EVOKING THE MULATTO: Exploring Black Mixed Identity in the 21st Century

A multiplatform narrative & visual art project examining mixed identity in the 21st c. through the lens of the history of racial classification in the U.S.

Our new goal is $1500. This will cover expenses related to the additional filming/editing (hard drive is full! We need to oursource some editing!) and launch us into planning the exhibition. Please help us reach this new goal!



Evoking the Mulatto is a multiplatform narrative and visual art project examining black mixed identity in the 21st century, through the lens of the history of racial classification in the United States. Featuring filmed interviews with young artists and activists, photographic portraits, and historical mappings, this video art project seeks to address a relevant contemporary issue by glimpsing at its chronicle.


First episode will be launched this Friday September 14th at UnionDocs in Brooklyn! More info HERE!



We are at a critical point in the project. The first platform - an online interactive website (www.evokingthemulatto.com) - was launched this summer and the first of four online episodes launches this week. Until this point, Evoking the Mulatto has been supported by a generous summer fellowship grant from the Art & Public Policy program at NYU. However, as we continue to finish the episodes and launch into the second phase of the project - a live exhibition in NYC - we need more support!



A couple more participants still need to be interviewed and photographed, the following three episodes need to be completed, and the formal planning for the exhibition needs to commence! With the funds, we will be able to purchase necessary additional equipment and harddrives, shoot additional footage and edit the remaining episodes. We are currently searching for exhibition space for 2013, and with your support, we will be able to afford the marketing, printing, framing, handling, projection, installation, and catalogue costs as well as support the hardworking production and design team!

The requested amount will be enough to complete EtM as currently defined, from interactive website to live exhibition. However, the more funds we have, the more this project can grow into something larger! We have a number of exciting programming ideas for the exhibition, additional screenings like the one on September 14th, and various other ways to invite additional voices to join the conversation.



Producing work that retains artistic, social, and intellectual value, rather than commercial value, can be challenging for a number of reasons - the top of the list being an emotional and financial rollercoaster. This project has been able to sustain itself through the Art & Public Policy grant, extensive time donated by everyone involved, and generosity with sharing and lending services, space, and equipment. As an artist, if you are not already sitting on a bed of money, it is difficult to execute a project like this without burning completely through your own pockets. Additionally, I believe in the value of compensating (however modest the fee or exchange) the expertise and long hours that have been put into this project by the committed collaborators and consultants in order to support a greater artistic cause. Please help me sustain this project and its greater theme - as an idea, as a practice, and as a movement.



Of course, as struggling artists ourselves, we understand that not everyone is able to afford a monetary donation. You can help us a ton just by sharing this project with anyone who you think may find it of interest.

If you would like to get involved with the project in other ways, we would love to talk more! Please email Lindsay at info@evokingthemulatto.com.



I have been overwhelmed with the love and support already shown for this project. I believe it to be very relevant and dear to my heart. Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement!!!



Lindsay C. Harris, Creator & Lead Artist

Interdisciplinary artist Lindsay C. Harris was born in Southern California in 1986 and raised in Santa Fe, NM. Receiving her B.A. in Africana Studies & Art from Vassar College and M.A. in Arts Politics from NYU, she is an arts educator, writer, critical thinker, cultural worker, comedian, designer, and performer who has performed and/or exhibited in the United States, Ghana, and Scotland. Through fragmented modes of representation and voyeurism, bemusing through visual stimulation and often comic bizarre, her artistic body of work seeks to complicate and fracture the rigidity of identity manifested in racial and sexual classification as a means of controlling and otherizing marginalized bodies.


Tida Tippapart, Producer


Chelsea Rae Klein, Online Exhibition Designer



Aletheia Higgins, Brooke Burnside, Bryant Eli Koger, Giovanna Fischer, Jeremy Robinson, Kaliya Warren, Kate Faust, Ko Smith, Lila Consuelo Anton, Lindsay C. Harris, M. Liz Andrews, Spencer Covington, Tia Ryan



Deborah Willis, Karen Finley, Kathy Engel, Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, Randy Martin, Sheril Antonio


Additional Production & Design Assistance:

Cait Porter, Horacio Perez, Jack Burns, Kate Linhardt, Steven Mosley, Tida Tippapart


Special thanks to Steven Mosley and Chelsea Rae Klein for helping to put this whole campaign together!


Team on This Campaign: