A photographic newsprint of FINDS which can, in turn be found by the public.


Help fund FINDS 2 — a newsprint of found sculptural form photography which will be distributed across mapped and random locations in London and Brighton this October.



The original issue of FINDS was distributed guerilla-style during the Brighton Fringe Festival 2010 and around various locations in London, creating a social frenzy to 'find' FINDS. The images from the series depict Watts' captures of the disregarded and discarded materials on our streets, often turning them into sculptures through the photography.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, Watts hopes to self-publish the second issue of FINDS and distribute them over 100 locations in Brighton and an additional 100 in London this October. Creating a movable exhibition and online experiment - documenting the distribution points, public FINDS submissions and articles from a range of renown writers such as Benedict Burbridge and Wayne Ford.

By distributing the FINDS 2 newspaper around the two cities, it will encourage people who may not have an interest in photography to pick it up, pass it along or leave it on the bus for the next person to find.

FINDS pushes the boundaries of a considered photographic discipline whilst also creating and engaging social, participatory experience by inviting the public to actively locate the paper and also submit their own FINDS via Twitter using the hashtag #FINDS.


The funding that we need for FINDS 2 will cover the PRINT RUN, DESIGN and DISTRIBUTION.

"By donating to the project, you are helping me to disseminate art to a lot more people. I want to produce something that people can own, for free and FINDS 2 would be a fantastic opportunity to do this." - Harry


In sponsoring FINDS 2, you can become a part of the FINDS community - receiving an issue of FINDS 1, limited edition prints, your name printed in FINDS 2 and for the top level sponsor a complete set of 16 prints.


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About Harry Watts (www.harry-watts.co.uk):
Harry Watts graduated from Brighton University in 2009 with a BA in Editorial Photography. The same year, Harry was selected by Italian Vogue for a solo exhibition at the Salvatore Ferragamo flagship store in London, and has since exhibited across the UK and internationally. Harry is currently working on the series FINDS and ILLUSIONS, along with this, he assists photographers Martin Parr, Simon Roberts and Ewen Spencer.


Team on This Campaign: