FAIRBIKES Bike Share: Fun You Can Feel Good About

FAIRBIKES will give residents and visitors greater access to places to eat, shop, and play under the midnight sun with the real heart of Fairbanks, its people.
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FAIRBIKES is a bike share service where people can pick up a bike at any bike sharing station in the network and return it to any sharing station. 

Becoming a member is easy and once you're a member, the first 30 minutes of each ride is part of your subscription, you pay an additional fee for every 30 minute period thereafter.  

Okay, honestly, at first we were excited about bike sharing for us.  WE wanted a hassle free way to access a bike during our lunch hour for those beautiful days when we  didn't have a bike, but we still wanted a way to pedal.  

By the time we pitched the idea of a bikeshare at the Fairbanks 2013 StartUp Weekend, we could see a bigger picture. We loved experiencing Fairbanks on a bicycle and we wanted to share that with others.  We were excited to be able to show off Fairbanks, Alaska face-to-face, not just from  behind a windshield.


It is true, sometimes you might really appreciate a windshield between you and some of Alaska's "wilder" locals, but more often than not, riding a bike allows you to meet people and participate in ways you just are not likely to happen when moving at 40 mph.

After winning Fairbanks's first StartUp Weekend, we decided to find out if others in our community were, in fact, interested in bike sharing too. During the summer of 2013 we attend over 24 events throughout Fairbanks looking for the answer.


The response was AMAZING! You were very enthusiastic about the ways a bike share would positively impact Fairbanks!  

Fairbanks  locals were interested in bike sharing for:

  • Easier Access to Downtown Businesses
  • Parking Relief
  • A Convenient Way to Get Around
  • Better Air Quality
  • Fun & Easy Options to be More Active

People visiting Fairbanks talked about wanting: 

  • More Transportation Options for Visitors
  • Ways to Avoid Summer Road Construction 
  • Budget Friendly Choices
  • A Way to Extend the Transit System’s Current Reach
  • Opportunities to Interact with “Real” Alaskans

Nearly everyone had ideas about how to make FAIRBIKES, easier to find, safer, more useful for families, and just plain better.  You had questions too*.You wanted to know how it would work: Is it Summer only? Will the bike be the right size for me? Where will I find a FAIRBIKES bike? And our favorite question: Where do I sign up?  

*http://prezi.com/gw23xy9e6bba/fairbikes/# you can find answers to FAQ here.

What we Need 

We need your support in establishing and sustaining bike sharing in our community.  Bikes are the most cost effective mode of transportation known to man.  $85,000 is significant not just because it gets us off ground, but because it shows your support for this healthy green transportation alternative. This is your chance to let everyone know that this is how YOU roll.  

A Bit of Background for Those Joining us in Progress.....
FAIRBIKES began as a good idea during StartUp Weekend 2013. After winning “StartUp Weekend” last year, my business partner and I were given the chance and encouragement to develop FAIRBIKES, a bike share service (where users can pick up a bike at any bike sharing station in the network and return it to any sharing station) here in our own community. 

 FAIRBIKES will cost approximately $750K dollars in its start-up phase. 

The capital cost of bikes with the technology design elements installed will total $250K.

What you Get

What you get is:

  • 100 uber cool granny bikes in your community
  • More miles to the Big Mac
  • Less smoke, more inhaling
  • More opportunities to sit on your butt...  and pedal  

 Oh, and ways to reduce your carbon footprint, more parking.... you know.  

Can't contribute but still want to help? Here's how...

  • Get out and ride your bike.    You'll be happier, healthier, and you will experience first hand reasons to advocate for bicycling in your community.
  • Let your employer know. We offer bulk rates to employers who support bike sharing for the health of their employees and who are willing to include it as a wellness benefit 
  • Reach out to us, the FAIRBIKES Co-founders, to answer your questions or speak to your group about becoming a steward of green transportation in Fairbanks. 
  • Share the campaign url igg.me/at/Fairbikes
  • Tweet your support on Twitter, post your support on tumblr, Facebook, use Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, Carrier pigeon, you get the idea...
  • Follow @fairbikes and @jeskridge on Twitter for updates.
  • Always use the #FAIRBIKES hashtag in your tweets to create awareness and to generate buzz around the campaign.
  • Tell your friends and find others who want to get involved 
  • Continue watching our facebook and linkedin pages soon we will be hiring an Operations Rockstar and several Repair & Maintenance Heros!
  • Use all the sharing options Indiegogo has to offer. 
  • Follow The Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) and support the good work they are doing to make Fairbanks more user-friendly-https://www.facebook.com/fmats.alaska

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  • $325USD
    Founding FAIRBIKES Families

    Family memberships, up to 6 family members (same household). Founding Family Membership includes a personal thank you from our FAIRBIKES team and a chance to win some pretty cool prizes at the FAIRBIKES Family Picnic & Bike Ride (scheduled for the week before school starts) in August. Expect good food, bikes-a-plenty, and fun for all.

    0 out of 50 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $1USD
    Feeli'n the Love

    For an instantaneous reward try our "Feel'n the Love". It comes with a big heartfelt thank you from our heart, lungs and our friends lungs too and a side of good on ya.

    7 out of 1000 claimed

  • $5USD
    Nanook Membership + Tattoo

    To qualify for this perk you must be a UAF Student, UAF Staff or UAF Faculty. Sign up here for Your FAIRBIKES membership - At No Cost To You -A bit of Summer Fun Courtesy of the UAF Office of Sustainability. We have 400 memberships available and for your $5 contribution you can share your excitement about FAIRBIKES wearing your own Spoke'n Word (temporary) Tattoo!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $10USD

    A FAIRBIKES Founding Member sticker suitable for your "other" vehicle.

    7 out of 1000 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $25USD
    Double the Fun

    Those who pledge at this level receive two FAIRBIKES day passes but wait there's more you also receive two Hot Licks ice cream cones. If your bucket list includes pedaling under the midnight sun don't miss out on this.

    1 out of 100 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $30USD
    Founding Member T-shirt

    Limited Edition: FAIRBIKES Founding Member T-Shirts! Here is your chance to show a little PDA - Publically Displaying your Affection for FAIRBIKES! Only available during 2014 get'em while they last!

    6 out of 500 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $50USD
    The Day Dream Package

    If you need one more reason to visit the Golden Heart of Alaska or your a local and what to try our bikes here is the perfect opportunity. You get to do more than dream at this sponsorship level you get the sticker, the T shirt and you also receive a day pass so you can live the dream. If purchased by 5/13/2014 it comes with a Hot Licks ice cream cone.

    0 out of 50 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2014

    Tag Your Ride - This Week Only

    For the cost of an annual membership ($75) you will also be given the chance to Name a FAIRBIKE. You will have colors and fonts to choose from and once tagged the Fairbike is then put into general circulation, but don't worry - you two will always have Summer 2014.... This Week Only! Name a FAIRBIKES bike after yourself, your favorite uncle, or Fairbanks Roller Girl! Go wild... OK not too wild... you get the idea. Tag Your Ride - This Week Only - (4/28/2014 - 5/4/2014)

    5 out of 5 claimed

    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $100USD

    The Inaugural year Membership includes your FAIRBIKES Founding Member T-shirt, and a personal thank you from our FAIRBIKES team.

    9 claimed

  • $150USD
    Guided Tour with Founders

    Pledgers at this level will receive a 1 year membership they will also receive a VIP Guided tour of downtown Fairbanks (architecture, fountains, food....)

    1 out of 15 claimed

  • $250USD

    Your Founding FAIRBIKES membership + you will be on-hand for the unpacking of the first shipment of FAIRBIKES! Some assembly may be required.

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $300USD
    We will FOLLOW You

    on Twitter, tumblr, facebook, wherever you roam.... but not around town, that would be creepy. You get all this and your Founding FAIRBIKES membership.

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  • $750USD
    Borrow our Bikes

    Founding FAIRBIKES pair of memberships + You can borrow a pair of "matching" bikes for a special event! Perfect for your wedding, Photo-ops at your charity event, or for shooting your music video! Imagine rolling up to the Chapel on Bike Share bikes - we'll even help you decorate them!

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Name a Station

    Name a Station Near You! Residential and Neighborhood Stations that show off your community pride and includes a family membership (up to 6 family members, nontransferable).

    0 out of 6 claimed

  • $3,000USD
    Lifetime Membership

    Buy this individual membership upfront and you never need to renew. Includes your beautiful smile in a FAIRBIKES ad, and a VIP guided tour of downtown (Not transferable).

    0 out of 1 claimed

  • $4,000USD
    Brand a Bicycle

    Get all the ad spots on one bike for one year. It's all yours baby! (except for title sponsor logo and safety/customer service information area)

    0 out of 5 claimed

  • $7,000USD
    Color Me Yours

    Get the Brand a Bike level to the extreme. Paint a bike in your corporate color for two years, in addition to getting all advertising spots on the same bike. This is the ultimate in bike branding, and makes for great social media campaigns.

    0 out of 5 claimed

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