EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE--The Story of a Father and Son short film project

An American father rejects his gay teenage son, sending him to the streets with deadly consequences. Who will survive?
Michael R. Barnard
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MIDNIGHT FRIDAY (LOS ANGELES TIME) IS THE END. We have only half of our budget, so production will be tough. Every dollar will really matter! Please contribute.

This is a film we need to make, to combat ignorance that has destroyed families. And, it's a thrilling film!

This is "EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE--The Story of a Father and Son," a powerful and fascinating tale of a life most of us know very little about, yet it applies to us--to anyone who is a father or has a father, a father who has made big mistakes.
     Michael R. Barnard’s thrilling screenplay “EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE—The Story of a Father and Son” first appears to be a tawdry tale of street hustlers and a serial killer attacking boy prostitutes. It is actually the powerful story of a man fighting to fix mistakes he has made. The story possesses hints of “Brokeback Mountain,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Billy Elliot” and “Dallas Buyers Club,” yet has its own unique and wonderful personality.
     John Kelly is a truck-driving good ol’ boy who has muddled through life without giving a second thought to his knee-jerk reactions to problems that affect him. A couple years earlier, his teenage son David announced he was gay. John’s knee-jerk reaction was to do what he knew any self-respecting good ol’ boy had to do: reject the boy.
     When his son runs away from home, John lets him go and never looks back.
     But it’s an escape he cannot maintain. One day, the town cop calls John to find out if he has a son. John lies and says “no.” The cop tells him it was nothing big, just that some boy prostitute had been killed in Hollywood and the cops there were trying to track down any possible lead to identify him.
     The news that his son has been on the streets and may have been killed is the beginning of the change in John’s life. He is suddenly faced with the scope and consequence of his bad judgment and is compelled to find his son. He heads to Hollywood.
     He becomes a close friend of one of the boys of the streets when he finds the boy, Armond, after a customer beat him up and skipped out of paying him.
     John is ignored by cops and befriended by street hustlers. The killer is always nearby, and boys keep dying.
     John keeps walking the streets searching for his son.
     You'll believe a man can change.

Is the story realistic and an accurate portrayal of the era (1998) and environment (the mean streets of Hollywood)? Yes.

"I have read the original script and it is good. From my many year's experience working with the street kid population that Michael R. Barnard's movie is about, I can tell you that this is about as close to real life as it can be and still be fiction."

Those are the comments of Jason Wittman, now a business mentor and coach, who had been a social worker in Hollywood during the 1990s and provided services to help the boys of the streets.

"Michael’s script is one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. It’s got a terrific story (one that could have gone so wrong at least a dozen times but didn’t,) it’s got loads of heart (in a good way,) it’s got humor (I laughed out loud at least a couple of times,) it’s got genuinely interesting and appealing characters (the lead is especially well drawn and a great role.) Best of all, it’s actually full of good writing. It’s a film that really needs to be made.”

Those are the comments of former Miramax executive Mark Lipsky.

Others in the industry have said similar things about the screenplay ... John Ferraro at Paramount Classics, Hunt Lowry at Warner Bros., Jason Blumenthal at Sony Pictures, and others.

Here is the article in prestigious FILMMAKER MAGAZINE about this project (read it for FREE here: "How Is a Filmmaker Consumed by a Passion Project?")


Movie studios will no longer make a film like this. It’s not a sequel, there is no super hero, it’s not a ‘tentpole.’ It might not play in China. EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE is a unique, truly artisanal project that must be told by people who are especially passionate about crafting powerful stories. People like you, who need to see this story made into a movie and distributed to audiences.

As has happened for many of the best films at Sundance and other major festivals the past few years, we expect the short film will attract the major resources needed to make the entire full-length feature film in the future.


Here is the budget. Ours is a complex story with many scenes, many actors, and many locations -- it tells a very real, very gritty story. This budget is bare-bones, the minimum.

As Producer, Director, and Writer, I am contributing everything I can. I hope you will contribute something, too. We need $11.750 to produce the short. We have about $6,000 total right now; some of your contributions, some of investors' money.

--> Find your friends who support EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE in our IMAGE GALLERY!

We need to do this NOW. Production of this short film needs to happen soon so we can make a great movie and get it submitted in time for consideration at major festivals, including Sundance 2015—a deadline that is approaching fast.


Do you want to learn filmmaking? You get unique firsthand experience making this film. Our perks keep you involved with all of us on this journey to make EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE. We will call our supporters who want to participate at those levels and talk with you about the details of the production. Since EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE is a very complex story and with several actors and locations, our discussions with you should be very interesting! Our other perks will keep you involved and happy, too. When we get the full-length feature film of EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE--The Story of a Father and son made and released, you will be thanked, too.

Without you, this story will languish, not touching anybody. With you, we can entertain audiences and help someone avoid the tragedy of destroying their family the way the father in EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE did--a man who realizes his mistake and fights a life-and-death battle to correct it. This movie is a fun and thrilling story for everyone, and also inspires stronger families in the face of differences.

My IMDb Profile and my Professional Résumé pages show some of what I’ve done, and why I can be expected to make a powerful short film of EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE. There are a couple videos on the GALLERY page of this campaign that might show some more of what I do.

EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE—The Story of a Father and Son needs you to be a filmmaker with your contribution.

(Click here for the FAQ for EVERYBODY SAYS GOODBYE--The Story of a Father and Son)

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