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  • $10USD
    Spiritual Supporter

    The spiritual supporters are scuba divers, mothers, doctors, students, plumbers, waitresses, bus drivers, actors or presidents. People from all walks of life and profession linked simply by the desire for a living and clean Ocean resplendent with mega fauna such as sharks and Manta Rays.

    22 out of 7500 claimed

  • $20USD
    Shark Guardian

    Get your name in the credits and be a part of this project to help protect further populations of sharks in Indonesia from the massive pressure they face from localized fisheries.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    96 out of 500 claimed

  • $75USD
    Shark Style

    Proudly wear a project Tee shirt that will be developed once we get our filming underway. You will also be listed with the Shark Guardians in the credits. *Deliveries will start from the date shown.

    Estimated delivery: May 2014

    38 out of 400 claimed

  • $125USD
    Megafauna Missionary

    For those taking this perk two beautiful fine art prints of a Manta and a shark will be shipped to you. Printed on canvas, measure 25" or 63CM on the longer side. They will be shipped in a reinforced shipping tube. You will also get the project Tee shirt.

    Estimated delivery: May 2014

    22 out of 200 claimed

  • $250USD
    Ocean Spirit

    Receive an autographed copy of the final project DVD, the Manta or Shark fine art print still and a project Tee when you select this perk.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    10 out of 200 claimed

  • $500USD
    Project Wardens

    You will be personally thanked on camera during the comedic 'Making Of' featurette on the project DVD, receive a signed copy of the DVD plus a fine art canvas print of a Whaleshark in Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia and a project Tee.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    4 out of 75 claimed

  • $750USD
    Ocean Ambassadors

    This perk is aimed at commercial, educational and SCUBA industry related entities who wish to be affiliated with the project as ambassadors of the marine environment. They will receive a signed copy of the finished project DVD, the project Tee. They will also be listed and linked from a display app on the project FB page and promoted to our social following of some 140k at the time of writing.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    2 out of 50 claimed

  • $2,000USD
    Outreach Associate

    Donate $2000 and receive a guided tour of the target island in this documentary. I will personally take you through the fish market to witness the problems and introduce you to some of the people your donations are helping to change. *International flights to the start location of Bali are not included.

    Estimated delivery: November 2014

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $3,000USD
    Associate Producer

    Receive Associate Producer title on the finished film project and also receive a VIP Invitation to attend a screening at a film festival in your country or nearest country where we will be submitting the film. You also receive a copy of the DVD and project Tee. *Please contact me prior to selecting this perk.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    0 out of 4 claimed

  • $15,000USD
    Production Affiliate

    You have a production house and are looking for a joint venture? We are offering two production houses the option of receiving a full 'produced in association with' credit. This will be fully iMDB endorsed. *Please contact me prior to selecting this perk.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    0 out of 2 claimed

  • $25,000USD
    Executive Producer

    Only one slot available for this perk. Get your name in lights as the Executive Producer plus a VIP invitation to one National and one International festival screening of the finalized project. You will also receive a project Tee, a signed Bluray DVD and fine art print from the location. *Please contact me prior to selecting this perk.

    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    0 out of 1 claimed

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