Far From The Altar: Full Length Film

A love story full of deception and betrayal that leaves a lost child in search of a father he never really knew. With your help I will bring this story to life!


I need your help to shoot my first full length film.

I am setting a goal of $15,000. This is the absolute minimum that I need to shoot my film. I could use a lot more to make it easier but with $15,000 I know that I can complete a great product.

These funds will go to travel, equipment, advertising, crew, permits, props, etc.

I can promise you that every cent will be spent wisely.

Short Movie Summary

Kerri Robbins , a recent college graduate, is in love with an older divorced man (Joseph) but she has to keep their relationship a secret because her mother (Catherine) and father (Bernard), who is a Bishop of a church, does not approve of the relationship. Kerri ends up having a child (Elijah) out of wedlock and moves away with another man. As Elijah enters college he begins to go down a path of destruction while in search of his biological father. Where they both end up is a total shocker!

The Impact

There's no way that I can do this without your assistance. I am probably one of the most driven people that you will ever meet in life. Anytime that I say I'm going to do something, I make every effort to do it.

This film creates opportunities for people. Not only will one of my biggest dreams come true, but I will give actors/actresses the opportunity to grow in their careers. This movie will allow people to work and this film will speak to people and encourage them to always keep their faith no matter what obstacle they encounter

Other Ways You Can Help

Help me spread the word! Email everyone that you have in contacts and send them the link to my campaign.

If you have a twitter account, Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! You can also follow my personal page at www.twitter.com/mrjohnduncan

If you are on Facebook, Share! Share! Share! You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/farfromthealtarmovie

Word of mouth! The best way to share information is always word of mouth. If you're having company over, if you're at lunch with a co-worker, if you're at your child's little league sports game, wherever you are be sure to think of me and my campaign.

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