Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

8 nights, 5 very different women, 1 hideous dress. Here comes the bridesmaids.

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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Test Run Productions was founded by four energetic and entrepreneurial women wanting to develop opportunities for young professional theater artists based in .


Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

by Alan Ball


Presented at the

Wow Cafe

December 8-11 & 15-18th 

                Thurs, Fri & Sat at 8pm,

                Sun at 3pm


Directed by Gretchen Ferris

Produced by Jasmina Sinanovic

General Manager: Yosi Merves


Cast Includes: Maggie Ronck as Meredith, Jessica Cermak as Mindy, Lindsey Zelli as Trisha, Sarah Feldman as Georgeanne, Alicia Barnatchez as Francis and Charles Gorrilla as Trip. 


A rebellious liberal trapped in the south, a local beauty queen , a fundamentalist Christian, a self conscious house wife, and a clumsy lesbian are all very different bridesmaids who share a common foe: The bride.  They all decide to escape the painful reception by hiding in the upstairs bedroom.  As the night unfolds, the women start celebrating in their own way and end up sharing some of their inner most secrets.  These woman start as strangers and end up becoming each others the best support group, revealing a deep sisterhood that all women share.


The Impact

The show must go on!...but we need your help. Producing independent theater in New York can be tricky and expensive.  But what better place to create your own work than in the "City of Dreams"?  The theater scene is made rich by the powerful and compelling stories told off-off-Broadway.  Which is why projects like Five Women are vital to keeping NYC the place where performers not only work, but are fulfilled by their work.  Having said that, Test Run Productions is spearheaded by four resourceful ladies, but it still takes some equity and capital to produce a professional production. Your donations will help us hire talented actors, designers and crew, as well as helping us create the world of the play with sets, lights and costumes.  Please help us keep the independent theater scene alive and strong!

What We Need & What You Get

Five Women is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas which means your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!

Your donations go to securing the rights for the play, the creation of sets, costumes, and props, rehearsal space rental, and designer and director stipends.

Donate big and you may get a guest spot as the Bride or Groom at our Fund-raising Party! Or donate just a little and get a shout out in our program.  ANY donation is helpful!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate today, please come to a performance or our fundraising party to help show your support!

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