Feed The Gods is the new film from @BradenCroft director of the critical hit @hemorrhagemovie brought to you by the team @randombench.
Braden Croft
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Having already raised the money to make the movie we're now looking to make FEED THE GODS even cooler. 

That's where you come in.

But first, let's start at the beginning...

My name is Braden Croft and I'm the writer/director of Hemorrhage (Check it out on one of these VOD formats! http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/67273/psychological-horror-begins-hemorrhage ). Here's a link for Comcast Xfinity! (http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Hemorrhage/8392544909852039112/movies#filter=online)

Now I've thrown so many sh*t ideas at my wall it looks like an Irish prison. This is also known as 'brainstorming', or as my father likes to say, 'a-flood-of-hot-sh*t-to-the-brain.



Then, lying somewhere in my freshly painted room, I found it... my next film...





FEED THE GODS is about WILL GUSTAFSON, a determined yet hopelessly inept filmmaker, and his quest to find Bigfoot in a town that's all too hungry for tourists.

Raised in a foster home, Will and his adopted brother, KRIS, inherit a box of videotapes showcasing Kris' long lost mother and father... as well as a suspicious town fixated on a Bigfoot-like creature.

Will agrees to help Kris search for his parents while secretly hunting the elusive beast. Soon the town's insidious past emerges and the boys find exactly what they're looking for...

Why a Bigfoot film?

Besides being centered around North America's favorite cryptid, FEED THE GODS is about family, finding what's important to you and the bloody laughs along the way.

It doesn`t take much to understand why a horror fan would make a horror film and Bigfoot is one of the legendary monsters never to get due treatment on the big screen - it`s either bottom of the barrel or it`s for kids. We`re going to do it right.

Horror. Blood. Laughs.

Why Indiegogo?

After the success of Hemorrhage we knew the next project had to be a step up. 

This time we were going to have a professional TEAM! This time we were going to have utensils for our CHILI! 

In short, we made Hemorrhage for nothing and walked away with a great little film. Now we're raising the stakes and loading our barrels with buckshot. The reasons we're using Indiegogo to help produce our film is because:

1. We're building the team.

Hell yeah, we are. The greatest part of making a film is finding people just like you. We love the same movies. We love the same actors. We love genre films.

Indiegogo gives us a voice to find other horror/comedy fans alike to produce our own kickass movies. We're only interested in making films we want to see, and be damned if we aren't going to make 'em!


2. Control

Upon shopping the script around town, a producer asked, "Can the Bigfoot be a vampire?"


No. The Bigfoot cannot be a vampire.

Suffice it to say, FEED THE GODS is being made ONE way. The RIGHT way. OUR way.


FEED THE GODS is a low-budget film, and even low-budget films need a budget. Here's where your money is going:


  • They got mouths and they need to be fed. Make our experience a pleasant one by feeding our troops.
  • We got some of the best talent around, but under the micro-budget union agreement we have to pay a minimum of $100 dollars a day per actor. It sounds like a small amount but it's a cost nonetheless.


  • Camera, lens kit, sound equipment, the list goes on! Lucky for us we have friends in the industry that will not only lend us their time, but also their equipment. Help us help our professionals by giving them the tools they need.

- SPFX -

Associate Producer and Ravenous EFX owner, Travis Shewchuk, has contributed  his amazing talents for free with only material costs on the bill. Help us cover those costs and get the monsters and the blood on the screen! After all, how are giant bear traps supposed to decapitate people when they're made out of paper mache?


  • Often overlooked in independent films, proper wardrobe, set decoration, set design and props will be on our do-it-right-on-the-tight budget list! 




Your Impact On The Film

With your help FEED THE GODS will be given life and everyone involved will have contributed to the big picture - MAKING A GREAT HORROR/COMEDY FILM.

FEED THE GODS has already begun funding and your contribution will be the icing on the blood filled cake. WHETHER WE REACH OUR INDIEGOGOAL OR NOT, FEED THE GODS WILL BE MADE! Any and all contributions will benefit the end product of FEED THE GODS. Join the team and make your mark in independent horror films!



You deserve benefits for supporting FEED THE GODS. Here's a few to choose from.

  • Twitter and Facebook props - a public special thanks for your contribution.
  • Digital poster download.
  • Digital download of the film.
  • Hardcopy of the film. Your choice of DVD or BLURAY.
  • Behind the scenes footage.
  • FEED THE GODS t-shirt.
  • Nat Jones signed concept art for FEED THE GODS.
  • Life sized Bigfoot foot casting.
  • A mini-Bigfoot bust used in the official design of the beast.
  • Special Thanks credit in the film's end credits.
  • Your face in end credit reel. Video or photo - your choice!
  • Be a featured extra in FEED THE GODS.
  • Bigfoot suits. All suits offered are seen onscreen in FEED THE GODS.
  • Have dinner with our producers, Random Bench, and pitch your ideas to them! (Optional: invite up to 4 of your friends for the meal.)
  • Be in FEED THE GODS! You will have a speaking role with a line or two.
  • Custom Bigfoot suit. Send us your measurements, we'll send you a suit!

Want something specific in a perk? Here are individual item requests we'll be happy to offer:

  • T-shirt $50
  • Nat Jones Signed Concept Art $70
  • Bigfoot Foot Cast $100
  • Bigfoot Mini-Bust $175

T-shrits! Choose from yellow, blue, white and black! WOMEN'S AND MEN'S FIT!

Here's the mini-Bigfoot bust (that's up for grabs in our perks!) and a monster mold in the early stages of development!


We're looking to add more items to the PERKS list in the future, including:

  • Signed shooting scripts.
  • Signed actor headshots.
  • Production design artwork.
  • On-screen props.
  • Exclusive festival premiere admission passes.



No money? No problem. Help us out and share the good word on twitter, facebook and even that thing our forefather's did - WORD OF MOUTH.

Add/Follow us, SHARE US WITH YOUR FRIEND and we'll return the favor!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FeedTheGodsFilm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FeedTheGodsFilm



- CAST -


Quickly making a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s young leading men, Shawn Roberts starred as ‘Albert Wesker’ in “Resident Evil: Afterlife” and “Resident Evil: Retribution” for Sony Screen Gems. Roberts also co-starred opposite Mel Gibson in “Edge of Darkness” for Warner Brothers directed by Martin Campbell.

Roberts recently starred in the Canadian film “A Little Bit Zombie” and in “The Last Ride of Wyatt Earp” with Val Kilmer. In addition, Roberts has starred in The Weinstein Company’s “George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead” and in Lionsgate Films’ "Skinwalkers.” Other film credits include: “I Love You, Beth Cooper” for director Chris Columbus and 20th Century Fox, "Land of the Dead" directed by George A. Romero for Universal Pictures, "X Men" directed by Bryan Singer for Twentieth Century Fox, and the successful Canadian teen comedy "Going the Distance.”

Roberts was raised in Ontario, Canada and began acting professionally at age 12 when he landed a lead role on the CBC series "Emily of New Moon" which was produced by Academy Award winning producer Michael Donovan. Following the completion of the show's successful run, Roberts has worked continuously in film and television.

Roberts splits his time between Los Angeles and Canada.



Emily Tennant was born in Vancouver and grew up in the suburbs. In 2000, she played her first role in the romantic comedy film Personally Yours. After that, she could be seen in some minor roles in TV series and films. In 2004, she played in the comedy horror series Kingdom Hospital, also starring in the 2009 thriller Zombie Punch. She won a Leo Award in the category Best Performance by a Female in a Short Drama for Valentines in 2009. Since 2011, Tennant has played a main role on the Canadian teen sitcom Mr. Young.


Brittney Irvin was born on November 10th, 1984 in Vancouver, BC Canada. She began dancing ballet when she was 6 years old and shortly after started taking music more seriously and began singing in festivals. She decided she wanted to start acting too. When she turned ten she claimed roles on two musicals, "Show Boat" and "A Christmas Carol". Shortly thereafter she did voice work in the television series "Nilus the Sandman". She also did several commercials in between. 

Not too long after these accomplishments, Brittney starred in two TV movies in 1996, Panic in the Skies! (1996) (TV) and Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue (1996). Before landing a her two-year role on the 1998-99 series "Little Men" (1998), Brittney did guest roles on shows such as "Sleepwalkers", "Night Man", and "The Outer Limits". After a guest role on "Stargate SG-1", Brittney made the TV movie Angels in the Infield (2000) (TV).

 After this, Brittney's career has taken off, having done many other TV movies and guest appearances since then. Brittney is also an accomplished singer and voice-over artist (she's done countless voice-overs for many TV series including "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and "Madeline").


Aleks Paunovic was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. June 29th 1969. He started his professional acting career while partaking in his other two passions, boxing and music. Aleks was playing in a rock band and while on stage he got asked to audition for the HBO movie Heads. After getting his first job, on his first audition, the acting bug bit him... hard! Aleks then started to write a Sci Fi series with a good friend that lived in Vancouver. After garnering some attention in Hollywood, he dropped everything in Winnipeg and moved to Vancouver to pursue not only a writing career, but diving right into his new passion of acting.

Aleks Paunovic is seen in numerous highly acclaimed science fiction TV shows like Battlestar Gallactica, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Smallville and Eureka. His favorite part was the role of Sergeant Omar Fischer in Battlestar Gallactica because not only is his best friend Tahmoh Penikett on the show, but also a he got to play a role where he could utilize his boxing experience for his character, and be the boxing coordinator on few episodes. He was the Canadian amateur boxing champion after all!

This year we can see him starring in Personal Effects alongside Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfieffer, and Kathy Bates, in one of the most challenging roles he's ever done. His character is a developmentally disabled man that's put on trial for the murder of Ashton Kutcher character's sister. Aleks had to put on 65 pounds of 'pizza and ice cream' for this role!


Lane Edwards was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and Victoria, BC. He was raised in a household where his father was a respected Southern Gospel recording artist, and this in turn helped spark an early passion for music and the performing arts.

Lane spent the first part of his adult life working as a Youth Worker with inner- city youth both in Calgary and Vancouver. After a move to New York City, however, he was bitten by the acting bug and with the help of his brother Randal Edwards, found his way back to Vancouver where he began training with Ty Olsson, Bruce Clayton, and his current coach and mentor Andrew McllRoy.

Getting a relatively 'late' start in his acting career made for an uphill battle. Lane's focus and determination helped land him roles in recognizable projects such as "Arrow", The Killing", "Secret Circle", "Supernatural" "Fringe" and "Motive" to name a few. His favorite, and most challenging role to date was the role of "Eric" in the independent feature "Everything and Everyone" which screened at various film festivals around North America.

Lane is currently represented by Play Management and calls Vancouver home.



Tara Wilson (born February 25, 1982) is a Canadian actress. She starred in minor roles in films like The Butterfly Effect and Everything's Gone Green and had guest appearances in TV series like The L Word, Smallville, and Supernatural.


Jonathan Alexander has been acting professionally for 19 (soon to be 20) years, since his first role when he was just 5 years old and has not stopped since. Jonathan has appeared in Australian TV shows ‘Home & Away’ and ‘All Saints’ and has many other Theatre, TV and Film credits under his belt. Having studied at places such as The Drama Studio in Wollongong, National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), he has managed to develop an accumulated set of skills in all mediums of Performing Arts. Now making waves in not only acting but with projects that he has written and also producing, Jonathan is definitely someone to keep your eye on.


One of Vancouver's top actors for 30 years, Christine has extensive experience in TV, stage and film. In 2008, she was nominated for a Leo award for her work as "Gladys the DMV Demon" in CW's hit comedy, "Reaper" (2007). She is internationally known as "Delores Herbig" in the Emmy-nominated TV series, "Dead Like Me" (2003). She appeared on the big screen in March, 2011 as "Madame Lazar" in Catherine Hardwicke's production of Red Riding Hood (2011) - the first studio picture to be directed by a woman, shot by a woman and starring a woman (Amanda Seyfried). She has won three Jessie Richardson theatre awards for excellence, and both produced and starred in Yasmina Reza's "The Unexpected Man", one of 2006's Top Ten in Vancouver. Recently, she has expanded her practice to include acting/coaching on such productions as "Bionic Woman" (2007) and Charlie St. Cloud (2010). Christine serves on the Executive Board of UBCP/ACTRA. She was elected national councilor by her peers in the fall of 2008, and is a fiery champion of women in the performing arts. Encouraged by her sisters at the National table, Christine became chair of the National Women's Committee in February, 2010. She has two great children, and is proud to call the West Coast of Canada home.


Erica was born in the back of an ambulance. After retiring from her career as an Irish Dancer at the age of 12, Erica turned to acting, quickly getting credits on “Smallville”, “Battlestar Galactica” and “Saving Milly”. Erica won a Sacramento Film Festival award and was nominated for a Leo award for her performance in “When Jesse Was Born”. 



Braden Croft

After graduating from Vancouver Film School, Braden worked a myriad of low-level, soul-crushing film (and non-film) related jobs ranging from American Apparel t-shirt roller to editor on reality television show pilots. Hemorrhage, Braden's debut feature film, premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in 2012 where it was acquired by Phase 4 Films.



Liz Levine

Liz Levine is co-founder and partner in Random Bench Productions.  Liz served as director of development at No Equal Entertainment and executive director of development for Brightlight Pictures. She has produced numerous award-winning shorts.  She was with new media producer on the CBC television series JPOD and has produced a number of features including Gemini winning CAMP HOLLYWOOD as well as HEMORRHAGE and the multi award winning, TOAD ROAD (opening in theatres Fall 2013). 




Adrian Salpeter

Adrian Salpeter is co-founder and partner in Random Bench Productions with over ten years experience in film/television/trans-media development, production and marketing. He has worked with leading producers, writers and directors on film & television productions including X-MEN II, I ROBOT,  MASTERS OF HORROR, MEN IN TREES, THE L-WORD and HOUSE M.D., among others. 

In 2013 Random Bench releases Salpeter’s second and third produced feature films HEMORRHAGE (Phase 4 Films) and TOAD ROAD (Artsploitation Films).




Danielle Stott-Roy

Danielle was introduced to producing through her love of directing theatre. Her credits in that field include the award winning Under the Skin (CanWest Playfest), the critically acclaimed Some One Who'll Watch Over Me (TFT), Romeo and Juliet (MSYouthTh),  and Midsummer Nights Dream (DWWV). Her work in set design, lighting design, directing and playwriting has garnered her awards from the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Kaleidoscope Theatre, Mainstage, Peae River Zone Theatre Festival, CanWest Play Fest and TheatreBC. 

Since forming Triumph Street Productions with Robin Nielsen, Danielle's producing and casting work can be seen in many indie films and webseries that have shot in Vancouver. She currently works with Vancouver Film School and Capilano University to teach directing stream students how to understand the actor’s craft. She is also one half of the photography team at Triumph Street Photography and teaches acting for film, tv and theatre.



Robin Nielsen

Robin trained at the renowned Playhouse West and has worked on film, TV and theatre in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. His credits include “The Movie Out Here”, “Rise of the Apes” and “Helen”, which premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in 2009. Robin is a known as a warm, kind acting coach and works with Vancouver Film School and Capilano University to teach directing stream students how to work with and understand actors.

Behind the camera, Robin and his producing partner Danielle Stott-Roy run Triumph Street Productions and Triumph Street Photography and teach an acting class called The Practical Set Workout.



Travis Shewchuk

Established in 2005, Travis Shewchuk is the owner of Ravenous EFX, a special effects studio based out of Alberta, Canada. Starting with an MGM licensed Stargate SG-1 collectible franchise line, Travis soon diversified into film, television and musical acts. Specializing in effects, props and costume fabrication, Travis' latest work can be seen on the 2013 Rob Zombie tour and feature film, Feed The Gods. You haven't seen Bigfoot until you've seen Travis' Bigfoot.



Nat Jones





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    Field Mouse

    FACEBOOK and TWITTER We'll add you to our Twitter and email list with updates on the film! We`ll also give you shout-outs on Facebook with your name on the `Thank You`page!

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    Garden Snake

    FEATURE FILM POSTER We`ll give you an original Feed The Gods Poster! Download only. Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk

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    T-SHIRT AND EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES We'll send you a cast and crew, Feed The Gods, T-shirt as well as exclusive behind the scenes content! Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk

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    Greyhound Champion

    NAT JONES 'FEED THE GODS' CONCEPT ART We'll send you exclusive concept art for Feed The Gods, created by comic legend, Nat Jones. Signed and numbered. Check out his work at http://www.natjones.com/ ! Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow

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    Show Stallion

    BIGFOOT FOOT CASTING Ravenous EFX will send you a Limited Edition foot casting from the mold of the Bigfoot's iconic foot! Numbered and signed. Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk

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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    MINI-BIGFOOT BUST Ravenous EFX will send you a Limited Edition bust used in designing the Bigfoot monster in Feed The Gods. Numbered and signed. Also Includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk - Show Stallion Perk

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    Promiscuous Panda

    ON-SCREEN CREDIT Put your stamp on the film forever with your name under SPECIAL THANKS in the rolling credits after the film! Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk - Show Stallion Perk - Cristiano Ronaldo Perk

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    Face Skin

    YOUR FACE IN THE CREDITS We'll post a few seconds of you (photo or video) in the rolling credits! Multiple people may participate as long as it's in a single video/photo! Your face will be seen EVERYWHERE "Feed The Gods" is screened (Festivals, Television, Online, DVD, Etc) Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk - Show Stallion Perk - Cristiano Ronaldo Perk - Promiscuous Panda Perk

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    Run For Your Life! (On Set)

    BE A FEATURED EXTRA 5 available spots to be a walk-on background actor in FEED THE GODS.

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    Bigfoot Baby

    LIFE-SIZE BIGFOOT BABY Made for onscreen performance - get yourself the creepy offspring of the beast! Ultra-exclusive! Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk - Show Stallion Perk - Cristiano Ronaldo Perk - Promiscuous Panda Perk - Face Skin Perk

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    From Script to Screen & Beyond

    DINNER WITH RANDOM BENCH (YOU + UP TO 4 FRIENDS) Invite 4 of your friends and have dinner with the talented duo Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter, producers of FEED THE GODS. You have their full attention; bring your questions, your scripts, or what have you. Dinner's on them! http://www.randombench.com/who-we-are/

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    Bigfoot's Co-star

    BE IN FEED THE GODS! Your chance to be IN the movie! You will have a speaking role with a line or two.

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  • $3,250USD
    Hairless Yeti

    ON-SCREEN BIGFOOT SUITS Get yourself the ORIGINAL suits seen on-screen in Feed The Gods. Head, feet, hands and body all created by RavenousFX. This is the real deal. Fits range roughly between 5'10 to 6'4. Use for personal use or display. Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk - Show Stallion Perk - Cristiano Ronaldo Perk - Promiscuous Panda Perk - Face Skin Perk

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  • $5,000USD
    Albino Unicorn

    CUSTOM TAILORED BIGFOOT SUIT Ravenous EFX is going to take your measurements and make you a custom fit Bigfoot suit! Also includes: - Field Mouse Perk - Garden Snake Perk - Alley Cat Perk - House Dog Perk - Dairy Cow Perk - Greyhound Champion Perk - Show Stallion Perk - Cristiano Ronaldo Perk - Promiscuous Panda Perk - Face Skin Perk

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