An interactive documentary about the life of an Aboriginal storyteller, and the importance of storytelling in today's world.
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  • $1USD
    A virtual hug from Francis

    Yes, even a dollar CAN make a difference. No matter how small your donation is, Francis and the team will send you virtual hugs for your support and our exclusive newsletter following the project's progress. And let's face it, no one can hug like Francis can!

    (~ .64 GBP/.99 AUD)

    32 claimed

  • $14USD
    14 Illustrated Postcards

    To celebrate the last 14 days of the campaign, we're releasing a set of 14 illustrated postcards – one for each of the final days of the campaign – each one illlustrated by Danny Johnson who is donating his skills to do this. Each illustration is inspired by Francis’s original artwork. Follow each day to watch as we unveil the exciting images you can earn with a contribution of just $14! (As this is a limited-time offer perk, it is not included in any of the other perks.)

    9 claimed

  • $20USD
    Ochre Pigment from Australia

    Creative? Artistic? Ochre was the most important painting material used by Aboriginal people. Try your hand at painting on canvas, paper or even your body Aboriginal style with these ancient pigments drawn from the earth in Australia. You’ll get 3 little bags of different earth-tone colours. You'll also get all of the perks listed above.

    (~ 12.84 GBP/18.94 AUD)

    15 claimed

  • $25USD
    Online Thank You and Wallpaper

    If you can give $25, we'll say thanks in public by including your name and photo (or you can be anonymous) in the 'Friends of Francis' gallery on the website and we'll send you branded FIREBRACE wallpaper for your Mac or PC.

    (Psst... Want to be thanked in the film, too?? See our $500 perk!)

    (~ 16 GBP/25 AUD)

    32 claimed

  • $30USD
    Autographed Ltd Edition Poster

    Poet Rex Skelter met Francis and wrote an inspiring poem about the experience. He’s been kind enough to let us use the poem on this poster that’s been autographed by Francis and suitable for framing.

    You'll also get all of the perks listed above.

    (~ 19.26 GBP/28.42 AUD)

    8 claimed

  • $50USD
    FIREBRACE stickers

    We all have days when we could use some specialist advice from someone who knows about the big stuff. You'll never have to look far with these stickers - they feature words of wisdom from Francis himself. You'll also get all of the perks listed above. (~ 32 GBP/49 AUD)

    16 claimed

  • $80USD
    Autographed DVD Bonus Pack

    Can’t wait to see the film? Contribute at this level and we’ll send it to you when it’s complete. The package will be autographed by Francis and Kevin and contain a bonus disc of Director's extras. NOTE: This may take many months to shoot and edit but it will be a great treat when it arrives!

    You'll also get all of the perks listed above.

    (~ 51.38 GBP/75.84 AUD)

    2 claimed

  • $100USD
    MP3 of one of Francis' stories

    Listen up, we're all about the stories here - if you can support us with $100, you'll get all of the above and get to listen to Francis telling one of the oldest stories on earth in this exclusive MP3.

    Have kids? The story will also be a great one to play the kids before bed or on a long car journey!

    You'll also get all of the perks listed above.

    (~ 64 GBP/99 AUD)

    22 claimed

  • $250USD
    Autographed story book

    "Stories from the Billabong" is a beautifully illustrated storybook co-authored by Francis and James Vance Marshall (writer of Walkabout) and was named a Smithsonian Book of the Year when it was published. Get a copy signed by them both that's sure to be a great addition to any bookshelf whether it's for your kids or your inner child. You'll also get all of the perks listed above.

    (~ 160 GBP/247 AUD)

    4 claimed

  • $500USD
    Thanks in credits & postcards

    Ever fancied seeing 'your name in lights'? Contribute at this level and we'll give you a big massive THANK YOU by listing your name in the film credits AND you'll get a set of postcards featuring artwork by Francis - and one of them will be autographed by Francis himself! You'll also get all of the perks listed above.

    (~ 321 GBP/495 AUD)

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  • $1,000USD
    1-2-1 video call with Francis

    This is a rare opportunity to get a story or advice from an Aboriginal elder! Aborigines bring their problems to elders who tell stories to help them understand and solve them. Video call Francis with your problem and he'll give you some friendly 1-2-1 advice using a relevant story for you to think about.

    This is also a great perk for SCHOOLS. We'll beam Francis directly into your classroom for a LIVE story-telling over Skype! (~ 641 GBP/989 AUD)

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  • $5,000USD
    The Big Kahuna perks!

    For the contributor that wants it all, you'll get EVERY perk listed above AND one of the following special and personal perks from Francis for you: - An original painting on canvas by Francis or - A didgeridoo hand-decorated by Francis or - An invite to an exclusive storytelling session with Francis to be held in both London and Sydney*.

    *We'll cover all costs for the story session - but you have to cover all travel and accomodation!

    (~ 3,206 GBP/4,947 AUD)

    0 claimed

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