Two freshmen enter the sacred pledging process.
Fall '08
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Friendship. Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Creating bonds that last a lifetime. Everyone wants these things but are they willing to do whatever it takes to obtain them? Are you? Enter the world of the upcoming film "Fall '08" and see a glimpse of the processes and growing pains of facing challenges, conquering fears and truly understanding yourself when often that's all you have to hold on to. This groundbreaking film takes a closer look at what it takes to become part of the mysterious world of pledging and Greek life at the fictional college of Bay University and also looks at the deeper issues of standing your ground and following your heart in the face of adversaries. So here's your invitation to take heed to the call. Will you answer?

We have all heard of them, seen them, felt them. We've heard stories about them, good and bad. Some of them are even members of our families, some are friends, acquaintances. I've always have been fascinated by them. Greeks!

Growing up seeing my uncle and cousin don their organizations letters and colors at family functions with pride made me want to be just like them. Watching television programs and films, specifically “A Different World”, and the great Spike Lee’s “School Daze” only added more fuel to the fire. I wanted to be one of them.

Unfortunately, things happen. With the amount of classes I had to juggle on top of having to work my way through college the possibility of joining the Fraternity that I've always wanted to join began to fade away but the dream never died.

Fast forward several years later, while listening to “J Dilla”, a scene popped into my head. Five young African American women packed inside a car, each of them wearing the same black sweats and black hoodies. All of them in the car silent. Each of them having the look of fear and excitement on their faces. Unsure of their destination I thought…what if they were on their way to a pledge session. At that moment one half of “Fall ‘08” was born. I wouldn't find the second half until I met fellow filmmaker Rita Tuggle and writer Kortney Hinton.

- Brian D. Lee -

Unlike Brian my journey to Fall ’08 was a bit different. I was never exposed to Greeks or Greek life at an early age and none of my relatives were members.  In fact, I am the first in my family to attend college and only one of five to graduate within my extended family.  So the little unsubstantiated knowledge I had received pre college lead me to believe people who pledged were only seeking popularity, favoritism, & attention. 

However upon meeting my suite-mate freshman year, and becoming friends, I learned there was much more to this life choice than colors, strutting, & throwing up hand signs. They are truly organizations where its members are unified in a purpose to make themselves, as well as the community they live in a better place. Through her insight I gained a new found respect for fraternity & sorority organizations as well as its members. 

During my sophomore year of school many of my friends entered the pledging process. It was during this time the seed of Fall' 08 was planted.  After hearing several of my friends, by then all belonging to various sororities & fraternities, debate about countless Greek history and ideology- I felt inspired to share my outside views. Despite learning more about the Greek culture I still came to the realization my passion for filmmaking far out weighted everything else during my collegiate years. But always held on to the idea of shooting a film based on the pledging process. 

The opportunity wouldn't come until meeting fellow director Brian Lee on a production shoot. While discussing ideas for future projects we were astonished to find we both shared a desire to produce a film regarding pledging. So without hesitation we teamed up to begin the initial preparation for Fall '08!

- Rita Tuggle -

Eve, an introverted music lover, and Mike, an ambitious entrepreneur, both find themselves freshman at Bay University. After the sudden death of her mother and sister Eve craves for the bond they once shared. When a chance meeting lands her right in the middle of rush she discovers a new kind of sisterhood. While Mike determined to change his destiny is motivated by Big Brother Isaac to join Tau Pi Theta. With hopes of forming a new legacy for his family Mike goes toe to toe with a pompous Line Brother.

We want your mind to be at ease when considering Investment in this project. We have a plan and we are eager to begin implementing it with your gracious investments. When producing any film it is vital to have a solid pre production, production and post production plan. The Fall '08 filmmakers understand this and have made the following production guideline. 

Pre Production

As a very important part of any film, if not the most important part, is Pre Production! We began our pre production on Fall '08 in October of 2013. During the initial parts of this phase we held countless meetings regarding character backgrounds, plot, themes, acts, and much more. Once we finalized our characters, plot, & beats for the film we were ready to begin the writing process. After a tedious 4 months making sure everything was perfect, we wrapped on our Fall '08 Script in February of 2014. Currently we are now in our pre production funding phase. This is where your help as an investor comes into play. We have taken into account all the necessary items needed to bring this amazing story to life. In doing so we have prepared the following chart to show you how your funds will be allocated throughout the remaining phases of the project. 



Before we can complete our pre production phase we will need to finalize casting, locations,  as well as rehearsals for our film. As an investor in Fall '08 you will receive updated information on where we are with the remaining areas of pre production, production, & post production. 


During the production phase we will go out and make it happen! We have some amazing perks our investors can take advantage of to view this phase in action. We will be hosting several live streaming sessions from set where you will be able to see the magic, you helped create, unfold. We will begin Production on Fall '08 at the end of June 2014 and will finish in August of 2014.

Post Production

In the post production phase we will bring all the elements together. During this 3rd and final phase we will edit, color enhance, and create astonishing music for the Fall '08 film. Post production for Fall '08 is slated to conclude in October of 2014. Don't forget to select "Lowell's Picks" for exclusive behind the scenes footage during the post production phase.


Rita Tuggle - Director/Co-Writer

Rita Tuggle graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Radio, television, and film. She has directed and produced several projects including music videos as well as a YouTube web series "Keeping AART Alive". Most recently Rita co - directed, with Brian Lee, the award winning Community Cove for the 2013 Little Rock 48hr film festival. Excited to begin production on this next venture Rita is sure this film has something everyone will love! 

Kortney Hinton - Co-Writer/Producer

Kortney Hinton graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in Journalism (newspaper and print emphasis). Kortney has written several short stories, poems, essays and novel-length works in recent years. Most recently, Kortney co-wrote and worked alongside fellow filmmakers Rita Tuggle and Brian Lee on the award-winning short film "Community Cove" as a part of the 2013 Little Rock 48-Hour Film Festival. She is also a portrait and lifestyle photographer and loves combining her passion of the visual arts with storytelling as much as possible - cinematography is a great example of that! Kortney can't wait to begin production on this fascinating tale of friendship, love and the process of growing up!

Kristin "KV" Knox - Producer

Kristin KV" Knox graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Radio, television, and film. She has been in radio since 2002 where she got her start as an on-air personality with a local radio station.  She is currently working in broadcasts news and is the Executive Producer of "The Method" a radio talk show with the Better Community Developers Inc. Since college she has directed, produced, and acted in several projects including a YouTube web series "Keeping AART Alive" and stage plays such as "The Bitter B Monologues" and "A House Full of Trapped Doors." Eager to begin production on this dynamic project Kristin guarantees you will love this film-Greek or not! 

Brian D. Lee - Director/Co-Writer

Brian earned his B.A. in Mass Communication from the University of Central Arkansas. He made his directorial debut in 2009 with the documentary “Twin Groves”. The film examines a small Arkansas town founded by former slaves. The film was featured in the 2009 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Brian would go on to co-write and direct the short film “Love The Second Time Around”. This was followed by the feature film “Deal With It” which was theatrically released in Little Rock and Pine Bluff Arkansas. His latest project is the short film “Dee Loves The Girl”.

Anyone is welcome to be a part of the Fall 08 experience! There are several ways you can show your support.

#1 Donate - We have many levels of perks for each dollar donated.

#2 Spread the word! -  If you are unable to support the film financially we ask that you tell your friends, family, colleagues, LB's, LS' s & Neos, about this film. We truly believe that networking is the key to success. Which brings us to...

 #3 Social Media - Share our campaign video on your Facebook page, tweet it, put it on Instagram, share it on your YouTube channels.

No gesture is too big or too small. We thank you in advance for your support!

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