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Fortify your drink to restore what alcohol takes away.
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Thank you all for contributing to the Ficks Indiegogo campaign, and helping us bring cocktail fortifiers to the world. We ended up achieving almost 150% of our original goal, are beginning production, and it's all thanks to you!

HOWEVER, you can still learn more and order on our website: Ficks


Introducing Ficks: The World's First Cocktail Fortifier

Ficks is an all natural cocktail fortifier that has been infused with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to minimize various negative effects of alcohol consumption. The functional ingredients in Ficks promote liver health and fortify your body to prevent against that dreaded morning after, while tasting just like a garnish in your traditional cocktail. Crafted in California and bottled in the Napa Valley, Ficks is a product of homegrown Silicon Valley thinking to innovate and revolutionize the cocktail industry.

We recently surpassed our initial goal which will fund our first production run of the product. The Ficks team never stops innovating and has been planning a "Flavorless" version to compliment our main lineup. This will help us to expand into the beer and wine markets without causing a flavor change to those beverages. We hope that you will help take us to the next level and become part of the Ficks family. 

The Problem

Enjoying cocktails allows us to relax with friends and make new memories. However, the effects of those cocktails can hinder your ability to perform at your best the next day. Whether you are meeting with your board or riding on your surfboard, the dreaded hangover can drag you down. To combat this we created a new way for cocktail lovers to enjoy drinks while embracing an active and busy lifestyle the next morning.

The Solution: FICKS

To provide balance, we created Ficks: the original cocktail fortifier. Ficks was formulated and designed to be an accessory for any cocktail, both at the bar and at home. We worked with Venus Research & Development, an experienced organic and natural foods lab, to formulate Ficks using all natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Our functional blend is the culmination of years of research on scientific studies related to alcohol metabolization, liver health and medical causes of hangovers. We created our custom vitamin blend with Fortitech, the same company that created the functional blend for Vitamin Water, and have worked tirelessly to perfect a way to mix the daily value of these ingredients so that it tastes amazing in any cocktail. The active ingredients in each bottle of Ficks have been carefully selected to make our cocktail fortifier effective.

Three Flavors

Each flavor of lemon, lime and ginger Ficks was designed to mix flawlessly with any cocktail. Crafting Ficks around flavor profiles that are already heavily used as garnishes and accents was the perfect way to allow mixologists to enjoy Ficks without compromising their recipes.

All Natural Ingredients

This is not one of those preservative-packed beverages other companies shove into aluminum cans or plastic shots. Ficks is all natural and uses the best ingredients available so you know you're putting a quality drink into your body. The Ficks team has spent years working tirelessly with industry veteran and natural foods guru Grace Venus, of Venus Research & Development, to formulate each of the Ficks flavors. Grace grew up in the organic food industry, and is passionate about creating great tasting products that use only natural and organic ingredients. While other companies may compromise on quality, we know compromising isn't an option when defending your body. So we made Ficks the right way. The all natural way.

"Milk thistle is a powerful herb that improves liver function by protecting it from toxins and reducing inflammation. The antioxidants in milk thistle help your liver repair and regrow." - Dr. Oz

"Dandelion is a natural diuretic that removes excess toxins and water from your body, which purifies the blood. By purifying the blood, your liver has to do less work." - Dr. Oz

"Some vitamins and herbs may help your body clear toxins, including: B Vitamins, Vitamin C...milk thistle." - Mayo Clinic

The Rewards

We are ready to bottle and ship, all we need is you! We want you to feel invested in the Ficks lifestyle, so read below to see how we want to share it with you.

The Team

Ficks came to life while the co-founders were attending college at Santa Clara University. Once our basic idea was formed we moved quickly to find professional partners in the Bay Area that could help us formulate, brand, and market the product. Through our strategic partnerships with industry veterans and many long nights debating even the smallest detail, we have reached a point where Ficks can become a reality.

International Shipping Available

International shipping is available at every perk level. Just add the amounts below to your contribution, based on how many Ficks bottles are included in your order.

***Disclaimer: Ficks & Co wants to remind customers to drink alcohol in moderation. Ficks is a non-alcoholic product. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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