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EveryCook is the world’s first connected kitchen appliance that lets you digitally cook your meals!
EveryCook Wiasmitinow
1 Team Member

EveryCook is the world’s first connected kitchen appliance that lets you digitally cook your meals!

The World’s Most Advanced Intelligent Cooking Device

Remember the last time you burnt your food because you just quickly wanted to check your emails? Or that evening you came home hungry, sick of convenience and take-out food but with no intentions either to do all the work needed to cook an actual meal? With EveryCook those problems are a thing of the past!

EveryCook is the first digital cooking device that connects to the internet and is embedded in an ecosystem that guides you end-to-end through the whole cooking process.

  • Intelligent device: Once you have inserted all ingredients needed for your recipe, EveryCook autonomously cooks the meal and informs you when the food is ready.

  • Multi-functional tool: From cutting to pressure cooking, EveryCook can do almost anything needed in the kitchen (even cleaning itself)

  • Full connectivity: Download any recipe you want and let our device tell you how to cook it.

  • Embedded ecosystem: Use any of your devices to access EveryCook’s interface or the online recipe database

  • Intuitive user experience: Whether you are an expert chef or standing in the kitchen for the first time, EveryCook is intuitive to use for anybody

  • Open source: Change anything you like thanks to EveryCook’s completely open software and hardware

  • Energy saving: Compared to conventional cooking you can save up to 30% of energy thanks to pressure cooking, double wall design and induction heating

  • Easy to clean: It has an auto-cleaning program and you can remove the pot, inner lining of the cover, stirrer and cutting disks to put them in the dishwasher

Your Companion From A Hungry Stomach To The Finished Meal

The EveryCook includes all necessary functions to autonomously cook a full meal for you.

Step 1: Select a recipe in our database

First, you can use any internet-connected device to go to our online recipe database where you can pick the meal that you would like to cook. Each recipe contains detailed information on the ingredients and nutritional values. So if you are on a diet, you can search for meals with a low calories count and if you are allergic to a certain product or just don’t like a specific ingredient, you simply filter the recipes accordingly.

Step 2: Know what to buy with our shopping list

Once you have selected a meal you like, just enter the number of portions you want to cook and a list with the correct amount you need from each ingredient is shown. Don’t have all the products at home? No problem! You can download the shopping list straight to your Smartphone and hit the next grocery store before you start cooking.

Step 3: Turn on your EveryCook

When everything is ready, just turn on your EveryCook and it connects to your Smartphone, tablet or whichever Wi-Fi enabled device you would like to use. Your selected recipe is instantly downloaded in machine-readable form to the EveryCook and the connected device will now guide you through the rest of the cooking process.

Step 4: Fill in the ingredients

It will tell you in which order and how much of each ingredient you have to fill into the EveryCook. To make life easier, we are not showing you the weight in grams, ounces or spoons but with a simple progress bar linked to the built-in scale. You just add the ingredient until the bar is full and that’s it.

Step 5: Lean back and let EveryCook prepare your meal

From then on, EveryCook prepares the meal all by itself: cutting the ingredients, stirring the food, and keeping the right temperatures at any time. You are free to spend your time with more important things while the device cooks for you. Once the dish is ready to be served, your phone will notify you. And don’t worry if you are in the middle of something at that moment: EveryCook will keep your meal warm until you are ready to eat!

A Device Connected To The World

Thanks to its Wi-Fi adapter, EveryCook can connect to the internet and bring a world of possibilities to your kitchen.

  • Use your smartphone, tablet or any other kind of connected device to control your EveryCook

  • Download recipes from the online database, share your own recipe creations or have friends suggesting a meal when they come over for dinner

  • Always get the newest software updates and instantly enjoy all the upcoming additional features

  • Connect EveryCook to other smart devices in your kitchen

EveryCook Is Open Source

The complete EveryCook software is open source and the source code can be found on GitHub. You can make changes or suggest new features anytime. If you are a developer, we invite you to join our community, help improve the software and bring in your own ideas of new EveryCook features.

We also share the hardware design online. You can view the 3D model on Sketchfab or GrabCAD and if you are interested in improving the design, let us know!

Join A Global Community

EveryCook is more than just an intelligent device to help you cook. It is a community of like-minded people with the vision of using technology to provide us with healthier, tastier and more environmentally friendly food. Become part of the EveryCook community and enjoy all the advantages it brings to you.

  • Create your own recipes, share them with the world and suggest modifications to others’ recipes

  • Let others rate your recipes and find out which meals are popular in your area

  • Get recipe suggestions from EveryCook based on what other people with a similar taste have liked

  • List your preferred food and your no-go ingredients online so that friends and family know what to cook when they invite you

  • Find out about local producers and stores around the corner that sell the ingredients you need for your next meal

  • Pick recipes and ingredients suggested by NGOs, nutritionists or professional chefs

Join the EveryCook community now and help us all to have better food!

Mature Technology

Here you see the three generations of prototypes we have developed over the past years:

By now we exactly know how to avoid the pitfalls.

Get An EveryCook Now

We have already built several working prototypes. But to turn EveryCook into a consumer-ready device, we need your support!

The very special golden limited edition EveryCook will look like this:

The display will be made of shiny Swarowsky elements and we will engrave any graphics you give us into the golden surface. 

Our Timeline For The EveryCook Production

We made a detailed planning for the EveryCook project as you can see below:

We have already started the production of the pre-series model and are very excited to show it to you in the next weeks.

How We Use Your Money

Producing hardware is expensive. We have already financed the prototypes ourselves but now we need your support to finalize the first version of EveryCook. Your funds will be spent on the following activities:

  • Manufacturing of the devices (production of pre-series funded by us)
  • CE/UL Certification
  • Software development
  • Product and software testing

The Team Behind EveryCook

Alexis is the inventor of EveryCook and has built the first prototypes of the device. As a passionate mechanical engineer, he has always tried to solve problems in a pragmatic and innovative way. Alexis had his own start-up after university and has since worked as product development engineer and project manager of large-scale products.

Samuel is the software developer at EveryCook and has written most of the code for the web platform as well as for the micro-processors integrated into the device. He is an avid coder and loves to overcome any kind of software related challenges. Samuel has many years of work experience as a web developer at a large online retail store.

Thomas is the finance and marketing person at EveryCook. He is passionate about innovative businesses and eager to use his management skillset to bring EveryCook to the next level. Thomas has worked with several start-ups in the digital space and can draw from extensive experience in the strategy consulting business.

Technical Data


  • Housing and pot material: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Seals and stirrer material: food grade silicone rubber 200°C safe
  • Screws: all stainless steel
  • Length: 341mm (13.4")
  • Width: 271mm (10.7")
  • Height: 380mm (15")
  • Weight: 15kg (33 lbs)

Power consumption (max):

  • Operating voltage: 230V/10A or 120V/16A
  • Heating power: 1.8 kW


  • Raspberry Pi (Broadcom BCM2835)
  • ATMEGA 644p


  • Temperature Sensor: PT100 in copper housing
  • Pressure sensor: 0-2 bar overpressure
  • Load cells: 4 strain gauge load cells
  • ADC: 24 bit AD7794 with integrated amplifier


  • Overpressure: spring loaded valve, releases at 1bar (operating pressure: 0.8 bar)
  • Overtemperature: 2 thermostats in safety chain
  • Emergency off: Button on front in safety chain
  • ATMEGA with watchdog enabled in safety chain
  • Safety chain disables motor and heater, leaves CPUs on.
  • ATMEGA supervises and can reset Raspberri Pi
  • Raspberry pi supervises and can reset ATMEGA


  • Pressure release valve: Solenoid type, made for 10bar, normally closed
  • Motor: 100W DC motor, 200 RPM, 4 Nm, worm gear


  • EveryCook recipe database at everycook.org/db written in PHP (yii framework)
  • EveryCook local web interface in PHP (yii framework)
  • Websocket written in PHP for fast update of data in browser
  • EveryCook daemon written in C to control hardware
  • Firmware for ATMEGA written in C (avr-gcc)
  • Firmware can be uploaded to ATMEGA from raspberry pi using avrdude

Cutting disks

  • 6 different disks are available, 3,6,9mm for slices and stripes
  • 6mm slice disk and 6mm stripe disk are included in the standard EveryCook


Since we are very confident about the quality of our hardware, we offer a 5-year full warranty including wear of parts. Only exceptions are all kinds of brute force applied to our device. If you just use it as intended and something breaks or deteriorates we will replace it in less than a week. 


As with every hardware project, the development of the EveryCook involves some risks that might lead to delays in deliveries, changes of features or, in worst case, a non-completion of the project. We have analysed the different risks and taken appropriate mitigation measures to reduce them as much as possible. The following points describe what we see as the key risks and our assessment of them:

  • The certification process is known to be tricky, especially concerning electromagnetic interference (EMI) but we have planned an extra round of electronics development already

  • Manufacturing of the devices might be delayed or not meet our quality requirements, therefore we have already started evaluating different manufacturers, tested samples from their production and built up relationships with back-up producers

  • Unexpected issues in software development may delay the release of the final software version. But thanks to the auto-update function of the EveryCook, the device can still be delivered in time even with software that might not yet include all features. EveryCook will then automatically update the software as soon as a new version is released.

Other Ways You Can Help

Tell your friends about EveryCook! Share the campaign, our website or our social media pages with the people you know.

Sign up to our recipe platform! Join the EveryCook community and start cooking your favourite recipes or add your own favourite dish to the database.

Help us develop EveryCook! If you are a software developer, join our github community and be part of the team that shapes digital cooking.

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  • $5USD
    Digital cooking community

    Get a big thank you from us, receive backer updates and have your name as supporter on our website

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $30USD
    EveryCook T-Shirt

    We will send you an EveryCook t-shirt with the EveryCook logo on the front and the slogan “Let IT cook for you” on the back. After the campaign we will send out a survey in which you can select the t-shirt size.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $50USD
    Digitally Cooked Food

    You will receive a pack of digitally cooked fudges or jam, (you can select) made in an EveryCook with high-quality Swiss ingredients and sent to you with a personal thank you note.

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $100USD
    120$ voucher for the future

    Receive a voucher for our online shop to buy an EveryCook at a $120 discount through our online shop once we have started production.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $200USD
    240$ voucher for the future

    We send you a voucher with which you can order an EveryCook at a $240 discount in our online store as soon as we start production.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $599USD
    EARLY BIRD Build your own

    Build your own EveryCook: You will get a full set with all EveryCook parts and can assemble the device yourself a few weeks before the final devices are delivered. Of course you are free to modify the device in any way you want when you are putting the pieces together. Limited to 20 units. (shipping $100, worldwide)

    14 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $699USD
    Build your own EveryCook

    You will get a full set with all EveryCook parts and can assemble the device yourself a few weeks before the final devices are delivered. Of course you are free to modify the device in any way you want when you are putting the pieces together. Includes cutting disks for 6mm slices and 6x6mm stripes. For more disks add $20 per disk to your order. (shipping $100, worldwide)

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $899USD

    Get your very own EveryCook: Start cooking digitally with your own plug and play EveryCook and full access to the recipe database. Limited to 20 units. Includes cutting disks for 6mm slices and 6x6mm stripes. For more disks add $20 per disk to your order. (shipping $100, worldwide)

    7 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $999USD
    Get your very own EveryCook

    Start cooking digitally with your own plug and play EveryCook and full access to the recipe database. Includes cutting disks for 6mm slices and 6x6mm stripes. For more disks add $20 per disk to your order. (shipping $100, worldwide)

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $9,999USD
    Golden Limited Edition

    Receive the ultimate connected kitchen device, an EveryCook with 24 karat gold-coated casing and Swarovski elements! Get your meals cooked in the most luxurious intelligent cooking device. A limited edition of only 3 pieces are produced. Includes a full set of 6 cutting disks. (free shipping worldwide)

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
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