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Adventurer Robert Young Pelton is tired of all the hype. Join him on the hunt for Joseph Kony.
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Over the last two years Joseph Kony has become the most wanted man in all of Africa.  Between well intentioned charitable donations and the US government tax payer funding, close to $200 million dollars have been spent since 2008. There is also a reward of $5 million offered to those who provide information leading to Kony’s arrest, Still Kony remains at large.  So enough. Robert Young Pelton intends to find Kony and he wants you to help. 

There are no bracelets, no posters, no videos of cute children, just a group of committed individuals with professional support that want to locate Kony and turn him in. To do that we are launching a new media venture called “Dangerous” to support this idea of finding the facts, causing direct action and doing good. "Dangerous" is a multimedia real world participatory platform for engaged people who are tired of witnessing” atrocities. A tool for moral people who are done with having their awareness raised while evil triumphs.   “Dangerous" is the new community of action-oriented people who will take on the world's problems and change things for the better. 

Some will be invited to join, some will help, some will support. All will be engaged. Ideally if we get our funding and the idea grows, there will be no middlemen. “Dangerous” will hire locals and volunteers to research, gather ground truth, put boots on the ground and deliver the goods. As we get closer you decide what we do next. We stay in touch  24/7 directly, electronically through traditional and social media as well as the multi dimensional magazine called “Dangerous”. It's time to make a difference. It's time to get dangerous.

Robert Young Pelton is an intense mix of author, TV host, filmmaker, journalist, entrepreneur, publisher and adventurer.  He broke away from the world of business to hunt down the world’s most dangerous terrorists, live amongst the world's most wanted groups and survive over two dozen wars.  As author of the cult classic World’s Most Dangerous Places, Pelton has been deeply immersed in the world’s conflict zones and the people who make them deadly. Pelton has built ground networks in Iraq, Liberia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. His goal? Bring apolitical ground truth to the public.  Now he wants to engage you and show you how it’s done. ­

Ross Fenter is a philanthropist and a film maker with over 18 years of experience working in film and television.  After serving in the US Army overseas and earning a degree from the University of Montana, Ross moved to Los Angeles to embark on a career in film and television with a focus on documentary film making.  Ross has worked on over 500 productions and filmed stories in over a dozen countries, from the jungles of Thailand and Burma working with the Karen IDP's and the guerrilla fighters, to the occupied territories of The West Bank, Brazil, UAE, Peru, Laos and many more.

Rob Swain spent 19 years in film and television. He has worked on everything from "Bill Nye the Science Guy" to "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". In 2009 Rob quit his dead end middle management job at a film studio and moved to the jungles of the Thai/Burma border to set up aid projects inside rebel held areas of eastern Burma. He has spent the intervening years living and working with various rebel armies, setting up medic training programs, working as a fixer and guide for foreign journalists and NGOs, and as a freelance videographer he has worked in Burma, The Middle East and Somalia.

Pelton has been tracking Joseph Kony since 1993. Various contacts in the region have been sending Pelton updates, radio intercepts and exact locations of Kony for years.  Pelton has set up and published the work of extensive ground networks at the height of the war in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia. And he has an impressive list of world first and exclusive contacts with the world’s most dangerous people and/or groups.

He knows the region, the players and he knows how to find people who don't want to be found.  With your support Pelton is going to find Kony.  

Joseph Kony is not the most violent, powerful or even criminal of men. His Acholi tribal group is just one of many armed ethnic movements in the Northern Uganda. It could be argued that atrocities and human rights violations flourish on all sides and that Kony is simply the most publicized person and his group the most hunted.  You may even be shocked at the amount of propaganda generated against the Acholi's and Kony when we find him. But either way you will learn the truth.

We will meet all the players and you can decide exactly what is going on in the search for Kony and once you understand the legal mandates and motivations you can also select what should be done.

Kony is from Odek near Gulu in Northern Uganda. He is an Acholi, a tribe that was favored under Ugandan President Tito Okello in the 70’s. When Okello, an Acholi tribal leader was overthrown by Yoweri Museveni, the fighting resulted in dramatic violence, looting and persecution of the Acholi.  The Lord’s Resistance Group or Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) was one of the groups that fought back against the government pogrom beginning in April 1987 when they left their village to fight from the bush. The Acholi were driven from their land, kept in concentration camps, starved and even gunned down from helicopters.  This period of persecution continued until 2006 when Acholi’s were allowed to return to their land.

The LRA had the support of the people and continued to fight against corruption and intimidation by poorly paid and trained rural Ugandan government forces. In the mid 90’s a series of negotiations began but Kony chose to accept funding from the Islamic country of Sudan and fought against the Southern-based Sudanese local rebels groups who wanted to create what is now the country of South Sudan. 

It was at this time that Kony began the tactic of attacking refugee camps and kidnapping children in large numbers to act as porters, workers and domestic partners for his soldiers. The violent actions of the LRA and the fighting with the Ugandan government resulted in massive displacement of the Acholi.  To say the vast area that Kony roams over is both troubled, remote and dangerous is an understatement.

On August 26, 2006 rebel leader Riek Machar negotiated a peace settlement with Joseph Kony.  A press release was held and Kony met with the world.  However in December of 2008 the government of Uganda attacked Kony’s group and a number of violent atrocities occurred in Uganda, Sudan, Congo and the Central African Republic.

Since 2011 Joseph Kony and a small band of men have been moving along remote waterways and in Garamba National Park. His rag tag rebel group have been poaching, looting and robbing locals to survive. Reports show that Kony and/or his followers have traced a slow arc from the Kafia Kingi region to Central African Republic and into one of the oldest parks in Africa.

We want you to join us. Robert Young Pelton is in charge of the expedition and will lead the ground efforts. Ross Fenter and Rob Swain will be directing and producing all of our media assets. You, the donors will drive our efforts and search. We are inviting four major donors to accompany us in the field and assist in the day to day tracking and investigation for a period of two weeks. We will also invite a small number of supporters to work in a forward base (with basic support like electricity, water and communications) and we will also harness a larger group of home based supporters to enable our activities to be broadcast.  All members of the expedition must abide by normal visa, legal and local protocol. The conduct of our mission is not only exemplary but supportive and integrated with of the local communities. The conditions in this region are atrocious with heat, pestilence, lawlessness, insects, poisonous creatures…just about everything you have heard about Central Africa that should worry you is out there waiting.

All actions we take will be lawful and within the permissions of the host nations. We will also coordinate with local police, military and other units to deconflict our efforts and support others.  

Joseph Kony is the also target of a manhunt by U.S. Special Forces who train and support local and other troops working out of four different bases.  Additionally we will avail ourselves of all resources provided by well known charities, local communities and global crowdsourcing.  Currently there are attempts to use local news reporting to identify contact or reports of Kony or his followers from Uganda and there is a significant intelligence gathering program using both aerial (GEOINT), ground sources (HUMINT) communications (SIGINT) and along with open source (OSINT). We intend to add our expertise in ground networks, trackers, interviewers, interpreters and locals to bolster ground efforts. You will be part of this process and come face to face with working in one of the globe’s most in hospitable regions.

When we locate Kony our supporters will be the first to know. We operate openly and without artifice. We will extend his group every effort to communicate with us and surrender peacefully. We will also work with local law enforcement, international support networks and local governments to ensure legality. Any rewards  (very public, high dollar rewards offered by nations are actually quite difficult to collect) will go towards subsidizing our project and compensating Kony’s victims

Keep in mind that there is no actual proof that Kony is still alive or that his followers known as the Lord’s Revolutionary Army are a cohesive group of rebels. Many contacts are violent and most of his followers are simply surviving from looting, poaching and robbing.  The mission is to put an end once and for all to the millions of dollar’s wasted, thousands of victims harmed and find Kony.

Expedition Kony is the first project for Robert Young Pelton’s Dangerous Magazine. A video, website and media platform that engages adventurous, dedicated people to connect directly with causes. We have many other projects lined up for funding. Finding disappeared journalists in Syria, interdicting human smuggling in Libya, exposing slavery, uncovering government prosecution in the US and other civilized nations. Each mission will allow for the direct participation of supporters. Each mission will make the world just a tiny bit better when we are done than when we started. Each mission will educate readers to exactly how the world works in an political and agenda free environment. 

We need to raise $450,000 to launch the search for Joseph Kony, support the team in the field and professionally document the results. What will be created will be a feature length documentary, an online media channel and an intense relationship with a group of people committed to action. And that is just the first mission we want to complete. We have plenty more. And you will help choose those with your votes and dollars. At the successful end of our mission. You can say. "I Got Kony."

  • $32,140    - Expedition Preparation Costs
  • $1,750      - Visa Processing & Local Coordination
  • $127,350  - Expedition Travel, Crew and Ground Expenses
  • $22,400    - Expedition Equipment Costs
  • $1,675      - Digital Media Storage
  • $10,000    - Audio and Communications Equipment
  • $7,950      - Ground Staff (Communications, Logistics, Support)
  • $49,750    - Curation, Post Production & Dissemination Expenses
  • $67,500    - Funding Gifts
  • $50,000    - Team Costs, Labor and Management Expenses
  • $50,000    - Location Support, Medical and Security Expenses
  • $29,947    - Indiegogo Fees & Taxes





The impact of a successful search for Kony will be simple, immediate and dramatic. Thousands of locals can work in the fields and sleep better at night.  cutting through mountains of red tape, bureaucracy, fund raising organizational sloth and waste.  If we are funded, we will find Kony.  If we don't, you will know exactly why the world and $200 million cannot locate one man.

Please share our campaign with as many people as possible

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  • Join us, and support us in taking on the world. 

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