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Fin becomes neyya
Rohildev N
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Palo Alto, California
United States
8 Team Members

Fin becomes neyya

You maybe wondering what happened to Fin Robotics ? Well the exciting news is that Fin has become something bigger, better and even more exciting.

So please welcome neyya - a brand new smart ring from an exciting new consumer electronics company.

We have taken the Fin ring and in neyya made it even more useful, even more stylish and even more fun.

So if you want to find out more about neyya, then you can find use the following places

Website - www.myneyya.com

Facebook - hopefully www.facebook.com/myneyya

Twitter - www.twitter.com/MyNeyya

Thanks once again to all our Indiegogo backers. If you were impressed by Fin, just wait until you see neyya

How Fin Makes Your Life Easier

This is how configurable Fin is! You can assign each activities of connected devices to each segments of your fingers and it can act like Hot Keys. Example: Just a tap using thumb on the Segment of the Finger to Make your Phone Silent Mode ON/OFF while phone in your pocket


Fin Going for live demo at GSMA World Mobile Congress 2014, As Rohildev, the Founder of Fin is the Youngest Conference Speaker in the event .

Fin is one of the TOP 15 Startups in the world in TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014 during CES2014 at Las Vegas.

Who Are We?

RHL Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a group of passionate individuals incubated at Startup Village, Cochin and a corporate office as Fin Robotics,Inc at Palo Alto,CA, who dream of a world where technology runs in the palm of your hand. Having a passion to change the way humans interact with technology, long hours of brainstorming led RHL Vision Technologies to come up with the Fin, A small wearable ring by which you can control your entire digital world.

We were working on Touchless Technology devices for over more than 8 months from the initial stage of the company. We had developed a couple of products called Tryara, a virtual tool where you can try out jewelry without even touching them, Ferne Player- a Blackberry store app by which you can control the music player of your smartphone touch-less. After these products we always felt some factor missing in the technology itself.and it was the interaction mode. We stood in customer shoes and found its most suitable when you can actually feel it very close to you. That's how Fin was evolved. Fin removes all the stress and strain required while interacting with touchless devices.Your palm is your control.

What Is FIN?

Fin is a tiny hardware product that you can wear on your thumb as a ring and it will make your whole palm as a gesture interface. Fin can uniquely recognize each segments of the fingers and can convert your palm into a numeric keypad. Fin is a Bluetooth enabled device that we can connect to three different digital gadgets like Smartphones, Smart TVs, Automobiles, and Home automation devices providing multiple device compatibility. Fin reads different gestures from your palm and its corresponding values control connected devices. 

 It uses smart Low Energy Technology such as Bluetooth for Communication with connected devices. 

Unique Features Of FIN 

Fin can help 285+ million visually impaired to interact with Technology 

Here is a video feedback from some blind people on how Fin can make their life better and to have that hope and light in the life.

Where Are We Now? 

Where Is The Money Going?

Fin is a rare kind of product that evolved from a technology that aims at natural human machine interaction. Fin achieves one of its goal when it goes global. To make Fin global we need your support. It not only help us find funds for manufacturing but also spreads a word to the world about our innovation to make our planet a better place to live in.

To list out what will happen to the Funds that are raised is below:

  •   Materials and Designs.
  •   Hardware manufacturing.
  •   Hardware design.
  •   Funding for materials cost.
  •   Adding more enhancements to Fin like Unique User Authentication.
  •   Assembly.
  •   Platform integration and support.
  •   Casing and packaging.
  •   And of course shipping!

After funding is complete, we will immediately invest the money to the above expenses. Updates will be sent on completion of  each stage, keeping supporters in the loop.

How Can You Support Us?

FIN is now ready to go live after our consistent hard working for over one year.

We want the Fin to be more than just a prototype, but we can't do it alone.  Your contributions will help us make Fin, a fully finished reality.

Fin is going live on Indiegogo because it’s a great way to reach out to creative developers, wearable tech pioneers, enthusiastic early adopters, and premium platforms.

We’ve come up with hundreds of ideas for applications to integrate with Fin, but we know that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible.

We want you,the developer, to propel the wearable tech movement forward by creating entire new categories of applications with Fin and complementary technologies.

We need you,wearable tech pioneers, to collaborate with us to provide consumers with an ever-increasing web of tightly integrated wearable technology products that enhance productivity, learning, and social interaction.

We want you,the early tech adopter, to use your influence as trend-setters to show the world the benefits of a smarter, interactive and more connected world.

And so we’re making available – today –for people who are passionate about wearable technology and want to help us create something special.


  • Fin should come with Water-proof: IP67.
  • Size/Fit: Flexible.
  • Battery: Li Po custom battery with micro-USB charging dock ; One charge will last for 1 week; more than one year durable.
  • Sensors: Fin can track accurate movement of your thumb on the palm also detect each part of your finger where you are touching.
  • Communication: Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0
  • Compatibility: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Windows Phones.

Use Cases

Thumb is accessible to anywhere in the palm and its more natural too. So wearing a Fin will make your palm as a touch interface that enables the people to interact with Smartphones [Dial Numbers, Attending calls, SMS, Social media, Taking Quick Notes etc.] especially for visually challenged people since they sense the world through touch.

Fin can control your smart TV, to change the channels, control sounds by mere natural finger swipes.

Fin can control your car from being your cars key to controlling your phone while driving, navigate your maps, receive calls and read messages, change music, and other car utilities just by finger swipe without even taking your hands off the steering wheel  there by not distracting yourself from driving.

A big problem in all the wearable devices is the input of Instructions. In the much-Hyped Google glass, a voice instruction and a touch pad on devices is provided, but both the input methods are cumbersome in odd situations. Integration with FIN will be ideal for these wearable, as FIN can control the device with much ease and accuracy.

For better entertainment experience FIN can serve as controllers for gaming industry.

Fin helps you access your Mobile utilities while jogging.

Share your data with a tap of your finger.

Our Prototype 

We will open up our FIN SDK for developers and there by paving a way to build an ecosystem,where people themselves will find new use cases for FIN. We have applied for the patent already, But we are not disclosing the whole technology now.

1st Prototype:

2nd Prototype: All in one

3rd Prototype ,New 3D printed prototype with All in one board inside

4th Prototype: Wear on Thumb

Fin Final Design:

FIN Editions 

FIN Dev: Features

  •  Swipe right.
  •  Swipe left.
  •  Swipe up.
  •  Swipe Down.
  •  And Finger Tap.
  •  Make your own gesture.

Fin Smart: Features

  •  Final Product
  •  Have all the features that Fin supports
  •  Unique recognition of each divisions of fingers.
  •  Support for 3 devices compatibility.



1. How FIN works?

Fin can track the movement of thumb and convert to different gestures. It can also track each part of the finger. The basic communication is happening over Bluetooth.

2. What should I add for shipping?

Simple. We're asking only:

  •   $10 for Asian Countries.
  •   $10 for US
  •   $20 for anywhere.

3. How many colors of FIN will be provided?

We will provide Vermilion Orange, Royal White, Matte Black, Liberty Blue and Persian Green.

4. What happens when the funding goal is not reached?

All backers will get the FIN whatever the case may be.

5.I forgot to add shipping! What should I do?

Please contribute the shipping amount and select no perk. We will match up your contributions.

6. I picked a perk with a color choice. How do I make my selection?

 We'll email you when it's time to ship to pick a color of your choice.

7. I have a question and need to talk to someone about my pledge.

Feel free to contact us at info@rhlvision.com. We'll do our best to respond within 3 business days.

8.Is there an app that accompanies with fin?

You will be provided with an app along with the Fin Smart version. In the app you will be having provisions to register all your finger divisions for your numeric keypad. Also there will be provisions for creating custom gesture and assigning it to various actions that needed to be performed. So basically you can create your own gesture and assign it to unlock your iOS smartphone.

9.What ‘Fin with panic emergency alert for women security and accidents’ stands for?

We got lot of a suggestion like if Fin can activate in the women security app then it would add lot of value to Fin. Right now we are planning to add a hot key feature just like the other functionalities for launching woman security app. We are planning to develop a Women Security App to integrate with Fin. In the app by single tap in Panic Emergency Alert we Intended to add 5 more emergency alert like e-mails, messages ,calls, GPS location tracking etc. at the same time.


We would like to thank every backer for any contribution and any assistance in the realization of our final goal.

Help To Get the Word Out!

Share our product FIN amongst friends and relatives in Facebook and Twitter and together we will bring FIN to life!

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This campaign ended on March 9, 2014
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  • $2USD
    FIN E-mail

    Thank you! Thank you for your support you'll be updated with FIN e-mails and early access to FIN API.

    66 claimed
  • $25USD
    FIN T-Shirts

    You're incredible! An Incredible FIN T-shirts with Premium Designed logo. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US, Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    3 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $30USD

    Trend started! You’ll get One FIN-Demo ring. A 3D printed Demo-Fin with branded logo, It serve as your trendy ornaments. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US, Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    6 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2014

    Fin Smart Version Early Bird

    Make us Smarter! You’ll get One FIN-Smart (Choice of Colors) with all the featured gestures, Unique recognition of each divisions of fingers and You can control 3 different Smart Devices with your Fin. The Smart Version retails for $120. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US and Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    497 out of 497 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $105USD
    Fin Smart Version Perk 2

    Make us Smarter! You’ll get One FIN-Smart (Choice of Colors) with all the featured gestures, Unique recognition of each divisions of fingers and You can control 3 different Smart Devices with your Fin. The Smart Version retails for $120. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US and Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    324 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    FIN Duo Pack

    An offer you can't refuse! You’ll get Two Fin Smart (Choice of Colors). The FIN Duo Pack will retail for more than $240. FREE SHIPPING! in US and $10 elsewhere.

    100 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    FIN Duo Pack

    An offer you can't refuse! You’ll get Two Fin Smart (Choice of Colors). The FIN Duo Pack will retail for more than $240. FREE SHIPPING! in US and $10 elsewhere.

    300 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $189USD
    FIN Duo Pack Perk 2

    An offer you can't refuse! You’ll get Two Fin Smart (Choice of Colors). The FIN Duo Pack will retail for more than $240. FREE SHIPPING! in US and $10 elsewhere.

    134 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $525USD
    FIN Penta Pack

    Best Look! You’ll get Five Fin Smart (Choice of Colors) And save $75. The FIN Penta-Pack will retail for $600. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US, Asian countries. $20 anywhere else. Estimated delivery: End of 2014

    13 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $1,030USD
    FIN Deca Pack

    Super Pack! You’ll get Ten Fin Smart (Choice of Colors) And save $170.The FIN Deca-Pack will retail for $1200. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US, Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    2 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $1,464USD
    FIN Combo Pack

    Get Branded! You’ll get 12 FIN Smart (Choice of Colors) +12 FIN T-Shirts. And save $276.The Fin Combo Pack will retail for $1740. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US, Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    0 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $3,050USD
    FIN Retail Pack

    Spread to the world! You’ll get 25 FIN Smart (Choice of Colors) +25 FIN T-Shirts and save $572.The Fin Retail Pack will retail for $3625. SHIPPING CHARGES $10 to US, Asian countries. $20 anywhere else.

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
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