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An emerging freelance documentary filmmaker and cinematographer needs help to share stories of hope and portray all peoples in a beautiful cinematic light.
Evan Raymond Spitzer
Chalfont, Pennsylvania
United States
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Hello My Friends! 

My name is Evan Raymond Spitzer and I am a (nearly) recent graduate from the Ithaca College Roy H. Park School of Communications with a BA in Documentary Studies and Production and a minor in Anthropology! My passion in life is to show others how I see the world, a vision of both beauty and light. Creating cinematic images is my lifeblood, but telling the stories of real people is my life goal. I want to help give people the chance to share their stories, to allow everyone to enter the silver screen on their own terms.

I want to facilitate storytelling because I see inequities in life experiences and media representations. It is my foundational belief that by exposing ourselves to as many stories and perspectives as possible, we become more accepting of those we don't yet understand. I have benefited from my privileges as a white male and from the love and support of my family. These experiences have developed me into who I am today. I want to use my position in this world to share my skills and talents the only way I know how: with transparent filmmaking. These are the goals that I will strive to live by from now until the day that I can no longer operate a camera.

Here is my Documentary Cinematography Reel:

Why I am Asking for Help

I am asking for help to start my own freelance documentary and cinematography company, ERS Films. 

I am hoping to circumvent the traditional sinkholes of debt and loan repayments by calling on my friends, family and those who want to invest in a young passionate filmmaker. I want to be self-sufficient as soon as I can to help lessen the load my parents have taken on to get me into this world of ours.

Making a living through filmmaking is extremely difficult. The cost of entry into the landscape of freelance cinematography is owning your own equipment. I am a proud owner of a Canon dSLR and have loved creating my images with it, but the reality is that every "cinematographer" and their grandmother owns a dSLR. Though the real Art of Cinematography happens with who is behind the camera, not the camera in front of them, in order to get your first job you have to set yourself apart from the rest and create an incentive to be hired. 

While crowdsourcing is generally used to fund a specific film, I am hoping to ask for this initial investment in me, so that I will not have to ask for the funding later. I have been incredibly lucky to have my school's equipment to make extreme-low-budget documentaries at school, but that opportunity ends in May. By owning and operating my own equipment, I will be able to make films without relying on outside funding efforts. This is why I am making this appeal.

I know that crowdsourcing is not a traditional form of fundraising, however, I hope that through these unconventional means I can free myself to tackle meaningful works and use the creative freedom to push myself into creating the memorable work that will help me stand out against the sea I'm about to dive headfirst into.

In terms of perks, I am open to any other rewards you would like to ask for at each level! And of course, if you are in another part of the country, I'd like to come up with something appropriate for you as well! :)

What I Will Invest In

If fully funded I intend to invest in my first serious camera package. I have been slowly accumulating equipment and have almost everything needed to enter the professional sphere, aside from a serious camera.

After a solid month's research and many discussions with other freelancers and professors, I have created what is my ideal camera package for both my documentary films and narrative fiction works. This is the camera I am hoping to build:

  • Sony CineAlta PMW-F5 with EF and PL Mounts, Sony OLED Viewfinder, Battery, Media and Hard Case - $19,500
  • Sony 128GB Memory Card - $1,380
  • Extra Sony Battery - $510
  • Handgrip and trigger for handheld use - $895
  • Arri Handheld set for Sony PMW F5 - $1,459
  • Chrosziel Follow Focus Unit - $1,000

This package provides the greatest value possible for the works I hope to create. Being able to accept the lenses I have already bought for my Canon dSLR means that I can continue to use the beautiful glass that I already own, while the PL mount allows for any future lenses which I will invest in to be forward compatible.

The Sony PMW-F5 is capable of 4K, 2K, and 1080 resolutions which means that no matter where the future takes cinematic resolutions, this camera is fully capable of meeting those standards. 

The package that I have built is fully capable of meeting industry demands while producing truly stunning images at what is a comparatively low price. This package will be able to service my filmmaking for many years to come, and allow me to enter the pay scale needed to work off my debt.

Here is a project that I shot with the F5's younger sibling the F3:

Closing Thoughts

I hope to build the life that I want for myself and my family as soon as I can. I am ready to earn back the massive student debt that I have accumulated. I want to be proactive in also creating a more connected and understanding world, both in my home community and globally. I am in the perfect position to share my passions: I am young, energetic, and motivated. What I am asking from my friends (old, new, and those to come), family, and colleagues is for that initial helping hand so that I may pull myself up and enter this world with the vigor and fortitude to share my vision of the world. 

Thank you for your time and attention in my plea, and please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or advice (I am a social creature and love to make connections with others who share my love of life and what humanity can become!). I am available at evan.spitzer@gmail.com or 215.622.6115! 

Thank you all for everything!

Some References for Perks

The Cutting Board I Made:

Some Posters I've Made:

Logo Examples:

Assorted Works

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  • $2USD
    Buy me a coffee/electric hugs!

    Every little bit helps, even if it just feeds my coffee addiction! I'll send you a thank you note!

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  • $10USD
    The Poor College Student

    I know I can't give much to my friends either, so this is the level where you can give without breaking our already crumbling bank! You will receive a handmade thank you note and big hug once we meet again, or for the first time! Listed on my website as a Poor College Student Donor.

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  • $25USD
    Handmade Calligraphy Quote

    I will make you a print of one of my favourite quotes, one of your choosing, or just a pleasant thought! I like to hang mine all over the house! Digital downloads of all my films. Listed on my website as a Founding Donor.

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  • $50USD
    Poster/Logo Design

    I will design a poster or logo for you! What a bargain! ;) You'll find examples of my work here: http://www.evanspitzer.com/design.html Digital downloads of all my films. Also will be listed on my website as a Significant Donor.

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  • $62USD
    Handmade Cutting Board

    I will make a cutting board for you similar to this one: http://tinyurl.com/py3adea The exact piece of wood will vary, but they are beautiful and mine makes me smile every time I use it! Shipping (12.50) included for the US! Digital downloads of all my films. Also will be listed on my website as a Significant Donor.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $100USD
    A Stop Motion Animation

    I will create a short animated film in which I animate an inanimate object of your choosing! You're the director, and I'll make it happen! (as best i can ;) Digital downloads of all my films. Listed on my website as an Extraordinary Donor.

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  • $250USD

    I will come and capture the story you want to tell and share with everyone! I can also offer my services as a DP for a day project. Digital downloads of all my films. Listed on my website as a Fundamental Donor.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $500USD
    Event/Promo Shot & Edit

    I will document the event of your choosing! A party, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah, birthdays, day trip, whatever! If you have a foundation, business, or your dream that you would like to promote, I will also come to film and edit together your promotion to help get you your exposure! Digital downloads of all my films. Credit in my next two films as a Producer and listed on my website as a Vital Donor.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Let's make a Movie!

    I will shoot and/or edit any film you want me to! Let's make a cool project together! Digital downloads of all my films. Credit in next five films made as an Executive Producer and listed on my website as a Crucial Donor.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $5,000USD
    Who are you?! You're the best!

    You make the demands my friend, I will do whatever legal job or task you want from me! You know why? Cause you are a rockstar! You've helped get me 1/5 of the way to my goal! Digital downloads of all my films. Credit in all of my films made as an Executive Producer and listed on my website as Indespensible Donor, Good Samaritan, and All Around Amazing Person.

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