FitCute Smart Body Analyzer

FitCute discovers your body data, including weight, BMI, fat-lean ratio, water ratio, bone ratio, Calorie,Muscle ratio, visceral Fat ratio and uploads to App.

FitCute Smart Body Analyzer

Do you still remember your 2 years ago weight?

Do you know your family member’s health status?

FitCute Smart Body Analyzer can help you to record your body stats and manage your family member’s health status.

Every time you or your family member step on the scale, FitCute automatically and wirelessly syncs stats to FitCute App on your smart phone. You can access your body stats records at any time via FitCute App.

with FitCute App, you can share your stats with your friends or relatives through Socials.  Friends can set up a target and share their diet stories with each other. 


FitCute Functions: 

Your Family Health Account

【8 body stats】

You can easily discover 8 body stats when you step on the FitCute, including: weight, Body Mass Index, fat-lean ratio, water ratio, bone ratio, Calorie,Muscle ratio, visceral Fat ratio.  

【Create a personal health account】 

FitCute App will track your body stats records and create a health curve to help you understand your body status. This scale is made for the whole family: the scale is able to recognize up to 8 users. Everyone can have their own user profile and access it independently.

【Smart Analyzing】

FitCute will make a comparison between your body stats and standard BMI, and give you fit or diet suggestions. .

【Dual Mode】

FitCute Body Analyzer can support two modes. Smart Weighing Mode & Manual weighing mode. In Manual weighing mode, users don’t need a smart phone, they can directly read body stats on the scale LCD. In Smart weighing mode, users can rely on FitCute App to access body stats in an easy way. Furthermore, in the Smart weighing mode, end users can easily read the body stats curves.

【Health Tips】

Body mass index, or BMI, is a way to help you figure out if you are at a healthy weight for your height. FitCute App has been embedded with a set of international BMI standard, as soon as your body stats received, FitCute will leverage your stats with standard BMI stats, then work out your body status. If your body stats deviated from the standard, App will give you a recommendation.

【Social Sharing】

You can share your health info. With your friends or family members through Social, such as twitter, facebook etc.  You can set a target fitting or diet program with your friends, and share the progress with them through Socials.

【Alarm Setting】

if necessary, FitCute App allows you to set the alarm to remind you track your body stats timely. (Day/Week/Month) 

【Fitting, Diet Guide】

Whether you're into weight loss coaching, activity and calorie tracking, or cardio fitness, there's a great chance we're already compatible with your favorite apps. If you're new to this, you'll discover how our open approach to healthcare can further leverage your body data. 

About FitCute Team

We are a team of engineers, with more than 10 years experienced mobile communications industry background. FitCute leverages veteran telecom experiences with things of internet, healthcare and Security industries, to provide users with a new generation of health care, smart home, security products. 

FitCute Vision

FitCute,Tell your health stories with your friends & family. FitCute Vision is to keep you a healthy lifestyle. Having FitCute to access your body stats helps you see your progress and make informed choices. In the end, you spare your motivation, enjoy the weight tracking process and enter a virtuous circle.

FitCute has four color options:

Spring Green, Summer Red, Autumn Yellow, Winter Blue. 

Project Milestones

R&D stage is completed, Mass Production is undergoing.

June 7: Marketing & Research,Project Feasibility Study, Kick Off.

June 30: Industrial Design Completed.

July 30: Mechanical Design Completed, Start Tooling.

August 20: First Tooling (T0) finished.

August 27: EVT engineering sample assembly & testing.

Sept. 30: DVT engineering sample assembly & testing.  

Oct. 4: App Ver.1.1.0 was released, support iOS7.

Nov. 7: PVT Engineering sample assembly & testing, hardware & Mechanical is ready for Mass Production

Nov. 18: App Ver.1.1.2 was released, software is ready for Mass Production.

Nov. 20: Package & User Manual design completed.

Dec. 30: First batch of MP: 1000 start to delivery.

Supported Devices:

Apple iOS5.1 or above:

iPhone4S,iPhone5,iPhone5C,iPhone5S,the new iPad,iPad4/mini/mini2/air,iPod Touch5

App for Android 4.3 or above is under-development, expected release schedule is in the end of Mar. 

Why we need your support:

We have invested FitCute for almost 8 month, now it is ready for Mass Production. Since most of us are technical background, we are focusing on product and technical issues more than marketing and sales, we wish Indiegogo customers can be our first group of customers and give us some feedbacks from the markets. With your support, we can still focus ourselves on product and engineering develop, and we also need your help to delivery the products messages to your friends and relatives if it is a good product.

All of the raised money will be used for :

  • Product Certification
  • Mass production materials procurement.
  • App software optimizing. 

Our commitment & rewards

We are committed to continue developing and improving FitCute, as soon as the fund raising accomplished, Indiegogo users will get the products in 40 days. Mass Production is planning now, we guarantee all of the products meet CE/FCC regulation. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
  • Remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools!

And that’s all there is to it.

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