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A central entertainment hub and home cloud for the entire family.
Ashok Jaiswal
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Hong Kong
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The Problem

Today, we create and consume more digital media than ever before, but how do you manage all this content? Spread across multiple devices and members of the family, it becomes incredibly difficult to organize all your media in one place, and even harder to share it with those who matter most.

What is EzeeCube?

All of your photos and entertainment organized and safely stored in one location. Accessible from all your devices and connected to the biggest and best display in your home - your TV.

Your Central Entertainment Hub

The EzeeSync application will automatically backup and organize all of your favorite memories and media content from any device. Enjoy them straight from your TV or share them with your friends and family. Your music, movies and TV shows will be available wirelessly on up to 6 devices, simultaneously!

A True HD Video and Audio Experience

Thanks to EzeeCube's built-in storage, you can save and enjoy the full HD movie experience in an instant. No more sitting around waiting for your internet connection to catch up while streaming.

Expands to Meet your Needs

With our patent pending Stack-To-Extend technology, adding more features to your EzeeCube is quick and easy. Want more storage? Add the 2TB storage stack. Want to backup and play your Blu-ray collection from your EzeeCube? Add the Blu-ray player stack. No setup, no wires. It's future proof, flexible and super easy to use.

Your Ultra-Secure Personal Cloud

Conveniently and safely store your favorite memories and media without the risk and fees associated with cloud storage. With EzeeCube, all of your memories and media belongs to you, not a cloud provider and your data and privacy is always protected. 

Cross platform connectivity

EzeeCube is the only media centre that works across every smart device. Apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac to backup your content and give you access from any connected device. Get the app for your device now -> Download for iOS or Download for Android

Powered by Kodi (Formerly XBMC)

EzeeCube comes with an enhanced version of the hugely popular and powerful Kodi platform pre-installed. All you have to do is sync your content and it automatically gets organized into a beautiful media library. Do even more with your EzeeCube by downloading extra apps and add-ons.

Key Features Summary

What People Are Saying About EzeeCube

"lovin' how powerful and rich with features it is" - Chris Chang

"The last media hub you'll ever need" - Tech Faster


Backers we interviewed

The Add-Ons

The Blu-Ray Player Stack

Stack this Blu-Ray Player on your EzeeCube base unit - it’s wireless and there’s no setup required. Your Blu-Rays, DVDs and CDs will automatically get synced to EzeeCube and added to your media library for easy playback on your TV or any of your iOS/Android devices.

The 2TB Storage Stack

Add more storage by stacking this wireless hard drive on top of your EzeeCube base unit. You can stack up to 5 hard drives to get up to 10TB of storage - so now you’ll never run out of space!

How To Buy

Orders after May 2015 will receive their order in October 2015

Like No Other Media Centre

Tech Specs

Why Crowdfunding?

Last June, Ashok Jaiswal and Ariane Li had an idea and prototype of an EzeeCube. After sinking all their money, sweat and tears into this project, they realised it wasn’t quite enough for production, and turned to a campaign on Indiegogo for help.

We more than achieved our target, reaching 196% of our goal, and we couldn't have done it without your help and support. Since then, your money has gone towards making the best product possible, and of course, production costs.

Our mission now is to make EzeeCube bigger and better. Our goal is to build more stacks and features for the ultimate home theatre experience - a gaming unit or maybe some speakers. Let us know what you would like to add to your EzeeCube, we welcome all your suggestions.


Our Story

After my daughter was born, my whole family started taking hundreds of photographs of her. We then had to deal with the problem of too many photos, managing and sharing them between everyone, and a lot of duplicates.

I was usually responsible for managing all the media for my wife, in-laws and parents. Initially I was struggling with the chaos of building a media centre with a Mac Mini, Apple TV and forcing everyone to use Apple products. This solved the problem, but took up too much time and money, not to mention the confusion it created for everyone at home since they didn't know how to use it.

Having a technological background, I decided to build one device - EzeeCube - a media centre for the whole family. What first started out as a photo and video management device soon grew to include a media library of entertainment and apps which can be accessed on any device. After numerous trips to factories in China and two years of hard work, the EzeeCube is finally being shipped.

Building a product, especially a hardware product, is an overwhelming experience and we would not have been able to do it without the help and guidance of some talented individuals, organisations, and communities. They provided the expertise we did not have and kept our morale high. Thank you!

Ashok Jaiswal

The Team


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Got a question?

Check out EzeeCube's FAQ page

Disclaimer (Posted on July 10, 2014)

Delivery of rewards/perks (i.e. Your EzeeCube, Blu-Ray Stack, Add-on storage stack) is subject to the best efforts and not guaranteed. This is to set reasonable expectations for our contributors/funders.

Ezee Systems Ltd provides an open source platform for the entertainment of media and content generated by users.  We urge users to abide by the copyright law in their jurisdiction and Ezee Systems Ltd shall not be held liable for matters arising from the user's personal use of the EzeeCube.

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