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FanAddict is all about Music Event Discovery & Destination. Track Your Favorite Artists. Relive Your Memories. All Genres.
Sara Soseman
Kansas City, Missouri
United States
4 Team Members

What is FanAddict?

FanAddict is a personal music journal app for fans of live and recorded music. It is the ONLY app that lets you create your own digital scrapbook, where you can also track and discover new artists, events and music.

FanAddict is all about personal discovery and destination. Track concerts, buy tickets, follow artists' Twitter feeds, download songs, track and relive your memories and get exclusive promotions from your favorite bands and venues - all in one place!!

  • Track who's on tour and where, locally and nationally
  • Discover new artists and songs based on your own music tastes
  • Document all your favorite events
  • Upload your photos
  • Take notes and make comments
  • Merge, create and store set lists
  • Purchase set lists
  • Buy event tickets
  • Access to exclusive promotions from bands, promoters and venues
  • Follow artists and bands' social media feeds

FanAddict Screenshots

          My Artists Home Page                           Artist Page with Event List

Concerts, events and festivals are organized by artist, city, venue and genre, making it a simple task for both the casual and avid music fan to follow their favorite artists and discover new music based on similar styles.

Do you like only certain genres - Country and Rock, or Classical and Punk? It’s easy to filter and view music by your own personal genre set, cleaning up the clutter in a snap.

Best of all, fans can take notes and add photos on all their events and favorite band members at any time, making this the ONLY application to create your own personal music scrapbook.


FanAddict Environment

FanAddict has been designed to provide tools not just for music fans, but also for those creating the music experiences. Artists/Bands can use FanAddict to gain new fans, Music Venues can use it to drive attendance and to offer specials, and Promoters and Ticket Sellers can highlight upcoming shows, album launches, and more!

Why are we asking for funding?

Goal: $18,165

All contributions will go immediately back into app development, allowing us to launch the app nationally, in iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web versions at the same time, this September.

Stretch Goal: $40,000

We have so many great and ambitious plans for FanAddict, it's hard to choose what will come first. If we make the stretch goal, we will be able to implement amazing features like the ability to create and host your own FanAddict blog, and to export your own data with a touch of one button.  

Timeline for development


Development >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                    Data Testing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                                                                                   BETA >>>>>


How did this get started?

Joe Lieberman FanAddictFanAddict founder Joe Lieberman is a serious music fan. He began a lifelong collection of concert tickets, photos, album covers, and other mementos from his music experiences in 1982, and this collection grew from a shoebox to a massive scrapbook collection.

Joe’s background in technology convinced him that there had to be a way to digitally store these memories. He began engineering a digital platform that not only tracks favorite bands, their music and tour schedules, but also suggests artists that are similar, and allows you to store your experiences. This became the foundation for FanAddict.

Before the age of the Internet, it was nearly impossible to follow your favorite bands, to know when they came to your town or nearby towns. As the web grew, fans could visit their favorite bands’ websites, but it was an immense amount of work to track 30-40 bands.

Today, the technology that will change the music industry has finally arrived - smartphone applications. There are a few apps that will track small pieces of the information that FanAddict is compiling, but there are absolutely no competitors that bring it all together.

Joe’s vision brought together a unique group of individuals to bring this app to life. We are committed to the goals of FanAddict: creating a personal music journal where you can take notes, pictures and make music memories all your own.

Get The Word Out!

The FanAddict team knows that when you are a crazed music fan, you spend most of your hard earned dollars on concert tickets and travel to experience the music. If you can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Getting the word out would help immensely, and we’d love your support!  

  • Use the Indiegogo share tools built right into our campaign
  • Share our Facebook page with your friends and family
  • Tweet about @FanAddictEvents to let others know what we’re building

Thank You!

Thanks so much for your consideration. The support of the community will make our dream a reality.

Special thanks to our Perks Partners for offering such a great deal to FanAddict supporters!


Visit TuneTakeout to download MP3s of live events!

Riot Room KC

Visit The Riot Room, Kansas City's Live Music & Beer Emporium


Visit the recordBar, Kansas City's best venue to eat. hear.

 Pipeline Productions

Crossroads KC

Pipeline Productions brings some of the finest talent to the Midwest, via The Bottleneck in Lawrence and Crossroads KC

The Granada


Mammoth is a live music entertainment company based out of Lawrence, KS that produces over 400 concerts a year, including great shows at The Granada.

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raised by 73 people in 1 month
40% funded
No time left
$18,165 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 13, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD

    As a Fan of FanAddict, you will receive the love and appreciation of the entire FanAddict Team, as well as your name listed as a Fan on our website, which you can share with the world.

    14 out of 50 claimed

    Back to School Music Fan

    Pick a pair of concert tickets courtesy of Mammoth and The Granda. Plus you still get our love, your name listed on our website,and a live concert download certificate from www.TuneTakeOut.com. 8/15, Tumbleweed Wanderers 9/28, Truckstop Honeymoon

    2 out of 2 claimed
  • $15USD
    KC Live Music Fan

    In addition to our love, appreciation, and your name listed on our website as a fan, a live concert download certificate from www.TuneTakeOut.com, AND your pick of concert tickets from recordBar or The Riot Room. Specify date: 8/11 The Riot Room, 8/12 recordBar 8/16 recordBar, 8/23 recordBar, 9/5 recordBar

    0 out of 7 claimed

    Crossroads KC Fan

    Pick a pair of concert tickets courtesy of from Pipeline Productions and Crossroads KC. Choose from Corey Smith and The Dirty Guvnah's on 8/9, Quixotic and Random Rab on 8/10, or Matisyahu on 8/25! Plus you still get our love, your name listed on our website and a live concert download certificate from www.TuneTakeOut.com.

    3 out of 3 claimed
  • $20USD
    Back to School Music Fan

    Pick a pair of tickets courtesy of Mammoth and The Granada: 8/21, Josh Abbott Band 8/27, Hank III 8/29, Fight or Flight w/Sidewise 9/8, Parachute w/Matt Hires & Paradise Fears 9/14, Blackberry Smoke 9/21, Rancid w/Tim Timebomb & Friends 9/27, Indigenous 10/5, Matt Wertz w/ Elenowen 10/8, Franz Ferdinand 10/9, Hot Buttered Rum w/Allie Krall of Cornmeal 10/16, Tricky w/Royal Caneo 10/23, The Neighourhood 11/21, Matt Nathanson w/Joshua Radin

    4 out of 13 claimed
  • $25USD
    Super Fan

    In addition to our love, appreciation, and your name listed on our website as a Super Fan, you will become a BETA tester, able to download the app 2 weeks before official launch, and a live concert download certificate from our partner www.TuneTakeOut.com.

    8 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $75USD
    FanAddict To-A-T Fan

    You will receive a 1st edition, cotton FanAddict shirt, so you can brag about how you were a fan WAY before everyone else found out about FanAddict WITH A T-SHIRT! You will also be listed on our website as a To-A-T Fan, plus be a BETA tester and get a www.TuneTakeOut.com certificate.

    11 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $300USD
    VIP Fan

    This level of support means so much to FanAddict that we'd like you to be our guest at our Kansas City launch party, to be held in September. You will receive 4 VIP tickets to our launch party, 4 FanAddict t-shirts, and maybe even more devoted friends who want to attend the VIP event with you. You will be a BETA tester and get a www.TuneTakeOut.com certificate.

    4 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Backstage Party Fan

    You will receive 10 VIP tickets to our launch party, 10 FanAddict t-shirts, and a post-party room at the hip Ambassador boutique hotel in beautiful downtown Kansas City. You will also be a BETA tester and get a www.TuneTakeOut.com certificate.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $2,500USD
    Corporate Sponsor

    Contributors at this level get corporate recognition on our Partners pages on the app website, national exposure on the app through January 2014. Email for specifics, but this includes banner ads, promotions and more. In addition, Corporate Sponsors also receive 10 VIP tickets to our launch party, and 10 FanAddict t-shirts.

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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