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Evo Eau filters 99% of contaminants from your tap water.
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Most water filtering bottles don't remove much from your water. The majority comply with NSF 42 standards which legally means they only have to reduce 50% of Chlorine in your water - that's it. They don't remove things like lead or mercury or filter out oil products like Benzene and PCB's. And they certainly don't address dangerous carcinogens like Chromium-6.

We’ve created a reusable water bottle that will filter up to 99% of the contaminants listed above and hundreds of others. This is the Evo Eau bottle and it can change the world. We are committed to creating a culture where safe, pure water exists wherever people need it.That's why 5% of all our profits will go towards providing relief-grade filters in less developed and in-need areas around the world.   

About the Filter

The filter features ionic absorption depth filtration technology that reduces up to 99% of contaminants in municipally supplied water. The Evo Eau filter has your back where others fall short; providing you with water that tastes great and gives you peace of mind. In order to bring you the cleanest water, our filtering process happens at a molecular level.

Special Blend

The filters is comprised of an activated carbon base with its true filtration power residing in its special blend of ingredients. Making the perfect filters is all about balancing blended media to achieve optimal reduction rates. In order to remove contaminants the filter must strike a balance of opposites. Every contaminant targeted has specific molecular properties that attract them. By utilizing specific media contaminants have a high affinity for we can selectively filter water for dangerous contaminants while leaving behind healthy trace minerals.

Dual Seal Technology

This structural feature keeps water from getting into the drinking straw without going through the filter first. The dual seals force water to go through the filter rather than around it. Bonding the filter to the housing ensures the efficacy of the filter throughout its life.

Controlled Porosity

The pore size of the filter is integral to its overall performance. The pores in this filter are absolute 5 microns. We have found this is the optimum size for municipally supplied water at is allows more volume to flow through the filter while simultaneously increasing intimacy time between contaminants and media.


The filter will clean at least 25  gallons of water. That's equal to 266 single use plastic bottles - saving you money and the environment the burden of more plastic water bottles. On average each filter will last 3 months.

Break the Bottled Water Cycle Now!

Laboratory Images

Taken with an electron microscope, these before and after images display our filter's efficacy. Filled with millions of interconnected pathways its easy to see how we can remove up to 99% of contaminants from your tap water.

This 100X magnification shows how the filter removes dangerous things that you can’t see. The used filter shows high concentration of contaminants as well as one large organic particle. As water travels through the outer walls of the filter it encounters millions of interconnected pathways - all designed to remove up to 99% of contaminants from the water.

The surface of the filter is the first area to encounter contaminants. This image shows how contaminants smooth over the jagged edges of the filter as they build up.  Highlights in the used filter show heavy concentrations of contaminants that are permanently attached to the filter. Bacteriostatic ions keep any potential living bacteria from leaving the filter - ensuring only clean water enters the drinking straw.

This cross section image displays the complex structure of the filter. The used filter  image shows how contaminants smooth over the jagged edges of the filter as they continually build up during use. Contaminants go through a process called ‘chelation’ that results in a  permanent bond between the contaminant and filter; trapping them indefinitely.

At 400X magnification, this image captures the depth of one of the millions of interconnected pores in the Evo Eau filter. You’ll notice in this image that contaminants appear to be less vibrant than the ones on the Outer Surface images. This shows that most of the contaminants are being removed almost immediately as they enter the filter.

Contaminants Removed: The Short List

Basic Needs Initiative

The Basic Needs Initiative is  purpose driven program formed to provide relief quality filters to those who need them most. Whether the need falls in a developing nation or here at home, we are pledging 5% of our profits our Basic Needs Initiative. These filters require no tools, are powered by gravity and surpass government purification standards. They will play a key role in preventing water borne bacteria and virus from ever being consumed.

Why not build wells like everyone else?   

Building wells has become a very popular philanthropic trend. While we are 100% behind those that build wells we know from experience in our own backyard that wells do not guarantee clean water. By supplying these relief grade filters - people will not have to rely on wells; rather any well or fresh water source can be used with confidence.

Filter Drops    

Inspired by Blake from Toms shoes. We too see the need to meet those who we are helping. There is no better way to empathize with those in need than to see and experience their strife first hand. Come along with us on a filter drop! We believe in culture of responsibility - experience philanthropy first hand with Evo Eau's Basic Needs Initiative filter drops.

Filter In Your Favorite Color!


During college on a trip with my bike racing team through the San Joaquin Valley of California, I noticed something funny how water was treated there.

In the places we would stay, I noticed that the hosts would always boil their water before using it. I was informed that the San Joaquin Valley had become host to numerous contaminants in their public water. I had also learned that many of the children in the valley had become stricken with Leukemia because of the Chromium 6 (and other heavy metal) contamination found in the water that - in reality could not simply be boiled out. During that trip all I could think about was clean water not just being a problem in third world countries, but a problem in my own state. People were and still are being poisoned by their tap water. When I got home, I began taking steps to find a way for people like those in the San Joaquin Valley to drink clean water anytime, anywhere, from any tap water source.

Evo Eau For All

"Evo Eau is made for us, the people who are tired of spending money on change and seeing little in return."

If you drink water - You need this bottle. 

The Evo Eau   bottle is made for everyone who wants to drink safe, great-tasting water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Its made for those who want to reduce the carbon footprint of themselves and their family. Evo Eau is for us, the people who are tired of spending money on change and seeing little in return. 

Design Features

Designed by Dario Antonioni founder of dLab Orange 22 - this bottle arrives at the intersection of art and technology. Designed to be both fashionable and functional this bottle is built for everyone and ready for anything. From the gym to black tie affairs the Evo Eau bottle will easily find its way into your daily life. 


Threaded cap and bottle interface ensures water stays in the bottle and does not leak onto valuables

T2O Spout

Open and close the flip top with ease. Just slightly twist the upper ring to open and close the spout. This patented design makes accessing water a cinch. This sanititary solution keeps dirty hands and fingers from ever touching the mouthpiece.


Fingers and caribeaners alike will rejoice in this highly functional, robust closed loop.


Comprised of medical grade silicone, this mouthpiece will make even the softest lips feel pampered.


Constructed from BPA free Tritan, this non-toxic, non-leaching 'co-polyester' offers the clean aesthetics of glass with the forgiveness of plastic.

The Kink

The bottle is designed with an intentional kink. This not only makes drinking more comfortable, it aids in filling in shallow sinks or weak flowing fountains.


Water flow is crucial to the filtering process. This design makes filtering water as easy as drinking through a straw.

H.E.H.F. Filter   

High Flow High Efficacy filter, specifically formulated by Clearbook for Evo Eau, removes up to 99% of contaminants for 25 gallons all while maintaining excellent water flow rates.

Replaceable Parts

The Evo Eau bottle was designed with durability in mind. The bottle completely modular. While the bottle is made of the highest quality materials, we know that sometimes things get broken. Each and every piece of this bottle is replaceable. Making a modular product is not just for replacing, its also for making it your own. Want a different color handle than your lid? No problem? Every piece on our bottle is interchangeable and if we hit our stretch goal of $250,000 we will launch our OPEN SOURCE PROGRAM.

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Not only have we read reports of  the negligence big water companies have for the environment, but according to the NRDC their bottom line comes before you and your family's well-being:

Current Tap Water vs Bottled Water Quality Regulations:

"The NRDC conducted a four-year review of the bottled water industry and the safety standards that govern it, including a comparison of national bottled water rules with national tap water rules, and independent testing of over 1,000 bottles of water. Our conclusion is that there is no assurrance that just because water comes out of a bottle it is any cleaner or safer than water from the tap. And in fact, an estimated 25 percent or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle -- sometimes further treated, sometimes not" - NRDC.org

What Happens When We Meet Our Goal?

We are looking to raise funds for our first production run. We've poured our heart and soul into this project and need your help to bring it to life. We've done our homework, engineered every detail and unscrupulously patented our baby.  Funds raised with this project will go directly to finalized tooling and our first production run!  Whether its sharing this video, liking our Facebook page, or backing us here we appreciate your time and support.

Become A Brand Ambassador!

If you are like us, you want to tell all of your friends about this amazing bottle! That's great! We want you to do that! In fact, we would be honored to give you your bottle for free as soon as you become a Brand Ambassador.

How do you become a Brand Ambassador?

Its easy! All you have to do is refer 4 people, who also support us (by Pre-Ordering at least 1 bottle) via Facebook or Twitter and we will give you your bottle free! All you have to do is share our campaign after your Pre-Order!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will my Evo Eau Bottle Ship?

We are scheduling our first run to ship at the end of November 2013 - Just in time for Christmas!

What materials are the bottle comprised of?

The bottle body will be made with BPA Free - non toxic, non leaching Tritan, with it's components being made from BPA Free - non toxic non leaching medical grade polypropylene. These materials are current industry standards for durability and quality. 

International Shipping?

Absolutely. Please add $15 for all non-USA purchase.

How do I know when my filter is spent?

As the filter begins to the end of its life in your Evo Eau bottle the pores will become congested with contaminants, clogging pores and slowing flow rate. Efficacy of the filter is maintain throughout the life of the filter - even if flow rates slow. To maintain ideal flow rates we recommend changing the filter every 25 gallons. That's about 115 refils per filter.

Is the filter replaceable?

Yes! The bottle is entirely serviceable. Each and every part can be disassembled and replaced easily - including the filter.

Can I use my Evo Eau bottle with a stream?

No. The filter in the Evo Eau bottle is specifically formulated to remove contaminants found in municipally supplied water only. Municipalities spike water with disinfectants to kill any living pathogens  that could be in the water. This filter is made to remove those disinfectants and a host of other daily contaminants found in municipal water.

The Evo Eau filter is absolute 5 microns which is the optimum pore size for municipal water supplies. Fresh water supplies may be contaminated with pathogens such as Cryptosporidium or Giardia. Both of these pathogens are smaller than 5 microns and may potentially pass through the filter. It is for this reason that we recommend you use your Evo Eau bottle with municipally supplied water only!

How do you track referrals for Brand Ambassadors?

Indiegogo is nice enough to include tracking software into every campaign. When you post about this campaign - we get notified! If you share your Pre-Order on Facebook and people click your post and arrive here - we get notified. You probably guessed it: If your Facebook post generates Pre-Orders - we get notified. We encourage you to keep tabs on your friends but it's nice to know that we will too! How will know you when you've become a Brand Ambassador - you'll get notified!

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