Fingertip Maestro

A Mobile App that instantly gives people with little or no musical training, the ability to play, write and create their own beautiful music



My name is Mark Okoh - I write and produce music. Here's one song I worked-on (I also directed the music video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSljI2QPOuQ

A while ago, I was looking for a quick way to come-up with musical ideas for songs, but which also kept me in key, since at the time, I didn't have much musical training. Through a combination of software, some research into music-theory, and much trial and error, eventually I came-up with something. I refined this over the following months, and used it to form the basis of the Fingertip Maestro mobile app.

Working alongside a team of designers and developers, our mission is simply to give people with little or no musical training, the ability to instantly play an create their own beautiful music - cool huh!? The results you'll hear are nothing short of amazing, but more importantly, it's just plain, simple fun, and will apeal to people of all ages.

Fingertip Maestro is for musicians and non-musicians alike - they'll be a "Free" version, and a "Pro" version, (Pro version will retail at $4.99). For the novice it's a great introduction to music-making, and people who maybe already play an instrument, or sing, will find it a useful tool for generating ideas.

The first release will be for the iPad, followed a few months later by the iPhone version.


What's the The Money For?

$15,000 - design, devolopment and coding of the app (1-2 months)

$5,000 - legal fees for trademarks, interlectual property registration etc

$5,000 - marketing

Total $25,000

If we receive more than this amount we will put more money into the design and development to make sure the app is the best it can possibly be. If we receive less, we'll have to get a cheaper lawyer!


The Perks

The Perks for this campaign include the opportunity to pre-order the app, and personal msuic and messages from me. For only $25, I'll do stuff like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oxIT4hUx5Y

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Thank you in advance,


Mark Okoh - The Fingertip Maestro

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