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A huge thank you to all of you who found & supported us over the last couple of months, & a huge apology to those who have just landed here to find that time has run out. 

Our schedule for adding all your names to the end credits, in time to release the DVDs & BluRays for Yuri’s Night this year on the 12th April, means that 4th February had to be our last day for this crowd funding effort.

But, thanks to those who backed us, the discs will soon be available for everyone from www.firstorbit.org - bringing Yuri's story, in his own words, to the world in 30 new languages!

So thank you again to each and every one of you!


Producer/Director - First Orbit

Campaign now closed....

What We Need & What You Get

Our simple movie idea 'First Orbit', produced and distributed by volunteers around the world has already captured the imagination of audiences across the globe, and has now been translated by fans into more than 30 languages!

We now need to raise funds to remaster the film and encode all these languages we've received so far, to create DVD and Blu-Ray glass masters. After the duplication process we will market and distribute the new 'First Orbit' release to the world, with the further aim that the new language versions will be screened for FREE in as many countries as possible on the 12th April 2012. Any money left will go towards thanking those who have worked as volunteers on the film since 2010.

In return you will be part of a global movie project which has already received recognition as being the most watched long form film release in YouTube history (3.3 million viewings and counting) and which could become the most widely screened film on Earth on the 12th April 2012, providing we can release the multi-language DVD and Blu-Ray versions in time. 

We are offering you a number of unique opportunities to become part of this landmark project, as listed to the right of this page. So why not join us and make history. In return we pledge that for every 10 DVDs or Blu-Rays eventually sold, we will give a FREE copy to an educational institution or organisation anywhere in the world.  If you have any suggestions please let us know.

The Impact

The release of a 'First Orbit' on a multi-language DVD and Blu-Ray will ensure Yuri Gagarin's pioneering space flight is shared and celebrated, as part of our collective human heritage, by as many people around the world as possible. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word about First Orbit and this campaign. 

We've created an app you can buy, for Android or Apple devices, to help support us.

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook or sign up for future news www.firstorbit.org/sign-up

You can also still add a language to the project at www.firstorbit.org/add-a-language.

And the film is still free to watch with English subtitles on our YouTube channel.

Our Story

Our simple movie idea 'First Orbit' has already captured the imagination of audiences all over the world, with fans embracing the spirit in which our FREE experiential documentary film was created. Since then we have received requests from across the world to release 'First Orbit' on DVD and Blu-Ray in multiple languages. So we are teaming up with IndieGoGo to help make this happen. Please read our brief story below to find out how you can help us to take one of the most widely released independent films in history to an even greater global audience.

February 2010 we created the 'First Orbit' project with the aim of producing a movie, celebrating the pioneering space flight of Yuri Gagarin, to give to the world for FREE. 

May 2010 we teamed up with the European Space Agency to see if we could film the same view Gagarin would have had of Earth from his spaceship, 50 years before.

December 2010, after doing a lot of maths, to work out exactly when to film, we began shooting First Orbit with the astronauts on board the International Space Station.

February 2011 we worked day and night to turn all this footage into a new view of what Gagarin would have seen of the Earth. We then edited it together with his original mission voice recordings and a fantastic new score by composer Philip Sheppard.

April 2011 we released 'First Orbit' with English subtitles for FREE through www.firstorbit.org. We had achieved our aim. Fans held over 1600 screenings in 130 countries, making it one of the most widely released independent films in history. YouTube simultaneously premiered the film on its global platform, attracting over two million viewings from almost every country on Earth within the first 48 hours; making it the most watched long form film release in YouTube history.

May 2011 Viewers across the world started to ask if we could supply the film in other languages. 

June 2011 In response we posted an English transcript of the film on the web site so fans could create their own translations.  

September 2011 we launched a global campaign to crowd source translations of the film into as many languages as possible.

November 2011 we compiled all the translations we had received from fans and friends around the world and created 30 different language transcriptions, which can now be downloaded for FREE from www.firstorbit.org/translations.

December 2011 in response to requests to make the most of these translations we launched a campaign to raise money to release 'First Orbit' on DVD and Blu-Ray, with subtitles in as many languages as possible.

January 2012 we really hope, with your help, to have raised enough money to manufacture, promote and distribute the multi-language DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

February 2012 our publicity countdown to the launch of the 'First Orbit' multi-language DVD/Blu-Ray release will begin...

March 2012 the 'First Orbit' multi-language DVD and Blu-Ray will be released.

12 April 2012 - Yuri's Night anniversary parties across the world will screen 'First Orbit' for the first time in their own language, bringing the story of our first voyage into space to an even wider audience.

Team on This Campaign: