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"FITS & STARTS" - A debut collection of poems by Juan-Paolo Perre. "An evocative and haunting work of visionary scope." "Effusive...rather like music."
Juan-Paolo Perre
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It is very exciting to start on this journey of artistic communion through Indiegogo. Your support and participation will guarantee the life of this book concretely but will also guarantee a collective life both culturally and spiritually.

My goal is also to broaden the scope and touch of poetry. Words are living things that all mankind are gifted with whether they be utilitarian, carefully parsed like precious jewels or issued forth like weaponry or soothing medicine. I would like to build, mine and cultivate this richness and share the joy in it all with others.

The funds given and raised by this campaign will go towards the production and creation of the book's physical first edition from my recently completed manuscript. In addition, a selection of my own photographic pieces will be included to stretch the boundaries of the ordinary poetic publication.

Equally important is the community's moral support and the sharing of this campaign to your friends, colleagues, loved ones, acquaintances, doctors, lawyers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

Any funds over the goal will be used for further production and reproduction costs as well as an audio book version of a portion or all of the book.

Thank you for lighting upon this campaign and for taking the time to read and discover it!



“Fits & Starts” by poet Juan-Paolo Perre…is elusive, or fugitive, not in a negative way but rather”




  I am sent reeling reckless
 Through the corridors of stars,
 Through the bloodless veins
 Of rural America:
Past a clergy of convenience stores
Into the beautiful light of oncoming traffic.
North Platte, Nebraska and frost. Frost.
And the luminescence of jewels
And the mean temperature of souls.

Excerpt from "Understanding The Loss of a Daughter On Graduation Night, Five Hours Past"

 I am a nomad. Yet I have always had an obsessive need to communicate - to connect. Perhaps one could say that it’s rooted in family history; a mother thing – issues resulting from early years of neglect and an absent father or perhaps better, call it a human thing – issues steeped in as many years and more of being and trying to be a human being: loves and losses, communities and isolation, friendships and jealousies, marginalization, objects, people, failure, celebration and joy.

 I have made my way and continue to make my way through a spectrum of communicative arts: music, dance, song, drama, writing, conducting, directing, speaking and translation. For the longest time this variety was a source of anxiety – I felt I needed to choose. And then I realized that each of these is a shimmering piece of a mosaic that the glue of my soul stretches, bends and holds firmly yet pliantly in place to maintain the integrity of my whole being.

 As a child I wrote for hours. Then singing came as a boy soprano in the cathedrals of Italy then London. And I wrote. Then came the US and the piano, the violin, concerts and more concerts. And still I wrote. By then writing was like breathing, as was singing, playing music and dancing. More music, more concerts, more living: Paris, Moscow, Helsinki, Rome, Tangiers, Marrakech and the deserts of North Africa. Then came acting: Mike Leigh, the Broadway stage and the Hollywood sets of Universal, Paramount and Spielberg: this new, more external kind of drama. Drama, with which you say things you have to say, say things you need to say and don’t say things and yet those things speak loudest of all.


Table of Contents


 And through it all my writing has remained a constant. In the midst of this polymathic timeline poetry revealed itself with full force – the poems of Philip Levine, Pablo Neruda and James Wright moved me and molded me. The beauty of Larry Levis and the soul-stirring duende of Federico Garcia Lorca shook me and I found a home. Each word, the one preceding it and the one following, chosen and conjured like musical notes for some haunting melody or striking chord – complete with silences, accents, conflict and resolution.

 Writing for me is a many-limbed appendage that is music - that sings, that dances or yearns to - that is discursively meditative and inclusive and holds my breath and a million or more of other distinctly, particular breaths. My writing is a collective of breaths swirling in my rib cage informed by a thousand different words, a thousand different notes and a thousand different gestures and movements.

 “FITS & STARTS” is the fruit - the organic product. These poems have issued forth in waves, sometimes in a constant trickle and more often than not, in halting tributaries: in fits of fever and starts of profound inspiration.

Thank you for sharing in this communion.

 - Juan-Paolo Perre


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Place de la Concorde. Paris ©Juan-Paolo Perre




Juan-Paolo Perre




Born in Siena, Italy and an émigré first to London, England then the US [New York City], Juan-Paolo Perre performs a nifty, quotidian, juggling act of writer, concert violinist, Broadway singer, Hollywood actor (as Adam Alexi-Malle), chef, photographer and translator. He has a bunch of diplomas, degrees, report cards & a few gold stars from the Interlochen Arts Academy, The Juilliard School, the universities of Wisconsin and Maryland, the Université de Paris, the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris and Moscow 'Tchaikovsky' National Conservatory.

A recipient of the Harriet Hale Woolley Fellowship, his work has previously appeared in The Cream City Reader, The Red Wheelbarrow, A Delicate Balance and the University of Wisconsin – The Post among others.  Most recently, his other, disembodied voice has been published by Random House Books as narrator of Michelle Moran's bestselling book, "The Second Empress".


 “Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté

  Luxe, calme et volupté.”


“L’Invitation au Voyage”



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