European Folk Magic Documentary By Thanassis Tatavlalis and Jimmy Trash.

Crowdfunding Project for „Roots in the Heart“ – A documentary about European Folk Magic By Thanassis Tatavlalis and Jimmy Trash.

„Roots in the Heart“ – A documentary about European Folk Magic By Thanassis Tatavlalis and Jimmy Trash.

„The art of medicine has its roots in the heart.“ – Paracelsus

Why is it that in our age of post-enlightenment charm, plus almost one hundred years of fashionable intellectual athiesm (minus a couple of shortlived “Occult Explosions”) that modern man still chinks a glass before drinking, wears special clothing for good luck on dates or says a little prayer despite an absolute abhorence of the church?

The role of ritual healing and folk magic in modern European life has diminished at breakneak speed since the escalation of scientific thought after the Enlightenment.  Western Man’s disavowment of the rotting, organised religions of our modern times has left our soul searching and eternal questions left answered by just-as-suppressive technological gods or aggressive atheism that has a need to smash and ridicule all that oppose it, just as all the ideological forefathers of its enemies did.

Film maker Thanassis Tatavlalis and I are currently investigating the remnants of these traditions throughout Europe.  We plan to take a participatory role these local traditions of healing, fortune telling and other magic (many of which were absorbed by the Orthodox religion) that have their roots in folk and pagan oral tradition and have been kept pure through local customs without being distorted or banned by the church or ridiculed and dispersed by modern urbanists. 

Our shooting has already taken us through Greece, Poland and Belarus, and soon we will be travelling through Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Southern Italy.  As you can see from the Teaser, our experiences have been rare encounters with wonderful cultures that have been neglected and almost lost.  We have also been recording interviews with ethnologists in each country to narrate our adventures and musicians who play the ancient music of their culture.

For now we need to raise 3000 Euros for the travel and accomodation for our crew in the Balkan and Italian part of our project.  We are asking the public to help us raise this amount and continue on this incredible odyssey through Europe’s living memory.

 Also help about other possible destinations and help as a guide is greatly appreciated!

Later in the year we have planned travels through Germany, Italy, Finland and Iceland. So feel free to continue donating even after the limit is reached!

Thankyou for any support!


Jimmy Trash

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