on the bleeding edge will suffer prolonged pain for years until one of them finally gets the political will to break away from this union of ever-increasing national debt. You can hasten the Euro’s demise and dramatically lessen the duration of the incredible pain that all the southern Euro nations are going through by helping Greece and Cyprus escape earlier than later.

Won’t you help out, please?

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