FABtotum Personal Fabricator

FABtotum - the Multipurpose Open Source Low Cost Personal Fabricator. Scan, 3D Print, Cut/Mill. A seamless interaction between the digital and physical world.

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FABtotum is a multipurpose tool, World's first Low Cost Desktop Personal Fabrication device that can operate a wide range of Computer controlled (CNC) manufacturing and 3d-scanning processes.
Print, Cut, Mill, Scan, Manipulate. Rinse and repeat!
A seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world.
While Current 3D printers are defined as Personal fabricators, there is so much more to personal fabrication than 3d printing alone!
FABtotum allows anyone to explore the endless possibilities of a multipurpose fabrication device.

FABtotum is capable of 3d printing objects with the FFF technique (Fused Filament Fabrication) like most low cost 3D-printers around.
Exploring design and shape possibilities has never been cheaper  and faster.
The high speed PLA/ABS printing is the best way to go for a quick design prototype, and with a Z precision up to 0,47 microns, a polished sample prototype is possible too. Motion bearings and a new belt driving mechanism allows a smooth and fast print.

Build area volume is very high (up to 210x240x240mm), as high as 24% Print-to-Printer Size ratio (FABtotum enclosure is a small 36cm cube!)  Automated Z axis leveling check assist the user in leveling the printing surface. Removing the prints is as easy as it gets, thanks to the removable printing plane.
Thanks to the built-in heated bed prints will proceed smoothly and objects will have higher quality! No need for sticking duck tape or use sticky solutions.
The glass build platform is easy to clean and won't be full of scratches after a week like common polymer-based surfaces seen in other 3d printers.

Sometimes 3D printing is not enough.
Fabtotum features a dual head, with an engraving/milling spindle motor that can be used to accomplish a wide range of machine operations on many common materials including wood, light aluminium or brass alloys.

Thanks to a sturdy structure and unconventional tecnical solutions FABtotum is capable of subtractive machining without compromising 3d printing volumes or printing speeds.
Switching to subtractive mode is easy: just remove and tilt the double sided printing plane and expose the milling plane with built in fixtures to secure your workpiece.
Along with 3/4 Axis Subtractive Machining, Fabtotum is capable of 3-axis hybrid Additive / Subtractive manufacturing, meaning you can work in dual mode without loosing the position or having to move the workpiece.

  •   3D milling on light materials (Balsa, Foam, light wood)
  •   PCB milling : make your own circuit boards!
  •   Engraving
  •   2.5 D Profiling (cutting) on light materials (balsa,Foam,Light wood)
  •   CNC Pre-Drilling
  •   4 Axis machining on light materials.
  •   4 Axis Engraving 

FABtotum is capable of scanning solid objects thanks to a built in laser scanner (quick scan, medium quality) and one dimension (Z) touch probe digitalizer (hi-accuracy, very slow).

Using this feature you'll be able to unlock a whole lot of potential: scan and print duplicates of solid objects, create new objects with foams or modeling clay and scan them for further editing in a modeling software of choice, or print them in additive mode or cut/mill in subtractive mode.

Most 3d scanners cannot acquire small objects (such as a coin) and a physical digitalizer cannot acquire complex objects without at least 4 axis of freedom.
FABtotum can do both and much more.

Scanning objects means you'll never run out of stuff to print, you'll be able to experiment with shapes or reverse-engineer objects around you, scanning and then duplicating a modified version!

You'll be able to freely print your scanned objects in any other 3D printer or FABtotum Personal Fabricator, without restrictions or DRM check of any kind.

FABtotum is capable of printing not only without being connected to a computer, but from cabled LAN, Wireless LAN and remotely from the Internet. Also, users and developers will have access to a well known development ecosystem, the Raspberry pi's Raspbian linux distribution to develop more applications.
Fabtotum will feature a customized web management , SSH and VNC server on the local network, so anyone with your authorization code can access all the functions of the machine: 3d Printing, 3d scanning, Milling, Diagnostics, or maybe watch a stream of the onboard camera during a print.

All those function will be accessible not only from anywhere in your local network, but also on any device capable of browsing the web. Enjoy the pleasure of printing remotely from a smartphone,a tablet,your windows Pc, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS.
Touch interface, mouse , keyboard, you choose!

[the above is an artist rendition]

Fabtotum is open to personalization: thanks to the overall structure and the detachable  head, Fabtotum can accommodate another subtractive or additive head on top, such as a more powerful motor, a small laser diode module for paper cutting, a pick and place clamp or a syringe for scientific applications. a multi-color printing head. FABtotum could be even used for complex coil winding.
Laser-cut parts, mill a double sided PCB or even do some 4-axis plasma cutting…and more! it’s up to you to experiment!

Use all those techniques together  and you’ll get the best out of  FABtotum.
FABtotum will be available in various colors, to fit perfectly in your studio,home, lab or office. FABtotum is a small  36,6 cm cube, meaning it won't occupy all your desk.
All the printing material is stored inside the machine,leaving your desk free of filament coils.

The Fabtotum device is meant to push the boundaries of personal fabrication. To do this we want to involve people in the design process as much as possible, and allow them to modify and improve the machine to fit their own needs without needless restrictions. We will allow the design and commercialization of third party "heads" to expand the machine capabilities.

FABtotum technologies have been secured by a pending patent from the threat of lawsuit for patent infringement. The full documentations,drawings and the reproduction of FABtotum is allowed and encouraged under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 Unported Licence.   

  • Assembled, Kit or DIY? You decide.
  • Full Schematics and instructions available online.
  • Easily customizable, Easy to assemble.
  • Powered by a RAspberry Pi Mod B +  Arduino ™  Derivate/Compatible Open Source Physical Computing Platform.
  • Uses industry standards and Open Source software.
  • Third party heads or parts can be built and sold freely to fit on FABtotum.

Please also note that tossing  source files and schematics around the web is, to us, not enough to reach the goals of open source development. Forums and the Dev blog will host discussions on how to move forward development.
We also hope to build a public repository for additive, subtractive and scanned objects/projects.

“To teach that a comparatively few men are responsible for the greatest forward steps of mankind is the worst sort of nonsense.”

― Henry Ford

Fabtotum allows low cost personal fabrication without compromises.
Finding the right conditions where you can have both decent subtractive and additive manufacturing in one small envelope is no easy task. we think we reached a good compromise between speed precision and strength thanks to unconventional movement transmission methods and structural solutions.

Fabtotum has been developed to be built from the ground up from industrial-grade components, cheaper to get in quantity and more reliable than ever.
Because of that, FABtotum is made to sustain way more punishment than you can possibly cause without hurting yourself.

These are the prototype specifications, a fair preview on what the final consumer version will be.

  • Size: 366x366x366mm
  • Printing volume (additive) : 210x240x240mm (24% of size in additive mode)
  • Milling Volume (Subtractive) : 210x240x[your milling bit height] mm
  • Scan volume (optical/digitalizer) : as much as accessible (up to printing volume depending on the object shape)
  • Scan Angular resolution: from 83 to 133 steps/degree in 1/16th microstepping mode.
  • CMOS sensor: 1600x1200 or above. [stretch goal #4 reached]
  • 4th axis Milling angular resolution:  as "Scan Angular resolution"
  • Z layer height: from 0.10 to 0.4 mm.
  • Z level minimum increments: encoder resolution 0,00047mm (0,47 microns) in 1/16th microstepping. (3mm pitch leadscrew  / 200 steps *16 * 2 gearbox = 0,000467 = approx 0.47 microns. ,less than half a micron)
  • Additive materials: PLA,ABS : built in protected material storage/coil.
  • Subtractive materials: with onboard motor: Foam,Balsa,Plywood,thin Aluminium, brass alloys (PCB layer).
  • Additive head:   0.35 or 0.45 or 0.5mm nozzle , Bowden extruder. 
  • Additive sub-systems: heated bed,fan cooling [Stretch goal #2 reached!]
  • Subtractive tool: Onboard 30 Watt spindle. standard milling bits (3.25mm diam.)
  • Additional tool: space for tools up to 60mm mounting diameter.
  • Acquisition method: Laser Scanner (line laser) and Z digitizer probe.
  • Other systems: Mechanical homing endstops, Vacuum cleaner port.
  • I/O : USB host, SD slot, Wireless b/g/n, Ethernet  [Stretch goal #3 reached!]
  • Colors: White, Black,Red + 3 [Stretch goal 1# reached!]

Please note that our development process hasn't stopped yet, will be heavily influenced by the outcome of this campaign and as a result some of these specifications may change slightly. Our commitment is to provide the best compromise between speed,precision and functionality.

FABtotum is a young Italian startup, currently hosted at the Business incubator district "POLIHUB" of the University of Politecnico di Milano, one of the most renowned  european universities in Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design since 1863.

In April 2013 FABtotum won the S2P competition held by the Politecnico Foundation, and the company is currently undergoing evaluation to become a university Spin-off, allowing access to academic expertise, R&D facilities and more.

As August 2013 we hold rights on the FABtotum trademark for commercial use, a patent covering multiple technical solutions for the FABtotum Multipurpose Desktop Personal Fabricator is currently pending for publication.
We'll be attending the first European Maker Faire in Rome, October 3-6, 2013.

Our development team is composed by Marco Rizzuto, 28 and Giovanni Grieco, 28 both with a background in Architecture and a passion for design, innovation and personal fabrication. Fabtotum is the result of several years of CNC designing experience for personal use. FABtotum is our dream-machine as makers as well the result of a passion we hope everyone will appreciate and share.

Indiegogo community has been supportive to many inspiring projects, making them a success and a reality.
Unlike many big campaigns we don't have an established company behind with huge funds to invest, we are a young start-up company with limited funds.
However FABtotum has been designed from the ground up to be really cheap to produce and assemble, and serial production will lower the price further.
For this reason we hope to build momentum with this campaign, demonstrating that the market is ready for this kind of devices.
A crowdfunding campaign is for us a good starting point because it will act as a reality check for us, will demonstrate the potential of this technology, and will spread the word about Fabtotum, allowing us to gather resources and build a small community around it.

We also believe in the future of personal fabrication as an inspiration for an international, open and cooperative society. As an Open Source project, FABtotum needs the help of the very people that can understand the consequences of technologically-improved social cooperation, just like any crowdfunding supporter.

Funds will be used to start-up the production process and R&D for product and production engineering, allowing us to ship FABtotum in approximately 8 months.     

As with all crowdfunding campaigns there are risks and challenges.
Delivering a complex product is not easy task and FABtotum while not very complex, requires a good level of engineering and system integration, both software and hardware.
Some of the components are currently being hold in the Beta design phase to verify what tools and monetary resources we'll be able to deploy.
We think we have a solid project, we demonstrated it with our prototype.
From a software standpoint we'll leave any option open to developers to improve or entirely change the derived firmware and the onboard OS.
At the moment FABtotum runs on a modified RepRap-flavored firmware, controlled by serial connection by a Raspberry Pi board.
Our second challenge will be  to successfully organize the supply line, from a good number of suppliers.
Finally we'll succeed in scaling the production up (after delivering to our backers) only if we'll be able to increase our team size.

Known risks are:
Higher production prices due to few units sold, increasing the number of components we have to preorder, reducing our resources.
System integrations (especially software/electronics) might require more time than expected.

We appreciate every level of contribution. Every little bit counts!
Here are the rewards:

For any donation over $1:
Our sincere gratitude for believing in our project.
Your name will be listed in the contributors page, you’ll receive a STL file of a FABtotum model you can print yourself on your own 3d-printer.
You will also be able to place your order before the store is open to non-backers.

Delivery: digital delivery on your Indiegogo account email.

FABtotum T-Shirt
For a donation of 30$ you'll be rewarded with the awesome FABtotum t-shirt! 
Also, Your name will be listed in the contributors page, you’ll receive a STL  printable FABtotum model you can print yourself on your 3d-printer or with your future FABtotum!
You will also be able to place your order before the store is open to non-backers.

International delivery included.

75$  Coupon Bonus
For a donation of $50 you’ll get a $75 discount coupon to use on the purchase of FABtotum from our Online Store (Kits or Assembled). You will also be able to place your order before the online store is open to non-backers.
Also, Your name will be listed in the contributors page, you’ll receive a STL  printable FABtotum model you can print yourself on your 3d-printer or with your future FABtotum!

Coupon delivery: digital delivery on your indiegogo account email.
Please note: All Coupon codes are not cumulative and will expire if not redeemed before October 1, 2014

150$ Coupon Bonus
For a donation of $100 you’ll get a $150 discount coupon to use on the purchase of FABtotum from our Online Store (Kits or Assembled). You will also be able to place your order before the online store is open to non-backers.
Also, Your name will be listed in the contributors page, you’ll receive a STL  printable FABtotum model you can print yourself on your 3d-printer or with your future FABtotum!

Coupon delivery: digital delivery on your Indiegogo account email

Please note: All Coupon codes are not cumulative and will expire if not redeemed before October 1, 2014

FABtotum DIY kit (unassembled)
For a donation of $999 you will be rewarded with the  FABtotum DIY KIT.
The FABtotum  DIY (do-it-yourself) Kit of the consumer version is a great choice if you want to get a complete FABtotum as cheap as possible.
The kit comes with all the unassembled mechanics  needed to build your own Fabtotum.
The Electronic control board comes assembled and tested.
The assembly process will be guided and easy thanks to the online tutorials.
Assembly of parts and soldering of motors and sensors is required, so be sure to be up to the challenge!

Assembly time: 5-10h

This reward has priority shipping over redeemed coupons.
International shipping is included.
You'll be contacted on your Indiegogo account email to choose your favourite cover color.

FABtotum  Ready-to-go package
For a Donation of $ 1099 you'll be rewarded with the FABtotum Ready-to-go pack.
This is the fully assembled,fully tested package of the consumer version.
The box contains a FABtotum Desktop Personal Fabricator ready to be plugged in your PC.
It will come with 5 meters of white PLA filament for quick testing.

This reward has priority shipping over redeemed coupons.
International shipping is included.
You'll be contacted on your Indiegogo account Email to choose your favourite cover color.

We built a prototype to demonstrate  our capabilities and commitment to the project.As a result you have seen footage from a working prototype that has (and still is) constantly being tested.

The final version will be pretty much indistinguishable from the Prototype, so what you saw is a fair representation of the FABtotum consumer version you'll get.
As for the future, we are working on improving the consumer version further:

  • We are working to improve the printing area further (up to 27%).
  • The cover lid will have a sliding mechanism for easier access to the working area.
  • Z Axis Leadscrew and linear bearings will probably be covered to avoid dust and dirt and dust from getting in.This part is currently “naked” in the prototype.
  • The Prototype requires the operator to switch the tilting dual head to go from additive to subtractive and back, while the final version features a fixed  dual head that requires no user intervention to switch and allows for 3-axis hybrid Additive / Subtractive manufacturing.
  • User intervention is needed only to engage the A axis (4th Axis) if needed for subtractive works.Engaging the 4th axis disable the extruder, as both shares the same motor.
  • The head mount has more space for mounting even bigger tools (possibly up to 65mm).
  • Electronics will be an Arduino ™ Derivate instead of a Mega Board, running standard (albeit modified) open source 3d-Printer firmware (such as Sprinter, Marlin).You may change or modify the firmware anytime as you like, or use our version.

-how much the refill material cost?

For additive materials (we suggest PLA), you'll be able to use your own. No proprietary cartridge check is in place

-What are your plans for servicing the printers if they become faulty or require a tune up?

We mostly foresee  jammed extruders or damaged milling motors for tool crashes etc.
Since these parts are mounted in the dual head carriage, We'll send a new dual head for the costumer to easily replace himself, upon retrieval of the faulty/failed unit.

Fine tuning consist in semi-automated (computer assisted) Plane leveling and occasional belt tensioning.

While the other components are pretty strong, we'll give any assistance needed, included repairing the unit at our expenses within 2 years of the purchase.

-What file formats can I use to print from?

FABtotum uses standard Gcode, therefore any software that can create a toolpath in Gcode is valid.This means you can use any software you like to print from STL files, 3ds Obj or similar.

-Do I need to import the machining/printing file into dedicated printing software?
FABtotum is controlled by a web interface over Wifi or Ethernet cable, therefore you can use commonly used open source software as Printrun by Kliment, Cura or equivalents to prepare the print and run them.
More details will  be unveiled after we fix the specifications of FABtotum's Web interface.

-What software will be available for FABtotum?

We are focusing on delivering a good machining platform,therefore our initial software will be pretty basic.
FAbtotum will have a computer assisted printing-plane leveling procedure running with a small application you should use before printing, for best results.
For scanning or Z-level probing a simple command line automated script will generate the point cloud in a separate file.
Both will be available as binaries too, for developers to expand upon.

-What software will I use for scanning objects?

We'll most likely create a small batch application for probing,laser scanning.
Output will be a point cloud you can easily convert and correct in freeware software.

-you are using a bowden extruder. I heard it gives worst results(?)
bowden extruders consist of a feeder motor separated from the moving head.
while it's true they are less responsive to retraction and can suffer from oozing, a good tuned bowden extruder can produce quality prints [see: Ultimaker].
On top of that, without the heavy Nema 17 motor (it weights approx 1kg) the machine can do rapid movements and accelerate quickly, avoiding stringing during the print of gaps. If you would like to add a multi colored direct drive printing extruder, you can do so , removing the dual head and using the space to mount it.

-What do I Have to do with Coupons?

You can redeem them in our shop (soon to be open on fabtotum.com).
It’s a personal, single-use code. We suggest you to save it or print it and keep it somewhere safe.
Once redeemed the coupon expires.

-Can I preorder FABtotum?

All backers (except who already got a FABtotum Ready-to-go package or Fabtotum Kit) will receive a email to place a order before the store opens.

The shipping order will be based on the backer contribution date. If you backed this project early you can place your order as late as possible (preorder windows) and still be in the front line before non-backers!
FABtotum kits, FABtotum ready-to-go packages will have priority over coupons.

-I‘m not a backer, When I’ll be able to place a preorder?

Assuming the campaign is successful, you’ll have to wait the store to be opened. Please also note that backers will have priority shipping over any other order.

-I’m a backer, what happens if I miss the preorder window?

You’ll still be able to purchase FABtotum, but  you will lose the opportunity to receive it early than non-backers. In fact, you will still be able to redeem your coupon code before it expires.

-I’m a backer. Will FABtotum price change after the campaign?

If you are a backer you’ll be able to preorder at this same pricing before the shop opens.
After that, only coupon codes will grant the same pricing (until they expires).

-Will prices change after the campaign?

Good question! We hope to bring FABtotum at the lower price possible as we demonstrated in this campaign, We will, however ,be facing fixed costs during production such as rent,machinery,personnel.
Mantaining this pricing policy depends on how those costs will compare with sales.

-Do you accept external donations?

We are currently NOT collecting any kind of donation anywhere else.

-What I’m getting in the consumer version of FABtotum?

Please refer to the Award description and the "the Prototype & the Future" paragraph for an overview of the consumer version improvements over the prototype shown.

Team on This Campaign: