Finn McCool - Celtic Ireland's Greatest Hero

For the first time in Irish history, the myths and stories of Celtic Ireland's greatest hero are being created in to a graphic novel series ...

For the first time in hundreds of years, Finn's legend is retold. Forged anew from the breath of the storyteller, but this time it's different... This time the fireside is the modern world. This time, it's in the form of a Graphic Novel. Now you have the chance to become part of that heroic quest, the journey of immortality, by remembering - The Nobility of our Irish Heroes.

Finn McCool was the legendary protector of Ireland and Chief of The Fianna, the elite bodyguard to the High Kings of Ireland. Finn and The Fianna's heroic adventures and deeds are well known within the Irish community and if you reference, Finn McCool, you will see, not only the vast amount of links to his mythology, but also the many pubs, restaurants, organizations and clubs, that celebrate his noble name. What you will not see, is the Graphic Novel of the hero, that, my friends, is about to change. 

The time has come to honour our ancient Irish heroes and in the highest way possible - by putting their fine names on the lips of true clansmen and women the world over. Part of our vision for the novel is for young men and women to read them, as well as adults, to learn more about their heritage, rites of passage and initiations into adulthood, something we feel is sadly lacking in today's world. 

The stories of Finn McCool do just that, they teach. This is part of the drive behind the graphic novel series, also to showcase the real heroes of our past, rather than the constant "Superman v Batman" overkill. This is an original project, a one off, you can be part of this fantastic journey.

We are producing of the Hardcover Original Graphic Novel, featuring the retelling of Finn’s origin. In order to hire the best writers, pencillers, inkers, colourists and letterers in the business to bring this vision to life, we need your support. Our plan is to raise the money to be able to hire top-notch creative talent from the comic and graphic novel field and to partner with an American Comic Book publisher, Archaia, in order to distribute the graphic novel to comic and bookstores across the world.  


Above we see Fiacuil, Finn's warrior mentor and the dreaded, Goll Mc Morna, the man who murders Finn's father, a conflict indeed  ...

Above is Saba Priestess of the underworld and Finn's true love. Saba first comes to Finn in the form of a white deer, cursed so by the dark lord of the underworld. Finn lifts the curse and we see here, Saba transformed back into the beautiful woman she is.

Below is the magical druid Finegas, another wise mentor of Finn's. He teaches Finn the value of the earth and the magic that she holds. Finegas also catches the fames, "Salomon of knowledge."

"You've seen the Movies 'Braveheart', 'Rob Roy', 'Highlander' and recently, the Pixar animation, 'Brave'.  All great and have one thing in common; they're Scottish. The magic, power and beauty that is Irish Story and Myth has seemingly been overlooked by Hollywood and the world, but not any longer - Irish legends and its Heroes deserve a place in our hearts with the graphic novel and up on the Big Screen.

Below we see the Boy Finn's first day of warrior initiation with his wild mentor, Fiacuil.

This ground breaking project will lead the way in the reemergence of the Irish Celtic Warrior Heroes. It will become part of your story, your history, not only for you, but for your ancestors. By honouring them, you honour the past, by honouring the past, you become the hero ...

Below we see Finn's first encounter with the magical druid, Finegas.

Together we can forge a new wave of Heroes ... and this time it's IRISH and the Greatest Irish Hero there ever was, Finn McCool

Below we see the moment that Finn is forced to face death, in more ways than one ...

     "When you are dust, how will you be remembered?"

By supporting this project you will literally create for yourself, and kin, a lasting legacy that you can feel deeply proud of. Part of what the Finn McCool stories stand for, is the mentoring and initiation of our youth. Providing young people with safe, integral and beautiful settings for them to explore their own personal power, while being mentored onto the pathway of adulthood by trustworthy mentor figures. The producer of the Finn McCool Project, supports the Irish Youth Foundation charity. The mission of IYF is to provide opportunities for children and young people facing adverse and extreme conditions to experience success in their lives. A percentage of profits made from the graphic novel of Finn McCool, will be donated to this inspiring charity based in Dublin, Ireland.

Below are seven images from Courtney Davis' art pack for this campaign. They are copies of original art from the Finn McCool's story. We are offering these as a part of perk donations. Please view listings on the right hand side of the campaign for more details.



Totally one off and unique ... Should you choose to donate to a perk that comes with a certificate of authenticity, we will do our best to get it to you by Christmas. However, we cannot guarantee the postal system, so we are offering you a downloadable certificate, with your, or the name of the person you are gifting, printed and embossed into the certificate. This will come from our dedicated website, you can then mount or frame the certificate for yourself or a receiver, after all, a part of Irish history is an incredible gift for anyone ...

The first wave of funding gets us out into the world with this incredible story, on the Graphic Novel platform. A completed Screenplay for the first film is here, part two is well underway. "A classic in the action adventure genre, and deserves serious studio consideration." But here's the thing, we don't want to just give it away to the big studios, we want to produce as much of the project as possible with the help of public funding. By doing so, we retain as much of the story's authenticity as we can. From the Graphic Novel, to the big screen. You are invited on that wild journey of creation, we want you to be a part of one of the finest stories to have ever come out of Ireland ... 


The images that you are seeing are from the talents of John Walters, known for his Stunning VFX on the latest Spartacus series for the US STARZ channel and Courtney Davis, the world's leading Celtic illustrator. Their artwork will become the imagery for the Graphic Novel. John's with the graphic page layout and Courtney's with his incredible Irish knot-work which brings in the magic of the Celtic world. Each page will carry with it Finn McCool's legend. From his true love Saba, cursed into the form of a white deer and freed by Finn from her entrapment, to Saint Patrick, in dialogue with Oisin, Finn's son, or the wild druid, Finegas and the many more characters that I'm sure you will love, and if its "World of Role Play" you're into, we have some fantastic new characters for you to dream alive.

What lifts Finn McCool's stories above the crowd?  In truth, reality. Scattered across Ireland are dozens of sacred sites that pre-date the coming of christianity and unlike the make believe world of Tolkien's, "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of The Rings" who dwell on "Middle Earth" (a place that does not exist), the sites across Ireland do.  Many of them include the stories of Finn McCool and the elite bodyguard, the Fianna, protectors of the High Kings of ancient Ireland.


   All of the funds will go towards the graphic novel's production, the artwork, writing, lettering, colouring, printing, marketing and distribution. Anything you can offer will help. In return we will offer our deepest gratitude in all kinds of unique perks. Please see the perk bar for details. *Please note: Travel and accommodation expenses are not included and postage outside of the USA must be added if you are claiming a perk that requires postage.

What's in a name? There's a very interesting fact about the hero, did you know that there's at least seven different spellings of his name? This has come about over thousands of years, the stories became legends, the legends became myths. Here's the names we know of: Finn McCool ... Fionn Mac Cum Hail ... Finn McCuail ... Fionn McCumhail ... Fyn Mc Cuail ... Fionn McCual ... Finn McCuail. Some say that his name is spelt "Fionn" but that would make it the modern spelling, others say "Finn" the old way. So, what we decided to do was to offer the hero's name so that EVERYBODY can read and pronounce it, an inclusive spelling, hence ... "Finn McCool". Now, for all of the die-hard Gaelic fan's of the hero, we will also be producing a limited edition version, with all of the names, and there are many, spelt in the ancient Irish Gaelic. If that's the copy you'd like, then please just email and let us know. You can do so via this page when you preorder your copy of the graphic novel. 

What happens if we don't reach our total goal? We will continue the project come what may by STARTING, we can still hire the artists and even begin by creating a soft copy of the stories. We want to invite you to become involved, you are our community, our tribe, we believe that you should have the chance to be a part of this exciting reemergence of the Wild Celt. We'll achieve this through the stories of Finn McCool, and the Fianna.  Finn would have wanted it that way. Real People, Real Project, Real Heart ... YOU.

                                      An old Irish saying goes:

So, com'on, let's you and I dream the Heroes alive, let's breathe anew the old, give fire to the wind, and call the gods to task. Our time is Now, we honour our past by becoming the hero, by becoming the Hero, we live the myths...

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Chris Brosnan is the Writer/Producer of the Finn McCool project. Born in the UK where he lived for 40 years, he now lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife, Karen  and their 3.7 year old son Fionn.

Chris' background is in Film and T.V. production in the UK, as well as writing and performing for the music and stage industry, not only in the UK, but around the world. This has been his passion for over 25 years. Below is a shot of Chris with his son, Fionn, named after the legendary Irish hero Finn McCool ...

Speaking of Irish mythology ... it just wouldn't be right without a real Leprechaun ...

Chris' writing credits include: "Fugitive Fathers", "Wimps To Warriors", "The Shadow Catcher", "Healers", "Gospel According to Elvis", "The Redemption of Man" and "Finn McCool - The Forging of the Fianna." Graphic novel and the feature film screenplay of the same.

"I was first introduced to the legends of Finn McCool from my Grandmother and later from traditional storytellers. His legend has fascinated, not only me, but the people of Ireland and scholars alike the world over for centuries." 

Chris started his film career working alongside the likes of Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman, in big budget feature films, learning from the best in movies such as: "Willow", "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves", "White Hunter- Black Heart", "Batman", and many, many more.

Although Chris started his career as an actor, he found that he preferred the other side of the camera. He became a writer/producer for stage in the early nineties and has also worked on productions for the BBC as well as many Independents.

The natural progression into producing is something Chris is very focussed on, and his passion and energy is on breathing life into this exiting new project.

Chris brings a wealth of experience in the industry, and an extensive book of contacts to the Finn McCool project.

If you are unable to donate, then you can still help us by spreading the word of our campaign to those around you, via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, emails to friends, contacts and importantly by using the Indiegogo share button at the very top of this page ... YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and remember that there's a blessings of magic and luck with every Irish story, so claim yours by supporting the heroes of old.

We will be updating the page as the campaign moves forward with new artwork and news, so keep in touch, send us your blessings, as we do to you ...

May you be blessed in all ways, always ...

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