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Education can fight poverty and good health can lead to better national development.Currently, over 20,000 infants are newly infected by HIV/AIDS each year.
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Short Summary

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Presently three out of four Zambians live in poverty and more than half of them are extremely poor and unable to meet their minimum nutritional needs. In rural parts of the country about 83 per cent of the inhabitants are poor, and 71 per cent of them are extremely poor. In Zambia, HIV/AIDS has devastated individual families, weakened all areas of the public sector, and threatened long-term national development. Currently, over 20,000 infants are newly infected each year. There are an estimated 1.2 million orphans in Zambia (2009).Over 12,200 children die from diarrhea each year in Zambia and only around 57% of children in Zambia attend school.

CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA is a registered non -Governmental, non-profit making organization working with children, women and the youths in Zambia (Africa) whose charity number is ORS/109/35/2091. We are trying to raise funds to support child education, health, nutrition, water and sanitation. We are also fundraising to fight HIV/AIDS and alleviate poverty.

CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA has spent 15 years trying to work with communities to fight poverty, HIV/AIDS and other diseases affecting children and communities. It’s through your support and contribution that we will be able to fight poverty, HIV/AIDS and other diseases affecting these communities.Also,with your contribution, we will be able to send and support children to school, provide good health, nutrition and other basic needs for the children.

Our campaign and why it’s important to us

A.  Education

CHILDHOPE believes that education is crucial for development and one of the most powerful tools in breaking the poverty cycle. CHILDHOPE puts in more in education than any other programme area and works to ensure that children, young people and adults get the knowledge and life skills they need to realize their full potential. The school improvement programme, which is part of our formal education work, will deliver support to every aspect of a school essential in creating the best learning environment for children there by providing adequate and appropriate teaching and learning materials for the basic school children, support education through the provision of school furniture and renovation of school infrastructures and support child representation on every school committee and training of school management committees which are tailored towards making schools more transparent. As parents and children realize that they are key stakeholders in the running of schools, they will begin to take decision-making seriously and begin to demand explanations on the way their schools are run.

Under Early Childhood Care, Development and Education (ECCDE)

Many children in the targeted districts will benefit from CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA early childhood care development and education (ECCDE) work through supporting their physical and emotional development. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will support construction of early childhood care, development and education centers. Under construction, communities will undergo mobilization for community development trainings so as to support mobilization and local resource sourcing. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will establish day care centers and pre-schools, purchase indoor and outdoor play equipment,sensitizecommunities on the importance of ECCDE as well as cross cutting issues of child rights and how children can participate in the process of their development. We will supportsupplementary feeding to encourage orphans and other vulnerable children to attend school and those children affected by HIV/AIDS.Also,we will support basic school and pre-school health and nutrition component by availing common drugs to the children e.g. de-worming drugs, anti-malaria, anti-bilharzia, Panadols, aspirin and we will work with the local health centers/clinics. We will train ECCDE caregivers, mothers on infant and child nutrition and promotion of food security at community level, train and sensitize communities’ pregnant women with education during pregnancy, and breastfeeding, supporting nutrition and health of the new-borns, support nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating mothers. We will train traditional birth Attendants, Parent Management Committees, pre-school teachers and provide cooking and feeding utensils to the ECCDE centers. CHILDHOPE will also conduct a situational analysis on EFA goal 1 with particular attention on policy environment, implementation and evaluation.

Improving performance at school

For instance in Mazabuka the Southern Province of Zambia, primary school teachers in the targeted  communities reported that children who enroll for the first class at primary-level after having attended  ECCDE programme performed better academically, socially and emotionally than their classmates. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA ECCDE programmes have been most successful where strong relationships among the communities and the basic school teachers have been formed. Our basic school improvement work involves child participation and school governance.

In 2010, CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA trained 45 pre-school teachers,200 women  in safe motherhood and HIV/AIDS,120 community members in ECCDE care giving,100 community members in parent management committees, supported 500 people living with HIV/AIDS through the provision of Home based care kits and supplementary food. For example in 2010 in Mazabuka district in the Southern Province of Zambia, CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA supported1500 children in ECCDE.


Under health our community-level initiatives will also include immunization, child nutrition and hygiene promotions which will be done hand in hand with the local health centers. Other health programmes will include malaria, reproductive health, diarrhea, malnutrition prevention.

C.Sexual health and HIV/AIDS

Pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) affect many children and youths in the rural areas because they are denied the right to protect themselves. CHILDHOPE awareness-raising and direct response programmes will help empower children and young people so that they can realize their rights and achieve their full potential. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will directly involve children and young people in all of its work by helping them to identify problems and find solutions. We will work with partners and communities to advocate for the rights of children and youths living in a world with HIV,provide prevention, care and support services to the people living with HIV and AIDS including children, confront beliefs and attitudes that maintain unequal power relations between the sexes, support quality reproductive and sexual health education and services, provide home-based care kits and train caregivers, strengthen/ form HIV/AIDS school clubs, provide HIV/AIDS adolescent youth awareness and education program through peer education and moral upbringing to fight HIV/AIDS. The organization will use sport to disseminate information about HIV/AIDS. These will be football, netball and volleyball. Villages will compete with each other and the best teams will get an award. This will encourages communities to do more in fighting HIV/AIDS. Drama, poems and songs to disseminate information about HIV/AIDS will also be used.CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA has trained 60 Peer educators to handle most of the HIV/AIDS programmes in the communities. We will provide food and medicines to cure opportunistic infections for the people living with HIV/AIDS.We will conduct home visits to the people living with HIV/AIDS through CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA caregivers. The caregivers will feed, wash and clean the homes of the people living with HIV/AIDS that do not have the energy to do this for themselves as a result of sickness. The caregivers will also help in turning the bodies and applying medicine to the people living with HIV/AIDS that have developed sores due to over sleeping on one side.


Nutrition plays an important role in the up-bringing of children. Many orphans and other vulnerable children suffer from increased malnutrition and reduced opportunity for education due to lack of nutrition support. Without adequate care and support, many children are exposed to exploitative child labor and abuse and face increased vulnerability to HIV infection. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will support the nutrition of the children through the provision of soya meal, mealie-meal, sugar, cooking oil, Kapenta, beans and salt. This will encourage orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) attend school.


CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will also teach communities on the importance of nutrition to the children. The organization will provide food and nutritional security to the malnourished children directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS. This will be done as the immediate nutritional support to the children identified as acutely malnourished through a monitored supplementary feeding programme. Communities through the support of CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA have established communal gardens which increase the food and nutritional security of the malnourished children identified as stunted.80% of the vegetables in the gardens are consumed by the children and 20% of the vegetables are being sold for the continuation of purchase of seed for gardening. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will educate communities on the importance of feeding the children with locally available nutrition foods to improve their health.

E.Provision of clean water and sanitation 

CHILDHOPE understands that the provision of clean water and sanitation is critical for the development of a child therefore; the organization strives to provide clean water and sanitation to the rural communities in early childhood care, development and education centers and the basic schools. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will impart knowledge on access to basic health care, water and sanitation especially for children and their mothers. Due to clean water and sanitation, children themselves will become the agents of change in their families and communities at large. The organization will also raise awareness on the importance of sanitation to the children and the community in order to avoid contaminating food and water supplies.


F.Income generating activities

CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will work with communities in supporting income generating activities (IGAs). The organization will support communities with goat rearing. Communities will be provided with faming inputs such as fertilizer and seed to help them farm and generate income for the children and the people living with HIV/AIDS. Communities will be trained on the best methods of farming.CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will support mothers clubs who will sew different children’s clothes, jerseys, uniforms and table clothes. After these have been done, they will be sold to the communities at a minimal fee to raise funds for the support of the children and the people living with HIV/AIDS.

Why it’s important to us

There will be increased physical / interpersonal skills and changes in beliefs and perceptions about certain diseases and influences social norms. There will be healthy and mentally stimulated children and improved disease case management, disease prevention skills, and health care practices of both health personnel and caregivers. Also, there will be increased general understanding of child nutrition and improved nutritional status for children, increased capacity of communities to provide care and protection for orphans, public awareness of child health and related education issues. There will be improved reproductive health and safe motherhood for women of childbearing age and reproductive health and safe motherhood for women of childbearing age and reduced infant and child mortality rates. There will be improved health for PLWHA and the number of children attending school will be increased and there will be fewer dropouts, increased community knowledge on child education and HIV/AIDS and food security. Also, there will be improved infrastructure and adequate teaching and learning materials.

What We Need & What You Get

We need your financial contributions towards our campaign. Be part of our community of love and support! If our statistics, videos and pictures   move you and agree that this is a viable project that benefits children and their communities, please do contribute towards our campaign because educated, well nourished, happy and assertive children can change the world we live in for the better. Give us what you can and pass this campaign around, far and wide! Please tell everybody you know your family, co-workers, and pals. Ask them to tell everybody they know! Post our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and even your own website. Send out an email, call your family! Slip a note under your boss's door - maybe the company you work for would like to sponsor us as a charitable tax write-off? Ask friends to donate what they can. Even small amounts add up to a lot of hope for our children! You can start even with $1.You can see from our campaign what perks we offer for your contribution. The CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA program is valuable because we support child development activities over a long period of time aiming to improve the healthy development of children from before birth, through safe delivery, pre-school care and development, primary and secondary education, to an adulthood in which children can be valuable and productive members of their community. Our project protects and promotes the rights of women and children. For 15 years, CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA has transformed the lives of women and girls, making them successful partners in the development of their communities by giving them the tools to improve their lives, and the lives of their family and community members. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA adds capacity and capability and works with the most marginalized and hard to reach communities. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA programs increase educational opportunities for children especially girls, ensure access to lifesaving reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA works side by side with communities in hard to reach areas to end the cycle of poverty for children and their families. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA works at community level to develop customized solutions and ensure long-term sustainability. Our solutions are designed up-front to be owned by communities for generations to come and range from clean water and healthcare programs to education projects etc. 

The Impact

Through your contribution, CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will be able to support 10,000 children .The organization will be able to sensitize 15,000 community members on the importance of ECCDE and basic education. We will sensitize 10,000 community members on HIV/AIDS.We will build community capacity in different aspects in line with the campaign targeting 6000 community members including youths. CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA will be able to support 600 PLWHA.

Other Ways You Can Help

Do assist us spread the word about CHILDHOPE-ZAMBIA and our campaign. If you have people who might be interested in partnerships, sponsorships, volunteering please email us at childhopezambia@zambian.com or call us on: +260-977773243/+260-211221658.We believe that every donation helps, no matter how large or small it could be. We massively appreciate your contribution. You can also share the Indiegogo fundraising link with your social networks etc.You can also visit our website to see what other activities we have.Just go to www.Zambian.com/ChildHopeZambia



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    If you contribute $10,000,one of the buildings to be constructed will be named after you.We will construct a school named after you.We are considering constructing Early Childhood Development centers(ECD)

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