Father's Day?

Father's Day...Just another Mother's day to me.

Our Story

Dear Diary Productions is a film production company founded by Ashley Shante, who felt it wasn’t enough to wait on her next acting gig.  Two years ago, Ashley was given a book entitled, "What Ever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girls?", by Jonnetta Rosa Barras. “The book changed my life,” she says.  It talks about the emotional experience of growing up fatherless. She began to do her own soul searching, and began to write of her own personal issues, what would be the first produced, short film for the company, titled “Father’s Day?”.  The film is about a girls discovery of having an absent father and the affects that has on her as she matures into a young adult. The film is not an autobiography.  However, it is closely based on Ashley’s emotional experience of growing up fatherless.


Our mission is simple:  To shed light on social issues that affect the hearts of everyday people. 


Ashley decided to start creating and developing story ideas that are dear to her heart. She says, "Your diary is the one place, you are totally honest about the way you feel. There is no right or wrong, because it’s your story, your truth, your passion."


Ashley paired with close friend and actress, Squeaky Moore who shares a similar, yet different experience of growing up fatherless.  Together, there passion for the subject matter is what is fueling them to co-producer this film, “Father’s Day”. Ashley is thankful for her close nit relationship with Squeaky . "We both admire each others crafts, passions, and hard work ethic," they agree, and together have created a powerful creative force. Both are dedicated to making a mark on the world of storytelling, mostly through conscious film-making.  Ashley states, "She is not totally sure what the future holds, but for sure it’s greatness!"

Our Objective

 To bring global awareness to the deeply rooted issues of fatherlessness by creating this film.We want to to bring truth to what the media has decorated.  To shed light on what has unfortunately become the norm, especially in ethnic communities.  To start a force to break the cycle of fatherlessness.  In order to do this, we need to raise money for our film "Father's Day?".



According to 2009 U.S. Census Bureau data, over 24 million children live apart from their
biological fathers.
• That is 1 out of every 3 (33%) children in America.
• 1 in 4 (25%) white children live in father-absent homes. In 1960, only 11% of children
lived in father-absent homes.
• One in three (34%) Hispanic children.
Nearly 2 in 3 (64%) African American children live in father-absent homes.


Synopsis of the Film

FATHER'S DAY tells the story of Cori Lewis, a young woman whose father walks out on her and her mother as a child. Years later, as a Psychology major in college, Cori is challenged by her Psychology professor to write her final paper on her relationship with her father. With this unfathomable task, Cori is forced to confront her mother about the elephant in the room, her absent father.


    Your MISSION: To Help!


Father’s Day goes into production Summer 2011 and will shoot over the course of 3 to 4 days. Upon completion, it will be submitted to various festivals around the world.

In order to make this happen, WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is an independent project where funds are raised independently and through the good of people's hearts. Everyone working on this film is doing so voluntarily and will not reap monetary gain. Monies will go toward production costs (equipment, insurance, set design, craft services for crew, etc...), post-production costs (editing, sound, video, dvd production, etc...), marketing (promotional efforts such as posters, etc...), and festival submission fees (it costs money to submit to festivals).


This film will be shot, so no fear! We want to create the best product possible - and to insure quality and increased exposure - that's where your help comes in. Everyone who contributes to the film is part of the team, for we can't do it without you!  In return for your generosity, we'd like to reward you with tokens of our appreciation. There are different levels of donation (i.e. $10, $25, $50 and so on) and with each one comes unique 'perks' (like personal thank you's, posters, dvds, screening invites, and much more)! Check them out on the right side of our page and become a 'Special Agent' today!

Anything helps in this journey! I know times are hard for all of us, but if everyone donates even a few dollars - just think how much that adds up! Also, for those of you who may own businesses, I'd love to spotlight your company/services on our page in return. Another way you can help? DIWO!


DIWO = 'Do It With Others'. Spread the word about Father’s Day and help make noise about this campaign. Simply 'share' this page via email, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace - smoke signal, bat signal - whatever! With just a click of a button, the 'Share' tools on our page make it easy to do.


The purpose of this project is to shine a light on the huge issue of fatherless children/adults. We also want to showcase (directing, cinematography, writing, acting) and set the stage for bigger and better projects in the future. On a more personal note, we want to encourage and motivate others to follow their hearts & dreams!




Roz Coleman (Frankie& Alice), Justin A. Davis (Boardwalk Empire), Lawrence Saint Victor (Guiding Light), Damion Omar Lee, Nicole Gant, Timothy Olin, John Cannon, Sharri Jones, Ilana Sedaka, Anaya Davidson, Taina Stuart, Squeaky Moore, & Ashley Shante', Osas Ighodaro, Sam Amuti, Justice Stuart, Janaya Blassingame



Director of Photography: Jay Espinal- www.jayespinal.com/

Sound Engineer: Parker Colt

Production Assistant: Chris Essey, Kelly Weidenfeld

Wardrobe Stylist: Stacey Jordan

Makeup Artists: Monique Albritton & Malaika Thomas


This is so much more than a film, it's a global issue!! It effects our children, especially African American children. The percentage is unfortunately rising. Let's not continue to ignore the elephant in the room; because fatherlessness has become the norm, does not, by any means, make it right. A father to a child is a necessity, not a priviledge.  Don't think for one second you can't make a difference. It starts now!! Thank You in advance.



Ashley Shante & Squeaky Moore


Team on This Campaign: