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Fingers is a short crime drama inspired by the Biblical story of Salome and John the Baptist - reimagined in a 1960s nightclub in London's East End.
Savannah James-Bayly
United Kingdom
5 Team Members


Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and helped us reach our target! We are so grateful for your support, and are incredibly excited to shoot in just two weeks time.
There are still stretch goals to reach though! Now that we have the budget in place to ensure the project can go ahead and the basics are in place, every contribution from here on in goes towards what you'll see on screen!
There are props to source, costumes to hire and we need to make Harry's party look befitting of someone of his status! These will be crucial in establishing the world and the mood of the film!
So please, join the 300+ funders so far, and support us in the final few hours of our campaign!!! 
Thank you,
Savannah, Alex and the rest of the team


Fingers is a short crime drama based on the Biblical story of Salome and the martyrship of John the Baptist, reimagined in the murky underworld of a 1960s nightclub in London's East End. With a view to reexamining the scripture from a modern perspective - and with influences from Shakespeare to Scorsese - this is an exciting film that shines light into the darkness - and shows the consequences of making the wrong choice between good and evil... 

Fingers Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Fingers.film.35mm

The biblical origins of the film can be found in the Gospels of Matthew (14:1-12) and Mark (6:14-27). We have tended to focus on Mark's version, since he provided more detail. You can read it here:


In adapting the source material we wanted to stay rigorously true to the beats of the story - but we were also given a lot of freedom, since there was so little information available. Our biggest decision had to do with point of view. Whose story were we telling? 

The huge majority of protagonists in films, or indeed in The Bible, are male - and we wanted to challenge that orthodoxy, making Salome (who is not actually named in The Bible) our lead character, and making the key relationship of the film that between Sally (Salome) and her mother, Hen (Herodias).

In The Bible, the only thing we know about "the daughter of Herodias" is that she did a dance on Herod's birthday - and then asked for a favour on her mother's behalf. The nature of her dance is unspecified in the text, yet the traditional representations of Salome consistently paint her as a lewd, lascivious harlot - for which there is no evidence whatsoever. 

We wanted to explore the idea that, as the newly "inherited" daughter of the new King (her uncle, her father's brother!) she may not have wanted to dance at all - and in that case - certainly couldn't have anticipated where that dance might lead... Perhaps she was just a young girl, unable to escape the circumstances, the family and the institution she found herself part of - no matter how hard she tried. 

Alex did a lot of research, particularly into the historic legacy of the Kray twins, and  perhaps more surprisingly - Shakespeare’s Hamlet - whose family situation perfectly mirrors Sally's. In fact, some scholars suggest that Shakespeare was using the same source material... 


Crowdfunding is a great way for us to reach out and engage our community in the project, whilst also building an audience for what we believe is going to be a very exciting and relevant film. 


The money we raise will be spent on:

  • -       Kit hire - including camera, lights and sound equipment.
  • -       Period Costume and prop hire - because it needs to look right!
  • -       Catering - so everyone is well fed and watered on shoot days.
  • -    Travel expenses - for cast and crew to get to set.
  • -       Post production costs, like film development, processing and editing.
  • -       We will also eventually need money to submit the film to festivals, thereby reaching a  wider international audience.

Rest assured any money we make OVER our funding target will go to good use!  


Apart from the warm fuzzy feeling you will receive from making your contribution, we also have a very exciting range of perks to say thanks. These include….

  • -A digital download of the film
  • -Invites to the cast & crew screening & the wrap party.
  • -Various credits
  • - A personalised mp3 of Alex Marx narrating your favourite short story/poem/bible verse (examples can be found in the media gallery)...
  • -Themed walking tours of London
  • -And more!


We really appreciate your support. Even if you can’t personally contribute, it would be incredibly helpful if you could share this campaign with friends, family, your colleagues, your pets and anyone else you think might be interested.

You can do this via email, facebook, twitter - or however you see fit. 

Indigogo has kindly provided some really user friendly “share tools” – so please do get involved and help spread the word…

Many thanks and we hope to see you at the Premiere! 

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raised by 316 people in 1 month
108% funded
No time left
£6,500 GBP goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 2, 2014
Select a Perk
  • £5GBP

    To celebrate director Alex's birthday he's requested that instead of buying him a birthday drink, you make a small contribution to Fingers instead. Go on! Make his birthday a happy one! We'll give you a social media shout out too to show our appreciation!

    61 claimed
  • £10GBP
    Shout Out & Blog Access!

    A very grateful shout-out on Twitter. Plus access to Fox Cub Films password protected production blog, in which we let you in on all the entertaining behinds the scenes gossip, fun themed facts from our research, as well as informative articles!

    76 claimed
  • £15GBP
    Sneaky Peeky Perky!

    Get an exclusive look at the script for Fingers! Great to give you an insight into the process... Also, a very grateful shout-out on Twitter. Plus access to Fox Cub Films password protected production blog, in which we let you in on all the entertaining behinds the scenes gossip, fun themed facts from our research, as well as informative articles!

    4 claimed
  • £25GBP
    Digital Download!

    A digital download of the finished film. Plus a shout out on Twitter and access to our password protected production blog.

    28 claimed
  • £50GBP
    Personalised mp3!

    A personalised mp3 file of Alex Marx narrating your favourite short story or poem (from the bible or elsewhere). You can also direct the style/accent/genre of the narration for your personal amusement. Plus, you'll receive a digital download of the film, a social media shout-out and access to our password protected production blog.

    8 claimed
  • £80GBP
    Script analysis & feedback

    For our fellow filmmakers! For this contribution you will receive a full script report, including a plot summary and feedback on structure, characters and story. Alex's writing has won him prizes in competitions from Cascade media, as well as of course Enter the Pitch - and has received praise like: "the writing exhibits a lightness of touch and deftness of language" & as a producer Savannah has to read a lot of scripts and knows what makes them fall or fly!

    1 out of 6 claimed
  • £80GBP
    Short film budget

    Do you hate budgeting? For £80 Savannah is offering to do a preliminary budget for your short film script! She will tailor it to your specific requirements and will deliver it to you in a prettily packaged excel document! Having produced over 5 short films of varying budget levels (from £20 to £12000) she will be able to help you on whatever your project may be. Plus, she loves spreadsheets.

    3 out of 6 claimed
  • £100GBP
    Hire the essential 60s props!

    Our undying appreciation, immortalised as a THANK YOU CREDIT in the end credits of the film! We will also send you a copy of the script signed by all the cast! Plus, you'll get all the perks listed for a £50 contribution including a personalised mp3 recording of Alex Marx narrating your favourite short story (from the bible or elsewhere) and a digital download of the film.

    3 claimed
  • £150GBP
    Fingers film workshop!

    Are you a representative of a church, school, organisation or youth group? Then this is the perk for you! Fingers director Alex Marx runs regular workshops at The British Museum and in schools - and loves giving young people the opportunity to experience film making first hand. Get in touch for more details: fingers@foxcubfilms.com

    2 out of 10 claimed
  • £250GBP
    Clothe the cast!

    We want to thank you in person, at the cast & crew screening of the film in London. We'll also let you chose an item of 60s clothing from the films wardrobe! And, you'll also get all the fun perks listed for a £100 contribution. * unfortunately we can't cover your travel costs to claim the perks.

    0 claimed
  • £500GBP
    Feed the crew!!

    A contribution of this size deserves a SPECIAL THANKS in the end credits, as well as in person at the screening (with your guest). You'll also get an item of clothing from the film, and all the perks associated with a £250 contribution. PLUS - a private walking tour of London for two (from your choice of East End, Christianity and Film themed) with Savannah and Alex for company. *unfortunately we can't cover your travel costs to claim the perks.

    1 claimed
  • £1,000GBP
    Cover the processing costs!!

    As a thank you, we'd love for you and a guest to join us at the WRAP PARTY to celebrate the end of filming, which you helped bring about!* If you can't join us in person we'll get you there to celebrate on Skype! PLUS you'll get a copy of the script, signed by the entire cast and creative team, and a regular, personalised email update as to how the film is doing, as well as everything associated with a £500 contribution. * unfortunately we can't cover your travel costs to claim the perks.

    0 claimed
  • £2,500GBP
    Pay the crew!!

    Firstly, you'll have the gratitude of the entire crew! As you're such a huge part of getting this film made that you deserve nothing less than an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit, and we hope you'll join us at the cast and crew screening along with 5 guests. You also get all of the perks for a £1000 contribution. *Unfortunately we cannot cover travel costs from outside London, but we will arrange and pay for your taxis from within London to the screening and wrap party.

    0 claimed
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