Fund our suicide awareness & prevention journey across America & create a book celebrating the lives of veterans & trauma survivors fighting home-front battles
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Operation Fetch

The Service Dog Education and Assistance Foundation endorsed art and education journey 

  • "Fetch: Travels With Gander" will feature 22  interviews with the families of veterans lost to homefront battles with PTSD and trauma recovery and bridge sections containing Post Traumatic Success Stories of survivors of Trauma: war, accidents, sexual abuse…
  • Since the publication of In Dogs We Trust (a successful Indiegogo funded campaign) Gander, Service Dog and Veteran Traveler Lon Hodge have traveled 17 states  in service to veterans and trauma survivors. They have visited dozens of hospitals, community groups, and businesses advocating for veterans, trauma survivors, service dogs, and alternatives to suicide. Since the book Gander, through his Facebook page, has helped place dozens of survivors with service dogs, donated thousands of dollars worth of books to veterans and senior citizens hospitalized, and volunteered hundreds of hours of crisis help, and dozens of internet media and community seminars and workshops
  • This next book will personalize 22 of the stories of the 8,000 veterans lost to suicide annually in America. During the journey they will chronicle the Post Traumatic Successes of those who have won their battles with pain and isolation.
  • We will develop a PACK of  community members and carry out their charitable wishes: Planned Acts of Community Kindness will permit Gander and Veteran Traveler to identify survivors in short term (and legitimate) need that the PACK can easily help directly and with confidence.
  • We will publicly perform a Taps Ceremony nightly in every city we visit during which we read the names of 22 veterans lost to suicide. That is the number of veterans who are lost daily to self inflicted wounds. 

What We Need & What You Get

It is simpler this year:

  • Our needs are meager. We need the money to travel to interviews and to take care of gas, room and board during the travel. And we need a few items prior to departing: Suicide prevention and awareness brochures, PTSD and service dog literature, a simple movie capable camera, and Portable Bluetooth speakers and microphones.  
  • The perks are simpler this year ;-) We learned last year that we needed to simplify our giveaways and make them immediately accessible to supporters. This year's perks are already in stock and will be mailed immediately after the campaign ends. We have also added in postage costs. 
  • All Tees, In Dogs We Trust Books, Coins and Coffee will be sent immediately. 

The Impact

We hope to spread hope, educate the general public and lower the suicide rate among veterans and others through education and greater awareness. One of the biggest challenges facing PTSD and trauma sufferers is the stigmas still attached to them. Only by being more openly public can we overcome that….

  •  Over 300 people have emailed or messaged us this year to say that Gander has helped them in some way. We feel compelled to continue the journey
  •  This is our 3rd Indigogo campaign in 3 years. We learn more each time….
  •  There but for the grace of God and Gander go I… I hope we can, in our small way, make a difference. 
  • Here is the best of the many interviews we did this year: Gander, Service Dog
  • Here is a fantastic article by Rick Kambic that made the front page of the Lake County Tribune: Chicago Article

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Share our updates on our Facebook wall at 
  • Invite us to come to your town ( veterantraveler at )
  • Help us identify families to interview. Please use the address above 
  • Just be a positive member of our community there…
  • Read our blog at 

And that’s all there is to it.

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    Monthly updates about the trip via newsletter. Extras that will not be shared on our blog or Facebook Wall.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $20USD
    EBook and Newsletter

    A e-version of Fetch when it is published in November (and a discount on the print edition)

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    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $40USD
    Tee, ebook and coin

    A Fetch Tee (specify size), a challenge coin, the newsletter and an eversion of the book Fetch

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    Fetch Sponsor

    Limited Edition, signed and pawtographed version of In Dogs We Trust (these are the very last of the special editions), the newsletter and an ecopy of FETCH: Travels with Gander and a Veteran Traveler Challenge Coin. Postage Included….

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    Fetch Pack Member

    A Fetch Teeshirt with "PACK Member" below the logo, the monthly newsletter and an ecopy of FETCH: Travels With Gander and a Veteran Traveler Challenge Coin, In dogs we Trust Limited edition paperback. Postage Included….

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    Fetch PACK Top Dog

    A pound of Gander's Choice Coffee, ecopy of the book, Tee Shirt (Specify Size) the newsletter and a Challenge Coin….Postage Included

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  • $75USD
    Fetch PACK Top Dog

    A pound of Gander's Choice Coffee, ecopy of the book, Tee Shirt (Specify Size) the newsletter and a Challenge Coin….Postage Included

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  • $100USD
    Gander's Select PACK Leader

    Two pounds of premium "Gander's Choice" Coffee (Columbian Guatemalan blend), A FETCH teeshirt, a limited edition Veteran Traveler challenge coin, the newsletter, and an ecopy of Fetch when it is published. Postage Included…

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  • $200USD
    Service Dog Handler

    All of the above and your name as a benefactor in the back of Fetch

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