Film Laracon

Laracon is taking place in Washington D.C. Let's film it!


Short Summary

The first gathering of Laravel artisans is taking place at the end of February but there are no plans to record the presentations. If this project kicks, I will go to Laracon and capture all the presentations from those who agree to be recorded. I will edit what I capture and upload the videos to make them freely available online.

What kind of equipment will you record with? I will bring two DSLR Cameras, a Cannon EOS 60D and a EOS Rebel T1i. One camera will be focused at the projected screen if a presentation is being projected, the other camera on the presenter. In post I will combine the two videos. 

I will also bring two tripods, a collection of lens, and two lavalier condenser mics. I hope to also take some candid video with a portable HD camera to capture some of the vibe at the convention.

Are you a professional videographer? No. Just someone who likes access to quality learning material on the subjects that interest me, and someone with enough experience and equipment to make this happen.

How did you determine the goal Amount?  Two Nights at the hotel  ~ $450. Two days of self parking at the hotel = $60. Plus Kickstarter and credit card fees ~ 10%

But the Event is Sold out, Are you sure you can get in? Yes. I have spoken to the event coordinators and they have graciously provided access to the event free of charge to lower the overall cost of this kickstarter project.

When will the video's be available? If you give $20 or more, you will have access to many of the raw videos as soon as I can upload them to a server (same day). For everyone else, I hope to be able to edit and post one new talk every day following the event.

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