Experimental Lakes Area Research Station Citizens' Purchase

Canada's government is shutting down the ELA, home of 40 years of globally significant environmental research. I want it to stay open: do you?
Joseph Muller
Toronto, Ontario
1 Team Member

The Premise:

Keeping the ELA an active research facility will continue its program of ongoing research, maintaining the integrity of its longitudinal data collection, and permitting researchers to plan for future research projects. 

This is a non-partisan attempt to keep the ELA research facility open by raising sufficient funds, public interest and authenticity to assume responsiblity for its management and operation. 

I anticipate that in the future this research facility will have to function on a cost-recovery basis, although non-federal governmental and/or institutional support may be feasible. I am a private citizen with no political affiliation, nor any professional affiliation with the EAL. As an archaeologist, I appreciate the importance of scientific research and data, and fear the loss that the closure of this facility will result in. 

The Money

The Canadian government will save approximately $600K from the closure of this research facility, hence the proposed target. If we reach it, we can proceed: if not, you get your money back (that is the strucutre of this crowdsource funding through IndieGogo.com). 

That's it

You can help with money, and you can help with spreading the word. If this works, that's great: if not, we gave it a go, and life goes on. I would prefer if we can keep up the research, one year at a time. 

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