First 100 percent Certified Compostable Coffee Capsule WORLDWIDE

Winner of the Swiss Idea Award 2013: beanarella: FIRST single serve coffee product WORLDWIDE that is 100% compostable according to European standards EN 13432
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" We are operating and selling our products in three countries already, and now we plan the rollout in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Support the first single serve coffee product, that is 100 % certified compostable and doesn't harm our environment, but contributes to a better way to grow, process and consume coffee!

The History of beanarella:


Replace the huge amounts of waste that come with conventional single serve coffee products.

The Swiss Coffee Company AG was founded in September 2011 in the eastern part of Switzerland, the so called Ostschweizer Rheintal. We deal with innovative compostable products for the coffee market.

With beanarella we created the first compostable coffee capsule worldwide, which carries the germling logo. This logo stands for the certification of verified compostable products. For this invention the Swiss Coffee Company AG was granted the “Golden Idea Award 2013” from Idee-Suisse. Another important step for us was the creation of the first compostable high barrier film for coffee products.

Puk Coffeemaker

Fay Coffeemaker

Here you see the capsule transformed to compost:

For more information or an English translation just contact us. We are happy to supply detailed facts about composting and our product.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on our planet and more than 100 million people have a job thereby. But only 2-3 percent of the worldwide traded coffee results from Fair-Trade or controlled organic cultivation. Fair-traded coffee enables the farmers to invest in a sustainable future and on top of that, the CO2-emission is reduced by up to 50 percent when cultivating controlled organic coffee. We have a big responsibility and therefore beanarella decided to use fair-traded and organic coffee without exception

Premium Coffee

Information about our coffee.

The delicate beanarella coffee is being roasted in the oldest roasting house of Switzerland, the Turm Handels AG in St. Gallen. With more than 250 years of experience, the highest standard of coffee consumption is guaranteed.

We exclusively use select coffee beans, that are roasted in line with traditional drum roasting methods at controlled low temperatures. As a result, our coffee is low in acid and gentle to your stomach.

The roasting temperature lies below 220°C and the roasting time is between 17-25 minutes. Due to the slow roasting method, there will be no undesired bitter compounds and that is why our coffee is low in acid and gentle to your stomach.

Our goal is to produce the best coffee in a capsule.

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beanarella - Timeline

2011-2013: The beanarella Coffee Capsule was born, received all certifications in Europe and won the Swiss Idea Award 2013

2013 January: beanarella Rollout, online-shop for Europe is ready

2013 November: beanarella available at the " Weltladen Innsbruck ", Austria

2013 December: beanarella available at the " Fair-Trade-Shop Munich ", Germany

2014 March: beanarella available at " EDEKA Constance", Germany

2015 January: Getting certified for the market entry in the United States of America and start operating.

The prices for our products shown on our website(s) apply to Europe only.

In the United States we will offer each cup between:

$ 0,59 - $ 0.79

depending on the flavor.

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