Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire for PC

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is a 3D turn-based strategy computer game that captures the essence of miniatures wargaming.


Hi there! If you're reading this now, we're very sorry that you missed out on our campaign. The good news, though, is that despite not reaching our funding goal, we made the game anyway and have recently taken it to market, with Fractured Empire available right now for pre-order, and where pre-order customers can download and play an early Alpha version of the game straight away!

To pre-order and play Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire today, go to FracturedEmpire.net

Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you around the Fractured Empire forums very soon!  :)


In response to feedback from our community, we've uploaded several gameplay videos that help showcase and explain Fractured Empire (appearing in reverse order, so latest video additions are at the top in the list below).

Exodus Wars Campaign Launch Trailer Gameplay Explained — Part 2
This video demonstrates a combined assault by Guild forces against a REM position. Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire's gameplay has been edited together with explanations of what is happening and why to give viewers a feel for how it plays.
Gameplay Teaser Exodus Wars Background — Part 1
In this video, the background of Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is discussed, giving viewers insight into why the Exodus Wars are happening and what this very human civil war means for the galaxy.
iPad and Linux Support Announcement iPad and Linux Support Announcement
We're very pleased to announce that our up-coming game, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, is now targeting Windows PC, Apple Mac and iPad, and Linux!
Gameplay Teaser Gameplay Teaser
This video shows the opening five activations of a small game of Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire. You'll see the order opportunity being passed back and forth between the Royal Empire and Guild forces, ending with the selection of a mighty Marcovian Behemoth to receive an order!
Gameplay Explained - Part 1 Gameplay Explained — Part 1
In this video, the fundamentals of Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire's gameplay is explained at a high level to give viewers a feel for how it plays.
Exodus Wars Campaign Launch Trailer Campaign Launch Video
Our latest game trailer showcases a new, much larger ruined city in the desert-themed map.
Exodus Wars Races - COMING SOON

Exodus Wars Background — Part 2


Alien Races of the Exodus Wars Universe


Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire has been featured on the following sites:


Want more background on Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire and the Membraine Studios team? Check out this great in-depth interview we did with Phil from The Shell Case!




We've broken through the $1,000 barrier, and we're celebrating by adding EVEN MORE VALUE to the $100 perk! Peeps who buy the $100 perk can have their names in the game! See Update #4 in the Updates tab for details!

Hi there! We’re Membraine Studios, and we’re currently developing a turn-based strategy computer game set in the distant future, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire™.

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is a 3D turn-based strategy game that captures the core gameplay of miniatures wargaming. It puts players at a Brigade level—allowing them to control and manoeuver infantry, armour companies, and massive super-vehicles such as the mighty Marcovian Behemoth on the futuristic battlefields of the Exodus Wars universe.

The vision is that the game will ultimately include an online mode for players who wish to challenge their friends or top strategists in the Exodus Wars community. Individual battles will contribute to the larger conflict, bringing tabletop dynamics to life on a massive scale.

We have put a lot into the game, and we already have a lot of the development work done as you can see from the concept videos (above and in the Gallery). Now, though, we need YOU to help us.

We have come too far, worked too hard and—to be blunt—spent too much to not make Exodus Wars: Fractured EmpireWe will make this game. But will it come out this year? Or will it come out in three years because we had to focus on casual games in order to shore-up our cashflow?

Only the crowd, the people for whom we're making Fractured Empire, can decide. That's you.

About exodus Wars Fractured Empire

We are huge fans of sci-fi Brigade-level tabletop wargames like Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse, Epic:Armageddon, Future War Commander and Strike Legions (generally called 6mm or microarmour wargames), and we think it’s time the world had a computer game that captures tabletop gaming in all its glory.


We’ve teamed up with Steel Crown Productions, who created the amazing Exodus Wars universe and miniatures, to bring you the essence of tabletop wargaming—strategy, tactics and model collecting—in an online, multi-player computer game. Focussing on strategic manoeuvring and tactical combat, the game will put players in control of infantry and armour companies on the futuristic battlefields of the Exodus Wars universe.



Fans of miniatures wargames have long lamented the lack of good turn-based strategy computer games, let alone one that appropriately captures the essence of the hobby:

  • the strategy surrounding what units to bring to battle (often called army list development)
  • the tactics employed on the battlefield to make the most of the chosen strategy

Inspired by great miniatures games like Epic:Armageddon and Future War CommanderExodus Wars: Fractured Empire will be the computer game tabletop wargamers have always wanted but have never seen made because wargaming is seen as too niche a market.

We are asking you, the community we hope wants this game as much as we do, to help us fund the rest of the development of Fractured Empire and help ensure it’s the very best game we can make it.

The plan is to initially launch on PC and Mac and, depending on funding levels, mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Want to follow development of Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire?
Want to keep in touch with the development of Fractured Empire? You can follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/membraine or Twitter at membraine_ftw

What is Exodus Wars

The Exodus Wars universe is set in the distant future. The feudal Royal Empire of Man, formed long ago as humanity spread far and wide among the stars, is collapsing.

The Royal Empire once had a worthy goal—to see humans achieve Ascendance unto godhood. This goal became known as the Cause.

The Cause had such momentum that it saw humanity spread throughout the galaxy; however, the good will in the human populace built by the once-noble Cause has been squandered thanks to the aristocracy's greed and over-taxation.

The merchant class and those of a capitalist bent seceded with the planetary systems of the 13th Kingdom, and so the Guild was founded as an independent state.

Such secessions represent the greatest threat to an empire, and so the Royal Empire of Man cracked down on the secessionists of the Guild, starting a civil war that would define that period in history.

This period—the Royal Empire’s last gasps as it desperately tries to hold itself together—is known as the Exodus Wars.

Prefect line up

The Royal Empire of Man vs. the Guild
The Royal Empire, for all its vast industry and near-unlimited supply of soldiers, is nonetheless hampered by the logistical requirements of interstellar warfare and finds itself unable to bring its full force to bear.

Meanwhile, the far less numerous but more flexible and better equipped Guild armies are now brimming with well-trained veterans thanks to the significant survivability benefits afforded their troops by their better weaponry and high-tech armour.

Alien Races
The Exodus Wars universe also boasts a plethora of alien races, both those already released by Steel Crown Productions and those in development, adding even greater depth to the game's rich background.


We believe in the Exodus Wars universe. This is a real, living and breathing universe.

There are great stories to be told here. Tales of epic heroism and unholy deeds. And we can't wait to let you see those stories unfold on your platform of choice.

If you are a fan of games like Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse, Epic:Armageddon or Future War Commander, you will love Fractured Empire.

Why are we making a Turn Based Strategy Game

Tabletop wargaming is awesome!
At Membraine Studios, we’re all avid tabletop gamers and huge fans of Exodus Wars. And as games developers, we want to bring the Exodus Wars universe to life.

With turn-based gameplay, we can capture the essence of tabletop wargaming, but add the dynamic and visceral excitement that a computer game can provide. Seeing and hearing your units move, fire and (frequently!) explode is priceless and an old dream of everyone in the studio.

Playing online, you will be able to challenge your friends, or reach out to challenge the best of the Fractured Empire community—and maybe even contribute to the conflict on a massive scale, depending on how our crowd funding campaign goes.

But what is a tabletop/miniatures wargame?
Guild MBTsOutside of computer games, wargames are commonly played with miniatures, using physical models of detailed terrain and miniature representations of people and equipment to depict the game state. Common miniatures scales are 28mm, 25mm, 15mm and 6mm.

Exodus Wars miniatures are available at both the 28mm and 6mm scale, with corresponding rules for each in active development, but Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire focusses on the 6mm-scale game.

How will it play?

Fractured Empire will replicate the tactile nature of tabletop wargaming in a way that no other computer game has to-date. We want the player to be able to pick up the units within a fireteam and move them, just as you would on a real-world tabletop.

The core gameplay of Fractured Empire is still being developed in an iterative process; however, just as the mechanics of all tabletop games differ in some ways and are similar in others but are always familiar thanks to their turn-based nature, so too will Fractured Empire be familiar to new and seasoned wargamers alike.

We're also working very hard to ensure the interface is as intuitive as possible so players can focus on import things like their strategy and tactics.

Behemoths approach

Whether you play games like Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse, Epic:Armageddon, Blitzkrieg Commander and Warmaster or not, we are confident you will pick up the mechanics of Fractured Empire quickly and easily.

We are aiming for strategic and tactical depth, though. Make the right decisions, plan your moves and execute at the right moment, and you will be rewarded.

Why We need your help

Membraine Studios and the guys at Steel Crown Productions started developing Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire some time ago and it's fair to say we think we are onto something special.

So far, development is about 40 per cent there, all of which has been funded directly from our own pockets, but we have so many great ideas for the game that we simply can’t afford to fund everything ourselves. To date, we have not found an interested publisher and we have no development deal in sight.

We are incredibly passionate about Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, its universe and its characters, but unfortunately it is also a very niche game. It's not the next Battlefield or Call of Duty; it sits in a genre that is not considered a sure thing to sell in the industry.

Nonttheless, we believe this game needs to be made, and gamers need to play it, so we are asking YOU to help us make it happen.

Thankfully, crowd funding has come into its own just in time to save this project—and this is where your support comes in.

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire will only exist if you want it to—by contributing to this Indiegogo campaign, you can help make it a reality.


Every cent will go toward completing Fractured Empire.

We need $35,000 to complete the game to a Core Game scope—we've expanded on what we mean by that below, and outlined what we would do if we are able to exceed our target.

What would the $35,000 game feature?
This is the Core Game version, which will ship with two limited factions (the Guild vs. the Royal Empire of Man) in a basic infantry and armour only game.


Every cent will go toward extending Fractured Empire. Once we have the Core Game in place as described above, the continuing effort is all about adding features, like more unit models, more battlefields, entire new armies and better AI.

Stretch Goal #1: What would the $50,000 game feature?
This would be the full Exodus Wars tabletop wargame experience, including Super Vehicles, as well as aircraft and spaceships in support. You would have two complete factions to play with (most likely the Guild and the Royal Empire of Man), at least two battlefields and a Skirmish mode to play against an AI.

Stretch Goal #2: What would the $100,000 game feature?
If we achieve this level of funding, we will be able to add a tutorial, a full single-player campaign system, team games, more battlefields and more factions, like the Khazari, the Edenites and the Tarrigin. You would also enjoy a more advanced AI to play against.

Stretch Goal #3: What would the $150,000 game feature?
If we can achieve $150,000, we will be able to develop iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android versions of the game.

Stretch Goal #4: What would the $200,000 game feature?
If we achieve this, Membraine will commit to delivering a full multiplayer campaign system—imagine a war spanning a continent or even an entire planet...that's what we foresee in the Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire future. We would create as many different battlefields as possible to ensure variety. The game would also be localised in most “global” languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

What's more, we believe this level of funding would be enough for us to invest in the infrastructure needed to track the results of each individual skirmish on a real-time map of the galaxy, so players could see the impact of their efforts on the whole Exodus Wars universe!

Stretch Goal #5: What would the $250,000 game feature?
If we can crack $250,000, we will be able to implement full mod support. Yes, those creative people who prefer to play in other universes would be able to do so, modding unit stats and even the 3D models themselves to create entirely new experiences. We cut our teeth in modding, and we are 100% supportive of actively developing a modding community for Fracture Empire. (And we want to play mods too!)

Every Dollar Will Make Fracture Empire More Awesome
Every dollar that is contributed will take us that much closer to being able to:

  • Create even more maps and environments
  • Add important features and customisation options
  • Develop for more platforms (such as OSX, iOS and Android), and
  • Make more Exodus Wars factions available in the game

With your help and a bit of luck, we're hopeful of getting to do all of these things and more!

By helping fund our Fractured Empire project, you will be contributing to a dream shared by the Membraine Studios and Steel Crown teams to see a true-to-the-hobby translation of the Exodus Wars miniatures wargame realised as a computer game.

Tell Me About the Perks

We are offering some great perks to contributors at every level, including:

  • The Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire game when it's shipped.
  • Early access to the game via our Closed Beta and even Alpha testing programmes (the latter of which gives you credit as a QA Tester and your name in the credits for your input during development!).
  • Custom icons for your army—you provide a 2-colour image for which you own the IP, and we’ll ensure you can use that for your armies (e.g. on banners and vehicles).
  • Customised Goal markers—in addition to having your very own iconography in-game, you can have your Goal markers customised so that the standard Goal models display your custom icons as well!
  • The soon-to-be released Exodus Wars Behemoth miniature—a 6mm-scale Royal Empire Marcovian Behemoth miniature (postage paid). This mini is usable in other 6mm systems while you're waiting for the release of the Exodus Wars 6mm ruleset! Check the Gallery for images of this awesome model!
  • A 5-year Membraine membership where you receive access to any and all Membraine games, as well as any DLC we release, for the next 5 years for FREE!
  • Your paint scheme in-game—we'll work with you to put your army paint scheme in the game as an available skin, and you will get to name that faction (within reason; certain words are of course off limits). This will go great with your custom iconography and your customised Goal markers!
  • Your own EW:FE scenario—we'll work with you to design and develop a full scenario for inclusion in the game (this includes map, storyline and the forces involved). These backers will receive recognition for their design input with an Associate Game Designer credit!

What's more, we will be offering special "Thank You" gifts to our backers as development progresses, such as free content and other goodies that will be announced throughout the campaign—and even after the game ships!

What if I don't have a PayPal account?
If you have a credit card, you can still contribute—and we of course very much hope you will!

Just follow these instructions:



Wargamers on a budget can still support us, and that is (of course) totally cool—we appreciate that you even read this far!

Even if you don't contribute directly, you can still help us by:

Telling your friends about Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire and this campaign. You can share this page on Facebook, tweet and spread the word on Google+.

Please also feel free to use the Indiegogo share tools.

About Us


Membraine Studios is currently a three-man team based in Sydney, Australia: Glenn, Josh and Mark. We love games in all forms, but we have big dreams for the Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) genre in particular.

As keen wargamers and hobbyists, the Exodus Wars universe is in safe hands.

Coding since the age of 11, Josh cut his teeth modding Quake 2 and 3 during his mid-teens.  Ever since, he’s been addicted to the code, developing extensive experience as a Software Engineer working on leading-edge biomedical and telecommunications devices. Josh founded Membraine Studios with Mark and Glenn in 2009 to develop Orbital Defence for iPhone.

Glenn is an artist and qualified architect. He has spent the last 6 years working with several architectural firms, but his true love is digital art, 3D modelling and animation in the game space, which he has been doing for more than 10 years. Glenn’s extensive experience with 3D modelling tools for architecture enabled him to transition seamlessly into games development. Glenn also brings extensive music and sound effects production experience.

Mark is a veteran of the IT industry with more than 17 years experience in software production (predominantly in business administration and project management). Mark entered the games development space in 2009 when he founded Membraine Studios with Josh and Glenn.

The Membraine team are also proud members of the crowd funding community, having sponsored several Indiegogo and Kickstarter projects (you can follow Mark on Kickstarter, for example, at kickstarter.com/profile/gr00v3r):

Want to follow us?
Want to keep in touch with us? You can follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/membraine or Twitter at membraine_ftw


Steel Crown Productions is a miniatures design company that was founded in 2005 with the creation of the Exodus Wars universe. The company specialises in fine-detail models, and is renowned for being among the first indie miniatures producers to use the latest 3D printing technologies for its 6mm and 28mm ranges.

Want to follow development of the Exodus Wars tabletop games?
Want to keep in touch with the development of the Exodus Wars 28mm and 6mm games? You can follow them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/exoduswars


We very much hope you will contribute to our Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire crowd funding campaign.

From all of us at Steel Crown Productions and Membraine Studios, thank you for your consideration.

EW Fractured Empire screen - behemoth

Like the music in our Video?

Membraine Studios would like to send special thanks to Machinimasound / CC BY 3.0 for the use of their awesome music! You guys rule!

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