Fittle - helping blind children learn through touch

Fittle is an accessible learning toolset for visually challenged kids to learn words and their shapes through a playful puzzle.

March 2014 is going to be the lucky month when we ship out the complete Fittle Sets (words/shapes from A-Z) to blind schools, teachers, and parents all over the world!

If you believe in the idea, become a part of the project by contributing, or even sharing this link with others. Even referring people could earn you goodies! :)

Fittle is a revolution in the world of education for the visually challenged. It is a one-of-its-kind word puzzle through which kids can learn new words, and learn how things are shaped. Imagine teaching a visually impaired kid that Turtle spells as T-U-R-T-L-E, and being able to let them feel the turtle in their hands, as they learn the spelling. Imagine the joy of a kid at feeling the form of an airplane in his hands, especially, after he has put together the entire airplane himself, with his very hands. Never before has a kid wanted to study as much as with this playful puzzle of beautifully shaped objects. And we want to empower every visually impaired kid with all the resources s/he needs to learn about the world around him as early as possible. And to show off how cool his toys are to the kids who can see. Now, don’t start thinking that we’re bullies!

Catch up on Fittle at www.fittle.in

A visually impaired child sees the world through touch, but only a few such children come to know the joy of reading. Only 10% of the 39 million of the blind people use braille. Fittle is a small attempt to get visually impaired kids interested in braille in a playful and interactive way at a very young age. Believe us, this powerful tool will change their world. And you, dear sirs and madams, and boys and girls, and all the awesome people, can help make it big!

With your support, every visually impaired child could gain access to one of the coolest ways to learn how to read words and the shapes of things. We are building the first curriculum of Fittle at LV Prasad Eye Institute with words for the 26 letters of the English language, and we plan to send out some the first kits to schools for the visually impaired throughout the world. But we can’t do that without your help. We have already witnessed the joy of the visually impaired kids who put together their first Fittle at the Devnar School for the Visually impaired. You can help take Fittle to each and every kid who can benefit from it, and see the smile on their faces through the "Share your Fittle Story" page on our website, while they play, and learn, and imagine.

We want to make Fittle even more fun for the kids than what it is right now. And we are having a lot of fun ourselves while exploring exciting new aspects for Fittle. In the very near future, we plan to add interactivity through sound to the puzzle. Imagine the joy of a kid when he finally puts together the fish, and then hears the sound of a fish jumping out and back into water. The bubbling water sound makes us super excited just thinking about it! We also plan to experiment with various materials to make different Fittle objects, like rubber for the slippery texture of a fish, brushed metal for the smooth finish of an airplane, wood for a turtle’s coarse texture. The possibilities amaze us!

This is where all your love and contributions go. Fair and square.

There’s more in it than helping some kids learn throughout the world. Being a good person comes with getting some amazing goodies. Check out what you could get for becoming a part of the Fittle community.

Secret Tip: You could end up getting a custom designed Fittle Figurine of wait-for-it—YOURSELF!

In case your Contribution does not get through, please let us know immediately at hello@fittle.in

The first ever Fittle, and the now famous Fish, is on Thingiverse, a wonderful place of open source things that anyone can download and build. The awesome people at Makerbot happen to have featured Fittle on their homepage as soon as it launched on the site. Head over to Thingiverse to download your first awesome braille puzzle fish and just 3D print it to gift joy to your offspring, pupil, playmate, playmate’s offspring, or the friendly neighborhood kid.

If you like Fittle, get fittlin’ by telling your friends about it. The more you share our story, the more kids we can send the joy of Fittle to. Show some love on any and every social network you’re hooked on to, and help us touch the lives of some wonderful kids throughout the world!

We are a bunch of really enthusiastic people, who truly believe that Fittle will change the way visually impaired kids see the world.

Dr. Anthony Vipin Das Mentor, Marketing Master, and “Unpanic” Button
The coolest ophthalmologist that you will ever come across. Senior TED fellow, mentor to some amazing projects to help the visually challenged, musician, technologist, and a really charged up, enthusiastic person to be around! In his own words, “The Fish shall sail us through!”

"The one-and-only Tania Jain" Creator, Designer, and, basically the Mom of Fittle
Fittle is the brainchild of Tania, a graphic designer who has been communicating messages to people through visual design for 6 years now. Don’t let her fool you if she says that she’s trying to do something new, though. She is still making visually impaired people see her designs! Through touch.

Debanshu Bhaumik Photographer, Consultant, Critic, and Manager of all things possible
A New Media designer trapped in the body of a photographer, his purpose in life is to have a purpose. Ever excited about anything to do with technology, cannot sit idle, cannot stop himself from pulling people’s legs, and will jump in to make a Google Doc for anything worth putting down.

Disha Kaushal Copy Writer, Encourager, and Entertainer
A communication designer who found her love for writing pretty much as soon as she was born. She can enchant you with her beautiful eyes and make you roll on the floor with her hilarious acts. And her words can make you believe that the Earth is flat. In two minutes.

A huge shout out to the organisers of the DIy Workshop, Hyderabad, where Fittle was born. MIT Tata CenterPerkins School for the BlindMIT Media LabLVP Eye Institute, and BITS Pilani, thank you so much for giving us such a great platform!

Team on This Campaign:

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    Tania Jain

    Creator, Designer, and, basically the Mom of Fittle

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    Anthony Vipin Das

    Mentor, Marketing Master, and “Unpanic” Button

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    Debanshu Bhaumik

    Photographer, Consultant, Critic, and Manager of all things possible

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    Disha Kaushal

    Copy Writer, Encourager, and Entertainer