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A visual feast fusing Circus, Ballet, Aerial, Acrobatics, Puppets and Music together to take you on a mythic adventure!
Stephen Hues
Los Angeles, California
United States
12 Team Members

FIREBIRD RISING - Workshop and Showcase!
Bringing an epic adventure to the stage, Firebird Rising is a high-octane Stravinsky musical mashup with new original Beats where spectacular Theater, awe inspiring Aerial, Ballet, Acrobatics and Circus takes us on a mythic journey of transformation. An amazing team of diverse Artists are coming together to collaborate on this beautiful show. The narrative leads us on a passionate drama where greed and desire collide in a volatile battle with nature and unconditional love overcomes all. We need your support to bring this story to life, with your generous contributions we will rise up from the ashes and take flight!

We are excited to kick off the creation of this fantastic show in Los Angeles, California. We are prepped and ready to hire our dancers and circus performers, lay out the choreography, develop the characters, rent equipment, rehearsal space, make costumes, build giant puppets and get Insurance for the safety of all of our performers. This process will allow us to develop elements of the show as we build and grow towards the full production. Following the rehearsals we will present our work in progress at the El Portal Theatre on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, as part of the Luminario Ballet Season 4. This showcase will allow us to perform, get feedback, build an audience and gain interest. We need to raise $25,000 to cover these costs, with your generous contributions we can make all of this happen. Please join us and be part of the Firebird Rising Community and bring this story to life.
Thank You!

For thousands of years the Firebird myth, folklore and symbol have continued to be part of global culture, passed along from generation to generation. Today the Firebird Rises again to bring a message of hope and rebirth.

About The Firebird Rising Team:
We are an exciting group of artist collaborating on this epic myth. Many of us have created and worked together before and our team keeps growing.
Please check us out!
For more information go to: http://www.firebirdrisingshow.com/

Also go to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thefirebirdrising?ref=hl


Artistic Director & Producer - Stephen Hues is a Director, Choreographer and Performer fascinated by world mythologies. www.stephenhues.com   or https://www.facebook.com/stephen.hues

Composer - Martin St-Pierre continues to be recognized as a front man for composing and improvised violin in the World Music, Rock, Classical and Heavy Metal communities. http://martinst-pierre.com/

Composer - Alex King-Harris aka Rara Avis is a dedicated master of his craft with over 20 years experience in live performance and music production with a core focus on where the electronic underground, yoga and dance movements collide. http://www.yogi-tunes.com/

Writer & Co-Producer - Susan McIntosh graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a major in English, then attended Columbia University’s and received her MFA degree in film. Most recently, her original series Tribe, was optioned by Stardust Visions and is currently being shopped by Evolution Entertainment. Last summer, Susan opened for Andy Dick during his residency at the Bar Fedora, downtown, Los Angeles. 

Ballet and Aerial Choreographer & Co-Producer - Judith Flex Helle is the Artistic and Managing Director of Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles. They have performed 3 successful full length repertory show seasons in LA, North Hollywood, Orange County, and Long Beach, as well as numerous guest appearances. http://www.luminarioballet.org/

Set Projections Designer - Yo Suzuki is the Artistic Director of LOVEMUSHROOM, a world renowned Los Angeles based visual design studio creating and performing live image mixing for the music industry, clubs, concerts and outdoor gatherings, as well as museums, live theater and the film industry since 1999. http://www.lovemushroom.com/

Body Mapping - Paul Ackerman is a degreed avant garde artist specializing in body mapping with backgrounds in graphic design + 2/3D Illustration + animation + video pre/post production + dance theater + lasers + multi-media + motion graphics + sculpture + painting and photography.  http://facebook.com/dansebleue

Stilt Choreographer - Starchild is the Artistic Director of Stilt Circus, a collective of highly skilled Stilt and Circus performers bringing spectacular entertainment from up high! Starchild entered the circus world at the turn of the Century when she left the music industry of 9 years, to manage a Seattle based fire performance troupe, MagmaVOX, soon after she became a performer herself. http://www.stiltcircus.com/Stilt_Circus/Welcome.html

Costume Designer: Adele Satori draws inspiration for her designs from diverse areas such as nature, anime, military styling, eras gone by and the underground cirque movement. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Atelier-Satori/87580022862

Production Design-Puppets, Daphne Vega, with a BFA in Painting and Ceramics, has pursued a career in fine and commercial art and currently owns and operates a community arts center in Los Angeles with her partner Yoni Koenig. Her recent exploration in stage design and puppetry is a direct extension of her life long passion for creating 2D/3D design.www.syruploft.com

Singer, Kate St-Pierre was the original singer for Le Reve and featured as such on the soundtrack, performed for Cirque du Soleil in Ka, and has performed all over world singing her trademark throaty belts and ethnic styles. Kate often records for legendary film trailer composer Thomas J. Bergersen of Two Steps From Hell Productions. Kate enjoys working with her husband composer Martin St-Pierre and singing with their 2 daughters.

Production Design-Graphics and Branding, Yoni Koenig specializes in bridging the gap between user experience, technology and business with over 20 years delivering successful interactive media content to the market place. http://www.yonikoenig.com/

Project Manager & Co-Producer - Chico B. is currently a Project Manager/Business Analyst in a financial firm based in Los Angeles. He is also an independent Business Strategic consultant for various production companies by day and a fire dancer by night.

Financial Adviser & Co-Producer - Linus Sora has over 15 years of experience in project management, economic feasibility, and entertainment development. He brings forth a wide variety of talents to the Firdbird Rising project. Starting with an educational background in economics as well as film school, his early career began developing layouts for the science-fiction genre magazine Cinefantastique. His extensive experience includes freelance work as an Assistant Director for independent films, as well as financial analysis for the business operations.

El Portal Theatre - Check out the beautiful theater main stage, where we will be presenting our work in progress May 31st, June 1st and June 2nd, 2013. http://www.elportaltheatre.com/mainstage.html

What have we done so far?
We have been researching the history, folklore and mythology, writing the story, exploring character movement while developing the vision of the Firebird Rising Experience. We have a Website, Facebook page, business presentation, Phase 1 budget and we are developing the full production budget.

Now, all we need is your generous support to make this beautiful project a reality.

Steps to get to the Full Production:
The launching of the show has been divided into 3 phases.

We are in Phase 1 which will allow us to start building the show through a creative workshop which brings a team of experienced artist together to collaborate on the creation of the Firebird Rising show. We will explore the various elements of the show, rehearse and present our work in progress at the El Portal Theatre. Along the way we will build our audience and get feedback, also the creation process and performances will be documented to produce the Firebird Rising Promo DVD and other materials for our PR and Investor package. Your financial support is to cover the cost of Phase 1..

Phase 2: We will continue building the show to fine tune all the elements, expand our audience, gain more interest and follow up with our contacts. We will create the PR and investor package and present excerpts to audiences and investors.

Phase 3: The execution of the full FIREBIRD RISING Experience, which includes the Firebird Rising show; bringing an epic adventure to the stage, a high-octane Stravinsky musical mashup with new original Beats, where spectacular Theater, wild Circus, awe inspiring Aerial, Ballet and Acrobatics takes us on a mythic journey of transformation. The narrative leads us on a passionate drama where greed and desire collide in a volatile battle with nature and unconditional love overcomes all.

It takes a whole community to make this happen and with your support we can bring this story to life. Your contributions will make it possible.l

Where will the money go:
The money will allow us to hire professional dancers, aerialists, stilt walkers and acrobats, pay for insurance, rent space and equipment for rehearsals, buy materials and create: costumes, props, puppets, new music and video images. It will also help pay for our showcase with the Luminario Ballet at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, 2013.

Please support our efforts to bring this Mythical story to life and receive some of our homemade, really cool Perks!! You can pledge any amount and choose your perk. See the listing of Perks!! and pictures in Gallery Tab above.

If we exceed our goal then the extra funds will be used to make FIREBIRD RISING even better. YAY!!!

Thank You!!!

Risk and challenges:
We have formed a team of experienced artists and business professionals to handle the various aspects of the show. We have a project manager and a financial advisor to keep track of the process, expenses and to minimize the impact of any issue that may arise. No projects are done without risks and challenges. We conduct meetings and maintain a close communication as we move forward.

Please Contact us at:
We check it and will get back to you!

Other ways to help:
Spread the word and make some noise, please tell everyone you know about FIREBIRD RISING!


Like us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/thefirebirdrising

Blog, Twitter and promote the Firebird Rising any way you can think of.

Everything helps!

Thank You!!!
Many Blessings,
Stephen Hues & The Entire Firebird Rising Team

“If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for.”          Alice Walker.

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64% funded
No time left
$25,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 14, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Special Thanks!!

    $10 and up, Your name will be listed under ‘Special Thanks’ on our Firebird Rising Community page, we will update our contributors names daily at www.FirebirdRisingShow.com and our deepest gratitude!!!:)

    45 claimed
  • $25USD
    Sticker & Magnet!

    Sticker and Magnet with our new beautiful logo created by Production Designer-Graphics and Branding Yoni Koenig, you will receive this perk within a month of our campaign ending or sooner if you use Paypal. And the above perk!

    74 claimed
  • $35USD
    Inspiring Yoga Music!

    You will love this, A 75 minutes downloadable mix of beautiful inspirational Yoga Music. Yogi Tunes, The Sound of Yoga, offers Yoga Music Mixes by the World's Top DJ's to an International Audience. Please visit their site at www.yogi-tunes.com

    28 claimed
  • $50USD

    52 Hearts photo book by Artistic Director Stephen Hues. Email address required for delivery, you will receive this perk within a month of our campaign ending or sooner if you use Paypal. You will also receive all of the above perks!!!:)

    34 claimed
  • $100USD
    Heart of Peace MP3!

    A 30 minute guided meditation by Los Angeles based hypnotherapist Linda Gabriel, aka The Thought Whisperer. Pause, relax, and refresh your body, mind, and spirit. To find out more about our Awesome friend Linda please visit her page http://lindagabriel.com Email address required for delivery. You will also receive all of the above perks!!!:)

    16 claimed
  • $150USD
    Firebird Rising T-Shirt!

    With our Awesome new Firebird Rising logo printed on a white T-shirt (Ladies/Men), you will receive this perk within a month of our campaign ending or sooner if you use Paypal. You will also receive all of the above perks!!!:)

    6 claimed
  • $200USD
    Firebird Rising Pendant!

    Gorgeous Handmade design by Production Designer Daphne Vega.You will receive this perk within a month of our campaign ending. You will also receive all of the above perks!!!:)

    8 claimed
  • $250USD
    A Fuzzy Wuzzy!

    An original fun-fur head cover, you can wear it several different ways, designed by Artistic Director Stephen Hues, (S,M,L) you will receive this perk within a month of our campaign ending. You will also receive all of the above perks!!!:) (see image in Gallery tab)

    11 claimed
  • $500USD
    2 Tiks for Showcase & DVD!

    2 Tickets for the Firebird Rising Showcase May 31st, June 1st or 2nd, 2013 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA and a Firebird Rising promo DVD. You will receive the DVD within six weeks after our showcase. You will also receive ALL of the above perks!!!:)

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Lunch or Dinner!!

    Get to know each other better over lunch or dinner with Artistic Director Stephen Hues, good for one year, travel and accommodation expenses not included. You will also receive ALL of the above perks!!!:)

    0 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Stilt Performer & Fire Dancer!

    Fabulous Live Entertainment for 1 1/2 hours at your private event. Good for one year, travel and accommodation expenses not included. You will also receive ALL of the above perks!!!:)

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Executive Producer Credit

    You will receive Executive Producer Credit in the program, on our website and in Press materials for the Firebird Rising Showcase at the El Portal Theatre You will also receive ALL of the above perks as well!!!:)

    0 claimed
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