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Our Campaign

Our Horizon is a registered non-profit organization that empowers people and communities to change the world. Our first campaign is a globally unprecedented approach to climate change: we want to put warning labels on gas pump nozzles just like those on cigarette packages.

We're asking municipalities across Canada to use their licensing powers to pass our idea into law. We have a game plan to take it global from there. It's time to get real about climate change. It's time to #FaceTheChange.

Warning label: Caribou   Warning label: Drought

Our Story

Founder and Executive Director Rob Shirkey has been concerned about climate change for all his life. When Rob's grandfather passed away last summer, his final words to him were "Do what you love." He left Rob a small sum of money that he used to launch Our Horizon in January of 2013. Since then, Rob has funded almost the entire project out of his own pocket and now needs your support.

Picture of Our Horizon supporters 

The Cross-Canada Tour

We have conducted workshops at schools in Toronto for students to express their climate change concerns by designing their own warning labels. We also inspire participants to use their voices to make our idea real; we now have a growing list of youth who have committed to speak at Toronto City Hall when our motion is debated.

Student drawing warning label

We are taking our workshops from coast to coast this fall. Our objective is to inspire youth and give them the tools they need to advocate for the idea in their own communities. In the end, youth will inspire youth: every person that does a speech to their representatives at their City Hall and shares it on YouTube will be a hero. They will receive a Climate Change Champion medal from us in recognition of their courage.

Image of Climate Change Champion

We have hired a full-time tour coordinator and have a database with the contact information of every single elementary school, high school and environmentally-minded university club in Canada. It's going to be a lot of work but we're dedicated to making this happen.

The Warning Labels

Our use of fossil fuels has dangerously altered the basic chemistry of our planet. Addressing climate change is the greatest challenge of our time.

Warning label: Ocean acidifcation   Warning label: Asthma

The labels show the effects of climate change right in the palm of your hand. They are a catalyst. Our idea will cause some individuals to change their behaviour but, more importantly, they will result in a shift in our collective demand to allow for real action on climate change.

Rob doing talk at Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto

Your Contribution

Citizens in countries all over the world have been cognitively primed for our idea with the warning labels already on tobacco packages. The first communities to pass our by-law will set a precedent for the world to follow. This campaign is the first step in our larger vision of putting these labels on gas pumps all over the world.

Your contribution can help make this happen. With this campaign, you have the opportunity to change the course of human history. The best perk of all isn't the stuff listed to the right, it's this: you will get to tell your children and grandchildren that your contribution helped change the world.

Students designing their own warning labels at our workshop

Thank you for your support!

FaceTheChange hashtag


Canada's Climate Change Heroes Cup

We're taking Canada's Climate Change Heroes Cup with us from coast to coast. The first communities to pass our by-law will be making world history. They will be global leaders in the most challenging fight of our times and will forever be remembered on Canada's Climate Change Heroes Cup.



#FaceTheChange: Please watch our promo video and go to OurHorizon.Org to contact your councillor. Together, we can face climate change.

INTERVIEW WITH ROB: Michelle just joined the Our Horizon Team and had a bunch of questions for her new boss Rob. Please enjoy this candid interview that explores the theory, impact and vision behind our campaign.

PECHA KUCHA TALK: Rob was invited by PechaKucha to deliver a talk using their "20 Images x 20 Seconds" format. The video explains the journey and theory behind Our Horizon’s unique approach to addressing climate change.



UPWORTHY: "Our Earth's ecosystem is like a giant set of lungs, and we're all guilty of filling it with second-hand smoke. Luckily, we humans already figured out an effective way to help ourselves change our habits. Check out one genius proposal..."

The Warning Label That We Never Knew We Needed Until We Saw It. September 6, 2013.

GUELPH MERCURY: "It is kids that are going to inherit the earth and you can't sell an idea on research alone," says Shirkey. "That only appeals to intellect. You've got to appeal to the heart too."  Shirkey plans to appeal to the hearts of municipal committee members by packing the room full of students."

Guelph targeted by environmental groups for gas pump warning label workshops. September 6, 2013.

DESMOG CANADA: "A wiry presence even over Skype, Shirkey speaks at breakneck pace with a lawyer’s clarity and the energy of a children’s entertainer. He is beyond earnest… Now he’s decided to take that enthusiasm on the road. On September 14, he leaves for a cross-country tour of schools."

Warning labels on gas pumps connect consumers and climate change. September 5, 2013.

MONGABAY: "Denial or ignorance means we get to avoid the problem, but it's an ineffective strategy. The problem is only going to get worse the longer we ignore it. Our labels force us to face the reality of what we're up against. After all, if we can't even honestly face our problem, what hope do we have in actually addressing it?"

Organization proposes climate change warning labels at the gas pump. September 5, 2013.

THE HUFFINGTON POST: "Our warning labels compress time to mitigate the effects of the current moment bias. They bring future consequences -- like drought, the extinction of species, and ocean acidification -- into the here and now. In doing so, they build feedback to help us transition from a maladaptive economy to an adaptive one."

Warning Labels and the Psychology of Climate Change. September 4, 2013.

MUNICIPAL WORLD: "Here’s a great new idea for municipal action on climate change: warning labels! Assuming that labels would reduce GHG emissions, can municipalities do this? We think it’s worth a try." [Article by Dianne Saxe, one of the world's leading environmental lawyers].

Can municipalities require climate warning labels on gasoline? September 3, 2013.

ERICKSON COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL: "It is Rob’s vision to create similar warning labels to be placed on gas (petrol) pumps throughout Canada, the United States, and ultimately the world"

Face The Change: An Erickson Graduate's Aim To Raise Awareness of Climate Change. August 28, 2013.

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Adam Smith Called: He Wants Warning Labels on Gas Pumps. August 22, 2013. (Article by Executive Director Rob Shirkey)

THE WILD MAGAZINE: What If a Simple Sticker Could Change the World? (Original interview only available in the USA; an international copy has been posted here). August 20, 2013.

ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS NETWORK:  Warning labels for gasoline pumps? August 20, 2013.

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Want to stop climate change, tar sands, and pipelines? Throw an intervention. August 14, 2013 (Article by Executive Director Rob Shirkey)

THE NATION: Warning: This Gasoline Is Hazardous to Your Planet. August 9, 2013.

DEUTSCHE WELLE: Gas warning labels could help reduce emissions. July 1, 2013.

THE CORD COMMUNITY EDITION: Climate Game Change. July 5, 2013.

THE RECORD: Environmental group calls for warning labels on gas pumps. June 14, 2013.

ADBUSTERS: This machine causes global warming. May 9, 2013.

TRIPLE PUNDIT: Canadian lawyer wants climate change warning labels on gas pumps. April 25, 2013.

TREE HUGGER: Health warning labels proposed for gas pump nozzles. April 15, 2013.

MACLEAN'S: Group concerned about climate change proposes warning labels for gas nozzles. April 4, 2013.

GOOD NEWS TORONTO: Local environmentalist advocates warning labels for climate change. April 1, 2013.

TORONTO STAR: Is guilt the path to serious climate action? February 22, 2013.



TERRA INFORMA: Terra Informa interviews Rob on a segment for their environmental program. The interview starts at minute 2:00 and ends at 8:30. June 30, 2013.

GARY DOYLE SHOW: Gary Doyle interviews Rob on his news talk program on 570 AM News, Kitchener-Waterloo. June 14, 2013.

HUMBER RADIO: Kevin Sexton interviews Rob for Humber Radio on 96.9 FM, Toronto. May 17, 2013.

THE GREEN MAJORITY: Daryn Caister does an in-depth show with Rob entitled "Second Hand Oil" for  the Green Majority on CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto. April 12, 2013.

BILL GOOD SHOW: Bill interviews Rob and takes calls on his news talk show on CKNW AM 980, Vancouver. April 9, 2013.

YORK UNIVERSITY: Eric Robinson interviews Rob on CHRY 105.5FM, Toronto. April 5, 2013.

FRIENDLY FIRE: Ryan Doyle and John Downs interview Rob on Toronto's CFRB Newstalk 1010. April 5, 2013.



Please use this Indiegogo website for your contributions. If you'd rather make a contribution via cheque, please make it out to "Our Horizon Society" and mail it to: Our Horizon, 432 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 1T4, CANADA.



Note on perks: We will make our best efforts to fulfill all perks. If we are unable to fulfill a perk (for example, if a location is too remote to visit or if a speaking event does not align with our values), we will issue a full refund less any processing fees from Indiegogo. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before making a contribution. Thanks!

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    Thank You Tweet

    Every contribution counts. Send us your love and we'll send ours back.

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    Our Horizon Stickers

    We'll mail you one Our Horizon sticker and two #FaceTheChange stickers. Post them on your laptop, bike, or the forehead of your favourite MP who has done nothing to address humanity's greatest challenge (you have many to choose from so should buy lots of stickers).

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    Our Horizon Buttons

    We'll mail you two buttons with our name and logo. Bling up your backpack, jacket or toque. Do not pin these to anyone's forehead.

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    Bieber 365: Tweets to Bieber

    With over 42 million followers, Justin Bieber is the most popular person on Twitter. Each morning, we will send him a unique tweet and one will include your name. Samples: .@justinbieber "Never Say Never" keeps us going. Let's change the world together. cc @YourName #FaceTheChange .@justinbieber Just drank a breakfast smoothie. It was smooth. But not as smoothie as your dance moves. cc YourName All tweets will be posted to our website for posterity.

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    Autographed Warning Label

    Own a piece of history. You will get one of our warning labels signed by Rob with a personalized thank you on the reverse side. You will also get an Our Horizon sticker and #FaceTheChange sticker with this Perk.

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    Superhero T-Shirt

    If you're helping to pass these labels into law, you're helping to save the planet. If you're helping to save the planet, you are, ipso facto, a superhero! Get a t-shirt and join the team!

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  • $80CAD
    Signed 1st Print Label

    We have 250 of our original 3 inch by 3 inch warning labels left from our first print run when we launched our campaign in January 2013. When these labels are passed into law, the original print run will be a unique piece of history. You will get a framed original label with a personalized thank you on the reverse side signed by Rob and a letter of thanks from Rob and the Team.

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  • $100CAD
    Sponsor a Stink Eye

    When we pass through Ottawa, Rob will stand outside our Parliament buildings and give our MPs a well-deserved stink eye while holding a sign that reads "This Stink Eye sponsored by [Your Name Here]." We'll photograph it and post it to our Facebook page for you to share. We'll also print a copy, sign it and mail it to you with our thanks! "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. That, and a well-delivered stink eye." - Margaret Mead

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  • $100CAD
    Mystery Canadiana for Foodies

    Maple syrup from a sugar bush in Quebec? Saskatoon berry jam from Saskatchewan? Smoked salmon from the coast of BC? All items will be selected by us during our cross-Canada tour, packed with love and accompanied with a hand-written thank you note. Who knows what you'll get? All we can confirm is that one day. Something will arrive. In a box. And it will be delicious.

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  • $250CAD
    Two Opening Night Gala Tickets

    The walls of our office are covered with hundreds of warning labels designed by youth. When we finish our cross-Canada tour, we will have collected thousands of these creations from coast to coast. We are going to cover the walls of an art gallery in downtown Toronto with these labels and we'd like to give you and a friend exclusive access to our Opening Night Gala on November 23, 2013. This project is globally-unprecedented and the exhibition will truly be unique.

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  • $325CAD
    The Animals in the Ark

    We're offering original artwork from an environmental art center. These vintage predigital silkscreen prints were discovered by Canadian artist Richard Watts while sourcing reclaimed materials for his studio. This limited edition dates 1950s/60s on each press sheet, showcasing a historical printing process. They were originally printed in L.A. and Toronto. View prints in the Gallery above and include your selection on your purchase order. It will be delivered custom-framed in vintage wood.

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  • $500CAD
    Founders Circle

    Become a part of our Founders Circle. We will send you stickers, buttons, a letter of thanks and photo of our team at the end of our cross-Canada tour. Your name or organization will be featured on our website where you will be recognized as a Founding Member of the Our Horizon Team. Selected donors will also be profiled throughout the year in our weekly newsletter.

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  • $750CAD
    Talk for your Organization

    For $750, Rob will give your organization a 45-minute talk about how Our Horizon came into being, our unique campaign, successes and challenges, and his vision for going forward. There will also be time for a 45-minute Q and A. Scheduling to be completed by September 6th.

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  • $1,000CAD
    Founders Circle Champion

    Become a Founders Circle Champion. Contributions of $1,000 or more will receive special recognition on our website. We will also send you stickers, buttons, a t-shirt, and a letter of thanks with a photo of our team at the end of our cross-Canada tour. Selected donors will also be profiled throughout the year in our weekly newsletter.

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  • $1,500CAD
    Homemade Cookies...

    ... actually made in your home! Rob has *the best* chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. For $1,500, not only will Rob make you THE BEST COOKIES EVER, you'll also get a chance to chat with the Our Horizon Team in your very own kitchen. It doesn't get any more local than that. Invite your family and friends for an intimate Q and A with the team.

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  • $2,500CAD
    Street Hockey!

    We're challenging you to a game of road hockey! Three periods. Twenty minutes a period. We're coming to communities across Canada and would love to have a friendly match with a school, community organization or other environmental group. Ask your friends to pool together for this reward if you have to; we really want to make this happen. Better yet, any execs from Shell or Enbridge interested in taking us on? Have a bake sale or dip into your $ billions of revenue if you have to. Game on!

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  • $50,000CAD
    No Harm In Asking

    For $50,000, you can fund our whole tour! In exchange for this, on your birthday, we will change our logo to your face and re-brand our website, Facebook, and Twitter from "Our Horizon" to "[YOUR FIRST NAME]'s Horizon" and sing you praises for 24 hours. We'd love to call it "Larry's Horizon". Think about it, Larry.

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