Fairy Fort- A short film by Idle Wrath productions.

Inspired by the directing styles of Del Toro & Spielberg, 'Fairy Fort' is the story of Maddy & the mythical creatures she finds lurking in the woods.
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Idle Wrath films are Sydney based filmmakers Suzanne Rath & Jason Ide. Having made numerous short films on no budget together, we've gathered a team to make something amazing, and we're seeking your help. 

A magical realism film which aims to marry Irish & Australian mythology in a visually stunning style, 'Fairy Fort' will be a 14 minute long short film for entry into festivals internationally, followed by easy online access via video-on-demand. Born out of the feature film currently being scripted by Suzanne,  we've been working non-stop in development & pre-production for 'Fairy Fort' since February 2014 and have produced a script that's been well received by our top notch DOP, VFx editor, cast & crew. Now all we need are the means with which to make it!


Fairy Fort opens with the image of our heroine, Maddy, as she arrives at her grandfather's house to stay. A gruff country man used to isolation, he and the imaginative Maddy have no idea how to deal with each other. Maddy  spends her days engrossed in fairytale books and exploring the surrounding bush, where she meets the foreboding old Irish woman, Morrigan. As her knowledge of Morrigan and the surrounding area deepens, Maddy begins to sense a threatening presence in the woods and it may just be up to her to act to save her family. 

Join our team!

We are both grass roots filmmakers and have been involved with a number of teams on a voluntary basis as part of our association with the not for profit film-making group, Kino Sydney. In these, we've both worn multiple hats- director, writer, producer, sound, lighting, editing and even acting! Jason has several years of paid experience as an editor (currently working in TV) and director of corporate videos. Suzanne is an experienced writer whose work has appeared on many online sites, as well as an early career producer in development on several projects.  Both of us are passionate about making unique and engaging films. With no defined career pathway for producers or directors, it's notoriously difficult to make it in the film-making world. Now we're creating a team to make the most important short film of our lives- a film which we can ALL be proud of.

Our assembled team combines a mixture of experienced and emerging personnel. All are united by their passion for 'Fairy Fort' and we want you to be part of our team. Both of us value audience engagement and we're keen to give as much back to our cast, crew and supporters as humanely possible. With a strong presence on social media, a fair contracting strategy for crew/cast (including deferred payment contracts, expenses, show-reel help, copies of the film and the opportunity to build valuable relationships for future work), we're never going to be the type of production company which takes our collaborators for granted. And we view each and every one of you that choose to help as collaborators on 'Fairy Fort'. 

What you get... 

In the spirit of teamwork and inclusivity, we've aimed to make our rewards as unique and desirable as possible. For the film fans, there are limited edition posters, signed scripts, copies of the movie, the chance to be an executive producer or even the chance to spend a night with our team during the shoot! For budding or more experienced filmmakers, we're offering the benefits of our experience, including script analysis, editing workshops or just home cooked dinner and chats! Plus you can also follow us on www.facebook.com/idlewrath or Twitter @IdleWrath and use the hashtag #FairyFortFilm for details of extra funder benefits or giveaways. 

Having backed and observed many crowd funding campaigns, we're adamant that we won't be one that will take your money and run! You'll get regular, exclusive updates on pre-production, filming and post-production work, as well as swift delivery of and updates on your rewards. We hope that as funders, you can be happy in the knowledge that you were part of the beginning of something mega!

What we need...

So, $10k seems like a massive goal? Unfortunately films are an expensive business. Here's a pie chart demonstrating exactly where this will go to.

As you can see, this covers the shoot period only, but there's no payment included for most of our cast & crew. Many of these lovely people are so committed that they are willing to work for nothing, but people have bills to pay so we'd love to show our appreciation for their hard work by even being able to give them 10% of the market rates. For that, we're going to need as much help as possible from you guys. No matter what happens, Fairy Fort will be made. We've been lucky to receive JumpStart funding from Metro Screen, which covers a large percentage of our equipment hire costs. We've already put chunks of our own money into development, such is our belief in the project. The awesome location is locked in, we're all locked in, so come and join us!

The Impact!

Apart from bringing a new, awesome short film into the world, you'll be starting the 'Fairy Fort' engine. We have lots of cool future plans, which range from the feature film mentioned, to a limited edition board game, to fairy-tale film theme camps at music festivals such as Burning Seed. This is just the beginning!

You'll also be playing a really valuable role in supporting the Sydney film scene. As mentioned, we are committed to fairness, equality & transparency in film-making. While we have had to prioritise paying for good cinematography, sound and visual effects first and foremost, we have been completely upfront with our cast and crew regarding the payment schedule and the minimum benefits they will receive. We will be providing written contracts on this (often unusual in the low budget short film world). We also trust that this experience will lead to future work, friendship and collaborations between crew and cast members. 

* Indiegogo has advised us that sponsorship will only be processed via Paypal at this time. To pay to the a Fairy Fort account using EFT in Australia, use J. Ide & S. Rath, BSB: 012356, Account 193489462 and email us/ private comment here- we'll send you a receipt and put your name down for the crowdfunding perk of your choice! 

Risks & Challenges

Nobody makes a short film like this without taking a risk. Before finalising our budget, we've locked in our location and most of our cast & crew. But this faith and determination is precisely why 'Fairy Fort' is going to work. We refuse to scrimp on quality ( we owe it to the story & the cast/crew not to!) and we will be seeking all investment, sponsorship & other opportunities possible to make 'Fairy Fort' as good as we know it can be. 

So you can't afford to contribute?

We understand (too well, media doesn't pay that well!). But there are heaps of ways you can help the campaign:

1) Share, share, share! Post this campaign to all of your social networks, send it to your friends and family to encourage them to contribute. 

2) Connect with us and encourage others to do the same. We're on Facebook (www.facebook.com/idlewrath), Twitter (@IdleWrath), Instagram (http://instagram.com/idlewrath) & Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/idlewrath/) Each of these has different, interesting and ever changing film related content, so please share them with your friends and take the time to engage with us. 

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  • $1AUD
    No Reward

    I just want to help this campaign

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  • $5AUD
    Insider Access

    Receive an electronic 'shoot diary' at the end of the shoot, complete with subscriber only access to production stills, anecdotes and cast/crew news. PLUS- A thank you on our website

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $10AUD
    First read privileges

    ALL the benefits of $5 and over... PLUS- a PDF copy of the script by email.

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  • $20AUD
    Your Own Fairy-tale creature.

    ALL the benefits of $10 and over... PLUS- a handwritten postcard from Suzanne assigning you your own mythical creature..

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $30AUD
    First look

    ALL the benefits of $20 and over... PLUS- Receive first access to watch 'Fairy Fort' online for free!

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  • $45AUD
    Script in hand

    ALL the benefits of $30 and over... PLUS- A hard copy of the script, signed by cast and crew..

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  • $60AUD
    The DVD reward

    ALL the benefits of $45 and over PLUS: a copy of the DVD, with artwork, delivered by mail!

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  • $75AUD
    Party with us!

    ALL the benefits of $60 and over PLUS: Join the wrap party! Venue TBC, but it will take place in a licensed venue in the Inner West of Sydney on the weekend of 27th September 2014!

    3 out of 20 claimed
  • $110AUD
    The arty option

    ALL the benefits of $75 and over... PLUS: Receive a limited edition 'Fairy Fort' film poster, designed by artist Phil Soliman and printed on high quality A3.

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  • $200AUD
    Dinner with the filmmakers!

    ALL the benefits of $110 and over... PLUS: We will cook dinner for you and a friend, in Sydney- your place or ours! Not only are we actually pretty good cooks, but you'll get to ping us with questions on filming :)

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $250AUD
    Business Package #1

    The social media package: We will manage your social media for a month.. This includes formation of a social networking plan, building your network, posting daily on Facebook/ Twitter etc & audience engagement maximisation. - Your business name in the end credits on Fairy Fort, on the DVD & on our website. - Digital stills from the film for use in your marketing. - A copy of the finished product on DVD.

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  • $300AUD
    The Executive Producer

    ALL the benefits of $200 and over.. PLUS: Join the ranks of Kevin Spacey as you receive an IMDB credit, plus end credit, as an executive producer.

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  • $400AUD
    Business Package #2

    We're offering: - product placement opportunities in the film and/ or with cast/ crew on set ( contact us to discuss your personal business and how our visions can combine) -A professional stills photo pack of the above, for use in your future marketing and including the words, '**** (insert business name) Proud supporters of Fairy Fort Film' ( or similar), plus use of our logo & film poster. - Your business name in the film credits plus on our website. - 'Fairy Fort' on DVD

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  • $500AUD
    Visit The Set!

    ALL the benefits of $300 and over PLUS: Come on set! Spend a couple of hours on set during the making of Fairy Fort and see how the magic happens!

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  • $750AUD
    The filmmaker's package.

    ALL the benefits of $300 and over PLUS: For the filmmakers/ writers ... choose from: 1) A 2 hour workshop (remote or Sydney) on editing (Avid or Premiere) OR directing, delivered by Jason. 2) A review of your short film in development, with up to ten pages of suggestions (lighting, shot lists, editing, script or production, etc) 3) A full ten page long feature film or short film script review,including suggestions on production, links and recommendations.

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  • $1,500AUD
    The Works!

    ALL the benefits of $300 and over. PLUS: Join us in Kurrajong! Come to the end of a shoot day and hang with the cast and crew as we debrief and pack down. Then spend the evening having dinner/ drinks with us- we'll even sort out accomodation!

    0 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $2,000AUD
    Business Package #3

    In addition to the perks of business packages #1 & #2, you will receive: video footage from 'Fairy Fort,' +\~ behind the scenes and product placement, to use in future marketing campaigns ( contact us to discuss your needs- We are happy to discuss shooting & editing short promotional videos or online content)

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