Finally - A better Mouse Trap!

Easily turn a store bought trap into the World's most Quick, Easy and Safe MOUSE TRAP ever!
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Mouse Trap - Intro Picture


Finally - "A better Mouse Trap"!


My name is Brett and I love putting a clever spin on things. 

I'm glad you have taken the time to check-out my Indiegogo page... as it may save a finger or two... unless you don't care to keep all your digits.

Ever heard that saying, "You can't design a better mouse trap"?  Well, rules are meant to be broken.  You'll thank me for it!

The "Better Mouse Trap" project started a while back.  We had a small mice problem in our garage and I was in need of the standard - tride and true - mouse trap design.  

I can't tell you how much I hated setting them back then... it was like my hands were on a date with an upset hatchet. 


Priming the spring loaded jaw was super tricky everytime... as I always anticipated mating the tension bar with the cheese pedal just right. 

This seldom worked out and the trap would accidentally engage.  It was if my fear of loosing body parts actually compounded the difficulty of setting the traps... combined with the fickleness of the traditional mouse trap design.

The damn things were just plain scarry!!!


The Solution:

Upon repeated trips to the hardware store to get more traps... I kept telling my wife over, over and over again that there had to be a better way.

She exclaimed one day, "Design a better mouse trap"!

So, I sat on this perdiciment on how to solve the enfamous problem of improving a tride-and-true mouse trap design.  I found myself thinking... "Why hasn't anyone ever addressed this finger danger thing?".  I mean, it's really is hazard to prime the traps. 

With this in mind, I began to brainstorm in the car while my wife and I were passing the same hardware store where I bought the traps.  As we passed it, I looked at here and said, "How about putting a hole under the cheese pedal and using your index finger to prime the trap!".

My wife looked and me and said, "Do it!!!".

Slightly in disbelief that it would work... it took me about 2 weeks to actually try the idea.  I thought it was ridiculous that no one had tried this solution before.

And, wouldn't you know.  Wahlah... a simple solution of grand proportions was born - a 3/4" hole through the base of a standard mouse trap!

Tandem Traps

Mouse Trap - Directions



We need funding from you to place a minimum order of our Mouse Traps that includes this 3/4" hole solution!

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    Do it yourself - solution!

    Acknowledges this campaign is super cool. This perk gives you indefinite rights to use our solution by drilling a hole through any store bought standard mouse trap!

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  • $15USD
    Keep your Fingers!

    Includes: 1 trap with 3/4" hole solution.

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    Impress your friends

    Includes: 5 traps with 3/4" hole solution.

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    Mouse Trap Guru

    Includes: 15 traps with 3/4" hole solution

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    Serious mouse problem!

    Includes: 50 traps with 3/4" hole solution

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