Faces of the Land: A Portrait of American Food Resistance

Folks are using a wide diversity of tactics to resist the dominant food paradigm of the U.S. We're setting out to share their stories.
Tom Moore
Ithaca, New York
United States
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Who are we?

black and white portrait of Tom

Tom Moore - child of Ram Island, student of religion, journalist 

black and white portrait of Emily

Emily Wilson - low-impact artivist, budding local foodie, photojournalist

We've both lived on occupied Cayuga land (so-called Ithaca, NY) for the past few years, and have been increasingly involved in its thriving local food community, as well as in the fight against hydro-fracking and other dangerous extractive processes of the fossil-fuel industry.

What are we doing?

This summer, we're traveling across the U.S., working on farms, taking lots of photos, and recording lots of conversations with the folks we meet, all centered around the theme of food resistance. Our ultimate goal is to create a photo book on American food resistance, available both online and in print. We're asking for your help in covering the cost of travel and the cost of creating the photo book.

What is food resistance?

When we say food resistance, we mean any practice that resists the dominant paradigm of food production and consumption. This includes:

1. Sustainable agriculture: Growing and selling food locally and in a way that prioritizes the long-term health of the soil, the people, and the ecosystem as a whole.

2. Food Justice: Getting healthy, nourishing food into the hands of those most marginalized by the industrial food system, notably low-income folks, indigenous folks, and people of color.

3. Resistance to Extreme Energy: Resisting dangerous fossil-fuel extraction techniques, like hydro-fracking, mountain-top removal coal mining, and tar sands extraction. We oppose these techniques not only because of their implications for climate change, but also because they put the vitality of the land and human health at risk. Without clean water, clean air, and clean soil, we can't build a more sustainable and just food system.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that these three struggles, 1) the struggle to build a sustainable food economy, 2) the struggle to dismantle racism, classism, and colonialism in our food system, and 3) the struggle to smash the fossil fuel industry, are bound together, and that one cannot succeed without working in solidarity with the others. Our project is built around listening to individual stories of food resistance and weaving those stories together into a singular story of collective liberation. Our hope is that through this kind of story-telling, we can build a stronger and more inclusive movement. For folks already fighting, we hope to remind them that they are not alone. For folks still on the sidelines, we hope to help them join the fight.

What We Need

Here's a breakdown of our estimated costs:

1. Gas- $1,100
We're traveling in Emily's Prius, and we'll need gas to feed that robot beast. We're estimating our trip at around 8,500 miles, which should come to about $1,100 in gas. Check out our website, http://facesoftheland.com/route, to see our tentative route. 

2. Food- $300
For much of the trip we'll be staying on farms, helping grow food in exchange for three hots and a cot, but in between farm stays, we need to eat. 

3. Photo Supplies- $1,600
Emily will be shooting some photos digitally, mostly for updates to the website. For the final publication, however, she will be shooting just over 30 rolls of 35 mm film, half in color and half in black and white. The film itself comes to $200. The costs of processing, scanning, and printing this film will depend on her access to a fully stocked darkroom (if anyone can help with this, please give us a shout!). Without such access, we estimate the cost of professional-grade processing and scanning services at $1,200. We're also budgeting $200 towards making and framing prints from the project. 

4. Publishing- $1,000
We're still investigating our options for publishing. Our plan as of now is to self-publish using Blurb, and hopefully submit our photo book to established publishers at a later date. We estimate the cost of printing through Blurb at around $100 per copy, including the shipping for donors who opt for a signed copy as a perk. Any funds beyond our stated goal will go towards pursuing publishing and/or printing additional copies of the book.

5. Fees- $400
Best-case scenario, we make our funding goal and Indiegogo takes 4% in fees, then PayPal/our bank takes additional fees for money transfer. As we've budgeted pretty specifically, we are aiming to end up with the $4,000 goal. 

What You Get

We have some awesome perks available as thank-you gifts for your contributions! Check out the list to the right, and let us know if you'd like something not specifically listed. We'll do our best to accommodate any special requests.

Other Ways You Can Help

We have our itinerary planned out as far West as Utah, but we're always looking for more projects to check out. If you're growing food, working to fix the food system some other way, or fighting the fossil-fuel industry, drop us a line! We'd love to stop by, do some volunteer work, and connect your story to stories around the country. A roof to sleep under, a meal, or somewhere to pitch our tent is also much appreciated. 

Also, spread the word to other folks who might be interested! You can use IndieGoGo's share tools, or post the link to your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For a transcript of our IndieGoGo video (to come), visit http://facesoftheland.com/2013/06/17/indiegogo-launched.

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