Fanado Goes Mobile

Fanado: (n) fan.ad.o /fe’nado/: a person who is totally into and wildly knowledgeable about great artists of any and all kinds.


Congratulations and thank you to all our contributors.

We are particularly thrilled with the success of “Own Your Own Channel,” the sold-out “Meet Paul Coehlo on Fanado” and the many VIP memberships claimed – all of which prove the future value of Fanado to artists and fans, content creators, distributors and promoters.

“Fanado Goes Mobile” is not done, though, and every extra dollar raised will go directly to programming enhancements that all of you will enjoy.

So, with two days left, please continue to share our campaign. And take a special look at:

   -       one remaining “Become a Margaret Atwood Character”

   -       two remaining “Backstage Passes to 8mm at the Roxy”

   -       the handcrafted, exclusive edition, signed and numbered, sneak peek at    Margaret Atwood’s forthcoming “Maddaddam”

We can’t wait for the virtual party, and don’t forget that ten of you who make the most referrals in our final days will get to meet Margaret and the team on Fanado!



Los Angeles band 8mm, with the “sultry and seductive vocals” of Juliette Beavan combined with Grammy nominated producer Sean Beavan on guitar, have mounted a crowdfunding campaign to finance a U.S. tour and this is what they have to say about us:

 “The folks at Fanado gave us a little peek into what they are up to over there and we fell in LOVE. We think you will too so we decided to take Fanado on the road with us this Fall. We're so excited that we've partnered with them to add this new perk.”

Take a look at the new perk: 8mm BACKSTAGE PASS - only 6 are available... 3 on their campaign at http://tinyurl.com/c6muca5 and 3 here on ours. When ours sell out look for theirs and, while you’re over there, check out their story and other cool stuff.

With help from friends like 8mm we can meet our goal this week AND put Fanado on the road.



July 21st, 2012

We're almost there! We have only 7 days to meet our goal and if we don't, we lose everything! We're so grateful to our 323 funders for their contributions and messages of support, and now we need you to spread the word so we can put that support to work.

We need you to tell all your friends, share our campaign via social media, email, and even that age-old method, of word-of-mouth.

And here's the reward! If we make it across the finish line (and beyond - every extra $ will go to more coding that makes Fanado better) - WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A PARTY - ON FANADO!

Every contributor to our campaign will be invited to a Fanado event, where our entire team will thank you live, online.

AND HERE'S THE INCENTIVE: The 10 funders who make the most referrals in the last 7 days of our campaign will be invited "Backstage" at the party, to meet Margaret and the team one-on-one and get a one-time-only personalized Fanado/Indiegogo Thank you memento eCard that you can keep forever.

Let's have that party together! Share the link. Make another contribution. Tell everyone you know (and make new friends by inviting them to the party).

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to thanking you "in person,"

Margaret and the Fanado Team.


Fanado is Flying!

July 5th, 2012

At the halfway mark – four weeks in and two weeks left, we are well more than halfway, with the help of over 260 funders! Thanks to all our supporters who purchased a Perk – WattFan Comix, The Byliner Bundle, ZombiesRun Chat, Fanado T-shirts, VIP Memberships, and more. Please note the addition of an opportunity to meet PAULO COELHO IN PERSON as well as the new cap on the limited print run of BEARLIFT - now even more rare!

We congratulate and welcome these new partners who will now own Fanado channels for the coming year - producing events, presenting artists, connecting creators and audiences. We have room for only nine more at this price; after August 1st the price of a Fanado Channel will go up! So these digital pioneers will be the first to discover how personal, how memorable and how far-reaching a Fanado experience can be:

House of Anansi – Adventurous quality publishers, willing to experiment (and the first to buy!)

WattPad – Unlimited Stories, Anytime, Anywhere

Audible.com – Engaging millions of listeners with stories told.

The Scotiabank Giller Prize – Awarding and promoting the best in Canadian fiction for twenty years.

Random House, Inc. – TWO Fanado channels (Canada and the U.S.)

Chapters Indigo –Purveyors of ideas and inspiration: books, ebooks, music, and more

Together we are crossing new digital frontiers. For this virtual venture to succeed, we ask for any further help you can give. Whether you buy a channel or a badge, your participation counts! Spreading the word, leaving comments and messages here, sharing a link to our campaign across any and all of your social media networks – these are more important than you think!

Here’s what some of our channel contributors and commentators are saying:

“There’s such a natural fit among everything that we do and everything Margaret does.”  Allen Lau, CEO & Co-founder, Wattpad


I love this. I am artist myself and appreciate all moves towards direct contact and support of professional artists around the world. So often the middle-admins divert livelihoods away from artists, and art lovers are locked out of a direct connection with the arts. Thanks Margaret for taking this initiative!  Jamie


 “The Fanado channel will give authors more opportunity to connect directly with people who devour books through their eyes or their ears.  I know that our Audible Listeners will love being able to meet their favorite authors and to have a personalized, autographed memento of that meeting.”  Beth Anderson, EVP & Publisher, Audible, Inc


 “Random House of Canada is pleased to contribute to Fanado to make this technology more widely available and expand the opportunities for our authors to connect with their readers.”  Tracey Turriff, SVP, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Random House of Canada Limited


Two more exciting things since we launched this campaign:

Audible (“engaging millions of listeners with stories told”) will conduct their first Fanado Beta events from the floor of ThrillerFest (NY) on Friday, July 13.  Audible authors Joe Finder and Bob Mayer will meet and greet their fans and sign deliverable mementos from 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm EST & 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm EST. 

Also on July 13, Wattpad (“Unlimited Stories”) accompanies Margaret Atwood to Comic-Con, where she will interview SciFi author Rob Reid about his new novel, Year Zero, on a Fanado Beta online stage from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm PST.     


What is Fanado?

Fanado  (n) fan•ad•o /f ’nädō/

Fanado is where fans connect with talent -- online.

Fanado is any artist, anytime, anywhere, connecting with audiences, greeting fans one-on-one.Signing and personalizing collectibles. Creating meetings and memories. 

Fanado is for FANS

Fanado is where fans meet other fans, become VIPs, go backstage and behind-the-scenes -- join the tour bus, enter the recording studio, hang out in the spaces where art and entertainment are created - the writer’s workplace, the artist’s studio, the dugout and the locker room… and then go onstage, ask a question, share an anecdote, get something signed – instantly, to keep forever. Share your meeting’s video clip, the autograph, and the memory with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and, of course, your own Fanado Collectibles wall.

Fanado autographs are authentic and real; Fanado collectibles will be both digital and physical. As Fanado Beta becomes Fanado!:

Fanado is for ARTISTS

Fanado is where artists meet audiences beyond the reach of the press tour, without the expense and hassle but with safety and control. Anytime and anyplace: meet, greet and sign; save money and earn revenue; delight fans and discover new ones. Create and archive shows. Promote real world events with Fanado’s virtual ones.

Fanado values your time, expands your reach, engages your audience and keeps you in control. It is live and intimate, with a “Kodak Moment” stickiness that will make it the most effective tool in your social media mix.

Fanado is for EVERYONE

About our Go Mobile Campaign:

We want to take Fanado wide by making it accessible to everyone with an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Both Artists and Fans can take part in 1:1 meetings, sign and receive collectibles, chat with other fans - wherever they are in the world.

We built Fanado largely in-house, with our own resources – a small team working from our co-founder’s house in Toronto. To build the Apps we need to hire outside expertise – cross-platform design and programming, integration of mobile video with our patented signing and back-end support. To “Go Mobile,” in short, we need you.

With your help, Fanado can fulfill its promise of Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace. With Indiegogo funds, we’ll create two Apps – one for Artists, one for Fans – that work with both iOS and Android tablets. Whether you’re at home, in the office, on the road, or on jury duty, you’ll be able to connect live – audience to artist – up close and personal.

Pledge now and become one of the first to use Fanado – meet our Beta Artists including musicians & bands, authors & athletes, film & TV celebrities; artists both new and known. You can even create your own Fanado channel.

Join us at Fanado - where technology takes us places we couldn’t go before. We appreciate any and all support, and hope you’ll join us on this trip!




Team on This Campaign: